White racism 101: The role of the White Female

KKK Women...

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37 thoughts on “White racism 101: The role of the White Female

  1. I have to agree with you White women are 100x worse than white men because we see them as so pure and innocent. It’s 2017 and I have experienced racism from White women more than white men. I had this white woman call me a nigger but I was confused because she had mixed children. White women are some of the worst women I’ve encountered. They are quick to put on a fake smile then those true colors come out. I had this white girl tell me that I had nigga lips but this idiot turned around and did the Kylie Jenner Lip challenge….hahaha but you were mocking my so called nigga lips. I noticed some Whote women are jealous of us, claim our features are ugly but go and try to imitate us. I stopped dealing with White women and white people in general.

    They say Black Women are full of drama but White women are just as worst. But my pet peeve is when I hear white girls say “nigga” and black folks especially women, are cool with it. Oh yeah it’s so cool cuz a white girl is saying nigga and rocking box braids, but when her ass get racist with you..you want to get mad. Nope Prince I don’t deal with them at all. Let em call me racist 😂

    • Ooooo yesss KP and Jasmine! You hit the nail right on the head with this one! I have dealt with these white cultures in school and the workplace for years, and I have found also that they are even more racist than their white males! I am also so sick of their crybaby, needy, so-called victim act too! This sexual harassment mess in the news is just an attempt by them to get rid of the white male racists so they can take that lead racist role! I am not fooled by these snakes in the grass in the least!

      • From my experience with them they are less feminine. Blacl women are stereotyped less feminine than all other women…Haha they most never encountered trailer park trash white women, there plenty here in Georgia and believe me they’re no better. It’s because White Women are classified as Pious, loving, Caring, Open Minded and so on. We tend to over look they can be the most racist of all.

        My uncle ex wife was white. She was very obese, nasty looking and she had a smell( not very pleasent). She was the most racist women I’ve ever meet. My uncle was so stupid. He didn’t seem to care that she was racist against his mom, aunts and sisters he was just happy he was slepping in the bed with a white women.

        I’ve notice that some Black men have some of the most racist white partners. But do they care? Who care about racism when you laying in the bed woth a wlWhite Queen LOL.

  2. White females were, are and always have been the true leaders of the white patriarchal system. Innerstanding racism has taught me this.

    A white male emailed me privately once to tell me he hates them.

    “Every word that you write about them is true,” he says.

    I asked him why he stays with them. He answered:

    “They give me white children.”

    It’s no secret that’s why white males, for all their complaints, stay and suffer in silence.

  3. White women ARE just as racist, moreso than white males. And they serve one purpose. As “military manufacturing machines” i.e. to produce more white babies for white males. In the work setting they do cause confusion and chaos, especially to non-suspecting blacks. And, to my disgust, other races will rally and surround her with her “pretend” fragility. I also SEE other black people, especially many of our black sistas, that “soothe and pacify” these beasts. and WILL act as though other blacks have grown two horns in her defense…smh. What many of our black men will never understand is that if they are in “relationship” with one of these beasts, is that the white woman has the “power” in the relationship. And, for many black males involved with one and holds dissension with the black female guess what? Chances are that white female does also. It’s not rocket science.

    I do not deal with them. ONLY if I have to and briefly. I watch and observe their moves. That’s it. And I’d suggest that other sistas do the same and act accordingly.

    • White feminist are some of the biggest hypocrites. If you notice their all Obese, angry, loud and aggressive. Just question feminism one time amd you’ll see how they turn into wild beasts in a instant. Funny how thr is a ” Angry Black Woman” label but I fail to see an “Angry White Woman” label.

      White feminist only want to team up with Black women when is beneficial for them.

  4. The White Women who adopt children from Africa seem to be view as less racist, more tolerant, more accepting and more open minded. They tend be be a saviour to Black African children.

  5. I agree with Cara Blue,BW should stop be saviours of WM victims of nasty behaviour of WW,because WM are the reason of down fall of BW images!
    WW are creatures who are deeply upset and broken in soul!
    They are soulless,that’s why BW should stay hell from them,because their sickness suck our energy away!
    I have noticed more BW ignore them more they feel frustrated!
    They can’t stand the fact when “you don’t give shit about them!”
    WW who adopted black kids,have the same behaviour of WW with biracial kids,they want to show that they are better than BW as mothers!
    When in reality their final goal is destroyed the black identity of these kids!
    I don’t feel sorry for these monsters,
    I just don’t want be contaminated by their sickness!

    • I’ve seen that White women are nearly worshipped for adopting Black Children. This worship even comes from black women. Most of these kids are confused as hell. I used to watch this shoeed called ‘This is us’ the main character was adopted by a White family. I even belived this growing up, when i was brainwashed and ignorant, that white mothers made greater mothers. There was even a study that said little black girls are less innocent than white girls. I heard Black men and women agree with this nonsense, talking about black women are a the worst moms.

      Our people are lost. Most will be lost.

      • @ Jasmine:
        KEEP this in your memory bank…for it will come to pass. Bet that. The white actress, Angelina Jolie. If I recall correctly, she adopted little black girl from African and an Asian boy named Pax? Not sure of his name. Any-hoo, this woman has the real advantage over other mom’s of having WEALTH. Yet this is not a qualifier for being “mother of the year” so to speak. In 30 years, for example, lets look at the psyche of BOTH of these children. This also sends a silent message to all in society that “I am doing what BLACK can’t and won’t which is bullchit. Another example would be sit-coms of yester-year and today. Nell Carter, the deceased black actress that starred in the sit-com “Gimme a Break.” In the 20th century, why is a black woman playing “mammy” to a little white boy? Willis and Arnold, two black boys being “raised” by a white male, Mr. Drummond. Hmmm? I’ll let you tell it. Not to mention, “Webster,” a ten digit midget being raised in a white family. If this was real life, chances are greater that BOTH of these boys would reject black culture, let alone be able to identify with black culture. There are many more sit-coms, pictures, etc. that have been on the idiot box and almost, always, it is a black female raising or helping to raise a white kid OR a white couple raising a black kid. Yet, many of us have been told repeatedly, “play the game, you have to be two times as better,” etc. White people, from my standpoint, will NEVER hold the dictum on (better) parenting. I will also do an addendum to my post. “We all make our own choices, good or bad. ” We look at the loves of many of our brothers and sisters and yes, we judge. Allow me to incorporate this. Because I was once one of those people. But as it’s been said, “when you know better, you do better.” Because of a LARGE conscious effort on their part, wealth and generational wealth, strategic planning and recycling (reproducing) of their race, other races that are white identified, including some of our very same people and the lack of cohesiveness and unawakening of our people, it is going to be difficult to combat racism. However, it can and it will be done in time, but it is going to take much awakened effort on the part of our people because the larger society will NEVER give our race, and I mean large segments of our race, the opportunity to achieve optimal wealth. Sure, a few of us, but who are we kidding? Slavery was over 500 years ago and yet…as black people we should hold 50% or more of this America’s wealth. But we do not. Everyone, I am sure, has their own answer for this from piss poor, free education, lack of jobs as well as employment, continually being pushed own the ladder of upward mobility while at the same time, other people, some, not even legal residents are “propped up” to get a leg up to on the fast track to success and financial stability, social ills, like drugs, deluged in black communities and to this day no one has ‘fessed up to what we all know what happened during the Reagan era (and that’s why when Reagan died, he did not know his head from his ass. Karma is a bitch.) Affirmative Action was a JOKE (dismantled circa 1991 and white women and Asians were the primary beneficiaries) yet would not have been implemented if the hiring field had been fair and level from the jump…at any rate I digress for I am sure that most will grasp what I am saying. And least any of us forget, Amerikka will NEVER apologize for it’s wrongs in slavery, so be realistic and STOP looking for an apology and/or reparations. Amerikka will only give “excuses” why reparations will go “go on a ballot” before any disbursements are given.

        It IS on us and it is about us. As Laurence Fishborne stated in the movie, “School Dazz,…WAKE UP…please?”



  6. I agree with Cara Blue,BW should stop be saviours of WM victims of nasty behaviour of WW,because WM are the reason of down fall of BW images!
    WW are creatures who are deeply upset and broken in soul!
    They are soulless,that’s why BW should stay hell from them,because their sickness suck our energy away!
    I have noticed more BW ignore them more they feel frustrated!
    They can’t stand the fact when “you don’t give shit about them!”
    WW who adopted black kids,have the same behaviour of WW with biracial kids,they want to show that they are better than BW as mothers!
    When in reality their final goal is destroyed the black identity of these kids!
    I don’t feel sorry for these monsters,
    isn’t jealousy how they believe,
    me personally I just don’t want be contaminated by their sickness!

  7. Prince White Women are the worst group of women there is. They are the biggest whores and sluts of them all. They are the most racost of thrm all. White Women are indeed racist. No Jasmine!!!! White Women who adopt black children are not saviours. I was adopted by a white family. Their son molested me from time I was 8-10 and by the time I was 14 he raped me. My White adopted mother knew it. She didn’t give a rat ass if her son was ****ing me. As long as I kept my mouth close I was good. When I turned 15 that’s when her husband started to touch me inappropriately. When I turn 18 I got the f**k out of that house and never came back. I found my birth grandmother and I couldn’t be happier. I was confused as hell growing up I didnt know nothing about being black. No white women shouldn’t adopt blacl kids in my opinion. Don’t let tv fool you there’s no real connection between a blacl daughter and white mother. O grew up hating my self.


    White Women play viticm and we as blacks fall into it. White women are just as racist as White men. They are extremely jealous of Hispanic women also. I can’t really say Black women. All the withe women I have ever came in contact with have something against Blacl Women. Because we as Black Women are seen as bottom on the barrel. So must I’ve meet envy that spiciness of Hispanic women. The exotic features of Hispanice women. They look at us like we are beast. But can you blame them? Men have exalted every group of women besides Black women.

    White women are very deciteful.

    • Oh my GOD!!! That is horrible Fatima! That’s horrific what they did to you! I’m so sorry you had to go through that. That must’ve been a living Hell. You are a true warrior. But that’s why they shouldn’t adopt black babies. White women are very deceitful. I don’t fall for their tricks though. Check out this post I did in the past about them. I think you’ll like it.

      • That’s true about black women like that. I knew a beautiful black woman that was a coworker. All her friends are white girls. I later found out she hated black men. No big surprise right?

      • Nope it’s not a suprised. I had a Black friend who only date white guys. He end up beating her but ots fine when they white man do it. The black guy would have been in jail.

        I dated one. They have more of a fetish for Black Women. It’s actually scary.

      • Honestly I stopped dating non blacks in general. It really is a perverted fetish amd for some reason White Men tend to fetish a sista with an afro. It’s pretty sickening. Thank Goodness I’m on the East Coast. Here in Georgia you don’t see it as often and of you do it’s a Black Man with a large unattractive White Female or some super short out of shape Mexican. Most of the time it’s the hood thug type of Black Man and she is 90% of the time trailer park trash. The only couple I’ve ever seen that was cute between a black man and non black woman here, was this Black Man and this Somolian women. Well she was Black. They wear a cute couple.

        Now if you go to Flordia thats a different story. But in Alabama, Mississippi and Tennessee its not that common to see swirlers.

      • Yes it depends on the region. But over the last twenty years it’s in places I wouldn’t expect to see. It’s become very commonplace. I’ve done several posts on it. You can look up “interracial” in my search section and find some of them.

  8. Read my blog from a few years ago. It’s not secret the disdain I have for white women. They are absolutely complicit in their role of the White Supremacist Matriarch. They get no breaks from me–ever!

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