Everyday struggle for Kushite Prince!

Me Everyday...

When I’m blogging I try my best to speak the truth.  I want to give my subscribers information I feel is important.  But as always I have to deal with racist white trolls who come on my blog to disrupt things.  Sometimes I block them depending on my mood. But I also have to deal with self hating black people visiting my blog as well.  I really get tired of the fake people pretending to be black but are really white.  And I deal with these racist whites and brain dead negroes in real life as well.  It can be very stressful trying to wake your people up and sometimes you feel unappreciated for your hard work. This pic(above) definitely describes my current mentality.

36 thoughts on “Everyday struggle for Kushite Prince!

  1. Prince, I hear you! Believe me, I hear you and it may seem as though your contributions have no value when in fact they are quite, invaluable. Unfortunately, there are always going to be those who want nothing better than to foul your blog with their racist antics. They should be dismissed, summarily. There is one such ‘blogger’ in particular that goes by ‘Jonolan’ who appears on Black blogs and for some strange reason, Black bloggers allow that insufferable racist’s comments. I have not had the pleasure of rendering its comments to the trash bin. Apparently, this piece of dirty filthy knows exactly who will kick it to the curb and who will accept its trash. As you know, I will have none of it.

    Try not to let this distress you too much and please continue to post relevant truths that Black people need to be aware of. You are too good at what you do. Let none stop you!

    • I get so tired of these damn trolls. Sometimes it takes a lot to maintain your sanity. And then black people can be so damn hard headed! I think a lot of our people love being ignorant. It truly is a an uphill battle. But I try not to let it get to me. I try to push forward with a positive attitude. Thank for the kind words,Shelby.

      • @ the Prince:

        Besides being “hard-headed,” many of our people refuse to become enlightened and simply WANT OTHERS TO DO THE WORK THAT WE ALL SHOULD BE DOING. It took me a loooonnnnngggg time to accept the rality of this and I would literally rage that this was not true, but people have shown me that it is. This is not bashing anyone, but I have accepted the reality of this. What truly pisses me off are those that do not know sh…,do not want sh….. well you get the picture. And having a “laissez-faire” attitude is not helping us AT ALL.

        As a sista-friend told me, “you are only going to help those that you are supposed to help. I no longer beat my head against the wall.


      • When I “sniff” a troll? I immediately hit the “DELETE” button. All just keep in the forefront of your mind that their aim is to wreck shop, wreak havoc and to cause confusion and dissension among our brothers and sistas. Don’t fall for it and kick their a**es to the curb!

  2. Do you and do let anyone control what you say. They call me homophobic because I’m not walking around waving a rainbow flag in the air. They call me racist because I don’t deal with whites. They call me close minded because I aint walking around dating and smashing ever non black guy. They say I do too much because I wear a afro with african jewerly and a headscarf. Prince, keep it up. That’s what they want you to do is be quiet and stop posting.

    Plus Self Hating Blacks are worst than racsit whites. Racist whites are just racist and don’t give a f**k about minorities. Self hating blacks hate themselves and thats is far more damage than any non black person could ever do.

    I am extremely happy that I found your blog and also I am happy that I am reunited with my Black relatives. Being around my Rasta uncles makes me so happy that I am black.

    I lovr your site, you keep it real and don’t bite your tounge for anyone. Keep it up.

  3. Your blog is great I learned some good stuff from it, found some great books to read from your site that really opened my mind to different things that are Important, to help our people, and so keep doing what you’re doing, and ignore those jerks, your blog is very helpful to me and others out there.

      • brother kush I feel you ..your blog like negress and Shelby and many others are what our people need. The coons need to have there ass whooped for stupidity .what your doing is trying to save our peoples asses.to the braindead Negroes they sure had better understand that god’s chosen people US black Americans here in Amerikkka are at war spiritually mentally and physically and generally.. They want us eradicated from existence. Your blogs give us the clips we need to load in our guns so we can fire back and lay there asses down! All will not be saved..i wd rather go to war with a few well trained soldiers who have my back then a few million confused ass Negroes who don’t know there feet from there ass no matter how many times you tell em! Smfh.alot of us are going to perish in this final battle against Against Satan’s spawns the kkkrackas.thats a fact that will happen…for the rest of us we are gods(the most High)special elite seal team and we will be ready to fuk Shit up and even die if that what it takes for our peoples liberation.. Real liberation comes with a war and war requires real warriors ..aint no marching ain’t no pleading. We did that already. Now it’s time to swing and connect on the kkkrackas chin.. I’m ready your ready alot of us who follow you on here are ready.. I told you before kp you are a lion of the most high…keep the full clips of rounds coming so I can and the rest of us lay them kkkrackas out on all levels like they have been doing to us for 400 years.. Not anymore kkkrackas.. Times up! You are hip hop kush sent for our people from the most high….war is at our door children of Israel let’s get to crackin son!! . Sholom kp…Derrick “D rock” Martinez original founding member of the legendary rock steady crew 1977.

  4. @ Kushiro Prince
    Don’t worry about these brain dead niggers or non black niggers. The more you argue or worry about these dead brain clowns the more it keeps you from doing work

  5. Lol i subscribed to your blog a few months ago and I have learned & unlearned SO MUCH! Your work, passion and dedication is truly appreciated. The truth stands alone aand needs no justification. Not everyone can be saved and mentally weak, self hating Blacks/Africans are merely distractions that’s all. Stay Strong Brother!!!

  6. I’m with the other commenters: your work and dedication is invaluable. It would be easy and fun and meaningless if you weren’t trying to educate yourself and your people. Keep up the amazing work, sir. You inspire me.

    • Awwwww…..very sweet of you to say Kelley. When I started this blog five years ago I never thought I would reach so many people. I didn’t think more than thirty people would subscribe.lol
      But I’m glad to know my blog as touched a lot of people. I’ve made some people smile…and I’ve pissed people off too. But I’m glad I can inspire people and make them speak up. You’re an inspiration yourself. I’ve learned a lot from your input and blog. Keep up the great work. And thanks for the uplifting message. 😃❤️

  7. Alot of warriors, if theyre not assassinated, they drop dead from high blood pressure.
    Gus from Cows is always stressing self-care. All of us could benefit from taking a page from his notebook. But especially the content providers such as you KP who teach us knowledge of self, and help remove the wool feom our eyes.

    Meditation, massage, talks with ancestors, energy work, astrology, exploring nature, real love, self respect, and of course how we feed ourselves.
    Take care of yourself KP b/c being a revolutionary is very taxing and a generally thankless job.

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