Colin Kaepernick(Kappa Alpha Psi)- Boule Negros and Fake Black Consciousness



The picture above is of NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick receiving the Muhammad Ali Legacy award from Sports Illustrated.  He was presented the award by singer Beyoncé this past Tuesday.  The event was the 2017 Sportsperson of the Year Awards in New York. I did a post about a year ago stating that the Kaepernick protest was all staged.  It was staged by the European elite who control the NFL. Colin is not about black liberation.  He is there to confuse black people into thinking he’s fighting for them.  It was to cause more racial division/tension and distract the masses of Americans.  He helped to distract people from a possible war with North Korea a nd also the fact that many of out civil liberties are being taken away.  Two things that always get a person’s attention: Sex and Race.   I don’t think many black people realize how much of this is orchestrated.  What you see in the mainstream media is all filtered for your eyes.  The “Kaepernick operation” is no different.


This photo(above) is of Muhammad Ali in Africa back in 1974.  When he had the Rumble in the Jungle fight.


Now look at this recent photoshoot of Colin for GQ magazine.  He took this picture in Harlem.  Wearing a dashiki???  Hmmmm….that looks familiar.


This is a great video(above) by Black Child.  He is really good at decoded signs and symbols used in movies and television shows.  In this video he exposes the fact that Colin is a fraud.  Colin is in the college fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi.  These fraternities are controlled by the Jewish/white elite.  If you join the fraternity they allow certain black and biracial people to get attain fame and fortune.  Some of the familiar names are men like Cedric the Entertainer,Arthur Ashe,John Singleton,Oscar Robertson,Bill Russell,Stan Lathan,Vernon Jones,Marc Lamont Hill,Tavis Smiley and yes even Johnnie Cochran.


I did the post in the hope that black people can truly raise their consciousness.  I’ve seen  a lot of black people on Facebook and Twitter calling Kaepernick a hero.  Apparently a lot of our people think they’re “woke” by appearing to be pro-black.  But they’ve bought into the deception they’ve been given.  Colin is nothing but controlled opposition.  He is own and controlled by the very people many people think he’s fighting against.  He speaks about racism and police brutality.  But he answers to the very same people that are the most racist.  All his activism is an act. This biracial dude has so many of you fooled.  Many of you really think he’s about black pride,black power and being Afrocentric. Going around sporting an afro and wearing dashikis.  But I’m not falling for it.  I’m hip to the game. I know this is hard for many to accept. Black people always look at things at face value.  But when you’re in a war you have to look beneath the surface.  It’s important that we use our critical thinking skills when examining white supremacy.  White supremacy is very refined at the moment.  The best way to combat a movement is to control yourself.  Colin protesting the national anthem is no different than the white-controlled Black Lives Matter movement.  Some people say it’s important to know who are your real friends.  Others say you should keep your enemies close.  I think it’s also important to know who acts like a friend but is an undercover enemy. The type of low life snake plotting your downfall or leading you down a path of destruction.

42 thoughts on “Colin Kaepernick(Kappa Alpha Psi)- Boule Negros and Fake Black Consciousness

  1. I stopped paying attention when I saw that the guy is not even Black. The fact that his name is still in the media after a year, and you don’t hear a peep anymore about that Las Vegas shooting which took place just a few weeks ago let’s you know this is another media sham. Good post!

    • Thanks Lumumba. I definitely hear what you’re saying. It’s funny you bring up the Las Vegas shooting. I found something a bit strange regarding it. Have you heard about some of the survivors of the shooting dying mysteriously? What do you think?

  2. So fake. I bet he doesn’t even associate with black people in general. All this for publicity. He’s sitting up there getting his damn hair braided, look a hot mess. Biracial people don’t and can’t speak for me. This dude is a straight joke. I’ve seen this Biracial women post a #Blackwomrnstruggle , hmmm sweetheart your not black. It’s funny how these Biracial people want to identify as Black when it’s convenient for them. Majority of the time they don’t want a damn thing to do with the black part.

    But then you have some black women falling for this nonsense about some biracial man want do the pledge of allegiance….oh how he’s so problack. These poor misguided black women don’t realize he can’t be pro black without being pro white. I’ve notice if a Black man were to did thr same thing this biracial dude did it’ll be all hell that broke lose. I’m sick and tired of this biracials representing Black peope as a whole.Sorry Honey you aint black. This one drop rule needs to go.

    • And I want to say too–him sitting out of an anthem is a distraction because it still doesn’t ask anything of Black folk as a whole. Black folk all need to act–and do much more than sit during an anthem. Shit.. ain’t none of us ever stood after elementary school and that was when many of us ain’t have no damn sense. Dude talking about “I ain’t going to erase the chalkboard before writing on it.” TF? Why were you standing to begin with.

      • So Like I said it’s not genuine. He thinks because he has an afro and wears dashikis we’ll all buy this nonsense. He’s just playing a role. It’s all an act.

  3. And him standing up there wearing a Dishiki looks very stupid in my opinion. He’s trying to identify with something that he is not. It’s just like me walking around wearing a face veil- Niqab- and I’m not a Muslim Woman. Kind of insulting.

  4. LOL!

    Biracials were considered black in my day til the dominant society said they weren’t to further divide us.


    This NOTICEABLE biracial replacement of fully black people began with the Halle Berry hype, continued with the Alicia Keyes hype and skyrocketed with the Obama hype.

    It’s very important that the mother’s be WHITE. That’s why Lenny Kravitz, although famous, never really “stood out” in people’s minds.

    Black people need to realize by now that we’re being duped… again and again and say that’s enough.

    Here’s what I tell folks: If the black person (is):

    Associated with whites
    On TV and has a show
    Has a white spouse, especially a Jewish one
    Has a mega famous business/ church/ sports team even though they can’t fully explain WHERE the money came from
    Lives in a Mansion
    Has an Entourage with servants
    Appears in magazine covers
    Was/ Is involved in a college Fraternity/ Sorority


  5. Oh! I forgot one more thing.

    I have insider knowledge from a woman who spilled the beans. Her black male friend who was apart of a black fraternity told in detail of the mass homosexuality and beastiality that goes on in these frat houses.

    From sex with a dog / animal mascot to man on man on man “sex lines” to all kinds of rape initiations…She told me ALL OF IT. They are sick and it made my belly turn.

    • GROSS!!!! That is sick!!! But that’s what you got to do to get to the higher levels. I couldn’t do it. You make money but give up your soul in the process. It’s not worth it. You always have the good inside scoop. Thanks for that!

  6. Biracials are doing what they are meant to do, ride the coat tails of black people while being the face of a movement allowing white people to easily infiltrate and control the movement. The NFL is donating 89 million to social justice causes because of the knee/colin thing but all that money is going back to white people helping them to terrorize black people some more.

  7. Didn’t some of these frat bros marry each other. HBCU near me, always had rumors these dudes be banging each other in the ass (like there’s another way to have gay-sex. LOL). Can’t generalize all but always some real live fuck-boy shit w/KAY. Hey, every kiss begins w/KAY. LOL. Swear Kush, that last one didn’t come till after i read the other sentence.

  8. Now if Colin were to use his money and platform to create an exclusively Black NFL, I’d be applauding. He could have done that in all this time, but no. His name is still being thrown around.. for what? What is he doing? An effective protest would give a middle finger to these pro sports without looking back.

  9. When I see these people who for be famous and rich are willing to do also the most nasty things,I just want to puke!They make me sick!🤢

  10. Greetings KP and the rest of the kingdom! That video you put up by Black Child was very enlightening! I have never felt the need to join these phony Greek organizations, but my mom is a Zeta and she and her sorors are constantly trying to get me to join. I think not! I’m totally with Jasmine saying how foolish this half-fro is looking! He’s straight looking like Goldie from The Mack running that game on everyone!

  11. Kaepernick really disgusts me to say the least and i really pity any black person that falls for his trap really. the one drop sets the struggle of blacks back, globally. one more thing, KP do you happen to have a post(s) on these fraternities? i’m South African and we don’t have such over here but i want to understand the truth about them.

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