Grand Theft Culture(You are being replaced)

Grand Theft Culture...

The services of black people are no longer needed.  It is clear that black people create…Europeans imitate.  They seem to have a fascination with black culture but despise black people. They like jazz,hip hop and r&b music.  But they feel it’s better if delivered in a white package.

Mac Miller...


Joss Stone...

Machine Gun...

G Eazy...

Sam Smith...

No one has been more overhyped than gay singer Sam Smith.  His music is constantly on the radio.



And the only white singer more overhyped than Sam Smith is probably singer Adele. White people love this woman.  Some white music critics have called her sound the “new soul”.  I beg to differ.  Her voice doesn’t move me like black soul singers. Adele’s voice is closer to someone like Celine Dion than someone like Aretha Franklin. Many black singers like Marvin Gaye or Al Green have songs that touch your spirit and bring you to tears.  White singers like Justin Timberlake and Robin Thicke can’t quite pull that off. Adele has a decent voice.  But it’s nothing if you compare her voice to singers like Patti Labelle,Anita Baker,Whitney Houston,Nina Simone,Chaka Khan or Gladys Knight.  They make her sound average at best.

39 thoughts on “Grand Theft Culture(You are being replaced)

  1. Is it only me or do anyone else think white folks look dumb ass hell with dreads, corn rolls, Dishikis and trying to be rappers.

    It reminds me of how Robin Thicke ripped of Marvine Gaye.

    I honestly don’t like white nusic. They claim that blacks always promote violence in our music but if you listen to country all the sing abouy is getting drunk and shooting guns at the moon.

  2. Y’all keep forgetting or just giving out free black pass cards on this white female r&b singer cutlure vulture Teena Marie. Who introduce Teena Marie to the black community as well as started her career was Rick James. I remember reading Rick James autobiography an he stated Teena Marie parents didn’t care for her hanging around blacks. Another culture vulture before it was a Jennifer Lopez we have Lisa Lisa & Cult Jam. Who introduce Lisa Lisa to the black community were one of the black males members from Full Force. Instead of Full Force finding a black female singer they were looking for a non black female singer. Taylor Dayne is another white female singer from the late 80’s early 90’s they try to say sound black. Saxophonist Kenny G is another one to add to the list he use to play for Barry White Love Unlimites. D.J Khaled is another one who benefit from hip hop but black male entertainers is helping him out.

    • Umm. Well, I agree but also disagree. I think we cannot throw the baby out with the bathwater. A lot of people classify Blackness based upon the color of one’s skin, which I think is foolish. I classify Blackness based upon one’s cultural experience. This is the reason I have been saying all along that Obama was not Black b/c he did not grow up in the States, so he was not familiar with our history, culture, struggles, etc. This is why it did not surprise me when he gave the speech to the Black community about father’s being father but nothing about police brutality or any other issues affecting us.

      I think when ppl stop wearing their Blackness on their sleeve they will stop just giving the Black card away like they did to Clinton and other non Blacks. That being said, Lisa Lisa and Jenifer Lopez are Puerto Rican and most PRs are Black, biologically speaking and culturally speaking. Both of them grew up in the hood and they are familiar with the culture and history b/c they have experienced it. I would consider them more Black then Obama. The same for Teena Marie. Yes, Rick James took advantage of the fact that she was white and could sing but her heart and soul is real. She is not like Robin Thicke, Christina Aguilar, Kenny G. and others who followed the Elvis road, which is they want to be down with Black people so that they can use them as a step stool to catapult their success.

      I don’t know about Khaled but it is sort of like ppl claiming Eminem is one of the greatest rappers and I disagree with this. Eminem is good. He is trailer park boy that lived way down the street from where I lived. He never claimed to be Black and he is a good rapper but he only stands out b/c he is white. If he was Black and rapping that way, he would not even get any play. I think we need to be careful of our judgments, so that we do not put faith in those who do not deserve it.

  3. The time has come for us to take responsibility for ALLOWING others to get rich off of our music, hair, clothes, jewelry and dance moves while we skin and grin about “dem whites love to copy us.”

    Instead of us pooling our money together and forming a Music Production Team, we allow talent to be snatched up by Clive Davis. Youtube is FULL of talent!!!! Singers, artists, hairdressers and seamstresses. Why aren’t we thinking about forming a coalition for them to have a platform?

    Whites will always be who and what they are. By now, it’s no secret that they are vampires. But why do we allow them to get away with it? Does Bollywood allow them to claim their culture?


    Just us.

    I see whites making Afrikan jewelry and clothing and they are selling like hotcakes! Why are we supporting them?

    It’s time to take responsibility now for our own demise.

  4. I agree 1000% with what diaryofanegress wrote. And I have been saying the same. I don’t even know who most of those people are who are depicted here. I’ve only heard Adele because I was riding in a car with someone else and they kept playing “Hello!” over and over again and just exclaiming over it as though it was ‘The Gospel According To God!” If she keeled over today, I’d not notice, that’s how much her ‘music’ moves me.

    I am also tired of us whining because we let others into the fold just long enough to steal our shit and then go on about their business because they know that we will buy whatever it is they want to sell to us.

    If you’ve ever been inside a ‘soul food’ restaurant, how many Asians did you find in there buying the food? Yet every single day, Black folks are handing the Asians their hard-earned money to get them to put some fake ass nails on their fingers, to buy Chinese food and to buy that hair that’s getting sewn in.

    We are indeed, responsible for our own demise and that is a fact! Place the blame where it belongs because just as we scream up and down about how ‘white’ Hollywood is, we still want to blame the white man for not recognizing the Blacks who are overlooked for awards. They could own their own studios by now and be producing what they want, but they’d rather whine that the white man won’t recognize their accomplishments. I am tired of attending ‘pity parties’ for Black folks.

    • We need not only our music companies but black film studios. We should do more independent films and black people should support them. We used to have music studios like Motown back in the fifties and sixties. But the rich jewish men came and bought them all up. The reality is white people want a monopoly on black talent. We have the singing and dancing ability they can all only dream about. Since they don’t have the physical ability to do what we do,they want to control the business aspect. That’s why we need to counter it with our own music and film companies.

      • What?!?!?! Cara Blu! I can’t believe other Black people gave her backlash! Shame on them, and I am officially revoking their Black card! I highly applaud this beautiful, Black diva extradonaire for keeping it 1000% realer than I’ve heard it in a long time about Black entertainers in Hollyweird! I’ve always loved and respected this TRUE R &B diva. I do now so even more! By the way, let’s not forget about the non-whites they are hyping up strong, Black people included, like Bruno Mars!

      • I don’t get it Ladyd. All this hype over Bruno Mars. He has a few catchy songs but I think he’s seriously overrated. His whole style is ripped off from Michael Jackson and James Brown. And he can’t dance as well as either of them. I believe he’s half Puerto Rican and Filipino. But you know how black people can be. Anyone with a little bit of color is one of us! Give me a break!lol

      • Stephanie got backlash?! Smh, figures. She’s one of my favorite artists of all time who will put the wannabes in their place. She will forever get my utmost love and respect. Damn the haters.

      • And, it is all due to the fact that we do not control our industry. You know what made the groups in the 70s and 80s so sweet? They all had bands that played real instruments. But, in the late 80s and 90s someone decided that it was too costly to support a band, so there goes that music. If we would have continued to support these groups, we could have continued to have them produce music but, we don’t control the industry.

      • She sure the heck did!!! Yeah KP I don’t get all this Bruno Mars hype either! He’s straight ripping off from Michael, Prince, and James! But that’s self-hating negros for you, everything’s all good if you’re a white or non-black! People have criticized me, and called me closed-minded because I don’t support these artists, or any coonin’ negroes that put out garbage! I love and support the soul classic artists that don’t get mainstream recognition. I am so proud to be a part of a people who have so much talent, and artists who have brought much joy in my life growing up!

      • Don’t sweat it Ladyd. They’re the real coons! They’re just too blinded and brainwashed by the white media. They can’t see the truth even if it’s right in front of them.

  5. America has been white washing our contributions for years and the reason is because 1) our self-hatred runs deep, so we feel that if mainstream society does not condone or validate what we do, it is not worth investing in and, 2) Since we do not believe in our selves, we do not financially support one another, which results in our talent being pimped and entertainers “selling out” just to get a paycheck to feed themselves.

    We have enough money circulating in our communities to create real change but we need a serious marketing campaign to rid us all of the Uncle Ruckus mentality. Once we stop hating ourselves and get serious about our culture, our heritage, our ancestors, and our history, I think things will fall in place but until that time, we have to continue acknowledging the imitators because we refuse to take the responsibility as creators. Hope that makes sense.

      • Hello to you my man and fellow warrior kushite prince. I have been following your blogs along with negress truth, cc,shelby all of you. Your warriors of the most high and all of you are Desperately trying to reach our people.i try in my own lane as well. I hail from the South Bronx im a black Cuban that you speak of born and raised in the hip hop culture many moons ago as a pioneering member of the legendary rock steady crew formed in the summer of hell itself in 1977 by our beloved poor black and brown Rican bros.the subject of hip hop rubs me in a wrong way because when me and my black and brown people were laying the foundations of now modern hip hop dance in the late 70s it dam sure was no solidarity and all this hip hop is universal Shit I hear from these pale 2 generations the neanderthives want to take over the Shit my poor black and brown people built from nothing! Hip hop was made by my people for my people so the youth of the South Bronx one of worst hoods in the entire USA could survive point blank. I was one of those at 52 I can see the real and true evil these alien Muppet’s are. All they do is copy and paste bc they know without us they ain’t Shit.. They need us just to be able to breathe!! Like most vampire subspecies they attach themselves to the host(that being us)and suck the living life out of me till its time to feed again. Smh real Shit son! I’m at war with them on YouTube. They be all up on pro black channels like Cynthia g or souL train videos from the 70s or any black forum. Always on our forums with there piss ass comments and KP I get dead in there ass son! They don’t like it when you don’t share in the we are one bs.all of the white kkkracka rappers you got listed is mimicking our style and swag..when you can’t even create a English word on your own without our help then you dam sure ain’t superior .we set trends in style lingo swag music fashion art all of that. So who is inferior!!? It dam sure ain’t us.and trust me they know it.if we leave America or just fall back and do our only thing just us amerikkka will totally collapse within a year! no joke.. it’s time to fall back will be hard and as negress said to many will fall or be left behind a casualty of war because war is at our door children of Israel and the most high…time to prepare for war.. And may the real and true spirit of hip hop culture made by our people and for our people lead us to victory over our demonic enemies…I Am Derrick ” D Rock” Martinez original founding member of the legendary rock steady crew 1977…shalom KP..

      • What’s up D Rock? It’s a great to hear from a real hip hop pioneer. I consider it a honor you would drop by my blog. The old school rappers represent the true art form of hip hop. I used to love listening to X Clan,KRS ONE,Jungle Brothers,RUN DMC,LL Cool J,Public Enemy,ATCQ,Queen Latifah,Big Daddy Kane and Rakim. Those artists had a real love for the people and culture. These white artists are just cashing in by imitating what we created. All the hard work and dedication that birthed hip hop from the ghettos. It had soul back then. Now hip hop and r&b music is devoid of soul by soulless artists. But I definitely hear where you’re coming from. I really appreciate the comment. Drop by and comment anytime.

      • I think the enemy will find out regardless but, if we show how cool it is to be us and rock it, instead of rocking it like a fad. I think we do not have anything to worry about. This is what the Cubans did years ago after the U.S. seize control. Then, the Black Cubans were made to be ashamed of their culture, until more and more Cubans began acknowledging that it was their Africaness that made them unique. So, now you will hear Cubans openly speak about their African heritage with unapologetic ally. I mean they sing about their African gods and goddesses, display them in their art, etc. and no one condemns them. When ppl do, they simply tell them to go to hell and keep moving. I think if we were the same way we could really set the world on fire.

  6. Kushite, I’m glad you brought this up. It is important that we keep our culture & sense of community. As you see in most urban cities, they are now bringing in well-known chain stores to destroy black businesses. Blacks in St.Louis are boycotting a Wal-Mart in their neighborhood. I encourage you to watch Unsung Hollywood: You will see how the suits at Fox destroyed New York Undercover. This is is why we have to own our stuff. Fox wanted Andrew Harrell to make NY UNDERCOVER less urban by putting a white character on the show & it completely destroyed the show. We cannot let Danny Glover give in to film execs when it comes to the Haitian Revolution movie. GOD BLESS

      • thanks bro for responding..your a warrior of the most high..i tire so much of the neanderfucks intrusion .it amazes me how they stay on pro black channels, bloqs and forums.all this we are one Shit. What the pale face Casper the Friendly ghost on crackmeth looking fuks need to understand is that hip hop was created out of artistic necessity for the desparately poor people of the South Bronx to enable them to combat white supremacy! That was how we coped with the reality of our situation was not made to unify whites with blacks hell was made to unify our people who were in hell itself right here in glamorous NYC .no one gave 15 fucks about us. I wish sometimes we just shld have just kept that Shit underground and unto ourselves.smfh…hip hop is the last great gift we have given the world and I will be damed kp if I let the kkkrackas have it..we are the most highs chosen people us the black Americans here in the USA. the kkkracka has known this for a very long time.we need to right now recognize this and fall back and let the fukers die out..they will go straight looney when we as a collective do that SMH.. It must be done because we are now at the 2 minute warning! No more time for bs! Time to fight children of Israel. And time to fall back! Now.! Your a lion of the most high kp… Shalom .Derrick D rock” Martinez original founding member of the legendary rock steady crew 1977″…

      • Thanks for the response again as my Grandmodre my Afro Cuban grandmother told me as a young boy growing up ..she said to sum it up in one phrase about the greatness of our people the real children of Israel.. She said “before there was we were”!….enough said.. Shalom kp lion of the most high. D.martnez original rock steady crew 1977.

  7. Great post. They are all average, and exalted because they’re white as you said. Whitney Houston in her hey day could have destroyed that “Hello” song. Jennifer Hudson could out-sing Adele any day, but will never get the centrality Adele does. Adele is like Eminem to me, except Eminem directly competes with blacks and some foolish skin-folk praise him like he’s good. I also don’t think Adele is that great live for such a “great” singer, NO black great can get away with off or subpar performances. The “magical negro” must always bring the magic, whereas whites merely have to present an illusion.

    Sorry for the rant, but this is upsetting. Thanks for creating a space for conversation.

    • Adele is so damn overrated to me. They make such a fuss over Europeans imitating black talent. These people are nothing but
      culture vultures. And thanks for the comment. I always appreciate your

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