Meghan Markle: Redefining Black female identity?


Since there’s so much talk about biracial actress Meghan Markle,here’s a few pictures and videos.  Some peopel ahve told me they aren’t familiar with her. Some think she might turn out to be some so-called pro-black mulatto like Jesse Williams or Colin Kaepernick.  But I can assure you she is nothing of the sort.  Especially once you know her background.These videos and pictures should give you a better since what Markle is really about.  Her upcoming wedding to Prince Harry is not a win for black women. And not for black people as a whole either.  The royals achieved  their wealth and power through murdering and enslaving African people. And shouldn’t be celebrated at all.


Markle as a child pictured with her father, Thomas Markle and nephew.



This photo(above) is of Markle as the homecoming queen in high school. She attended the private,Catholic, Immaculate Heart High school in Los Angeles.


This photo(above) is Markle at Northwestern University in Illinois.  Markle was in the sorority Kappa Kappa Gamma. Were there any black women in the sorority?  Doesn’t look like it to me.


Here’s a recent picture(above) of Markle and her mother,Doria Radlan.


Some people are not aware that Markle is divorced.  This picture(above) is of her ex-husband film producer Trevor Engelson.


This is a picture(above) of Markle with ex-boyfriend Canadian chef  Cory Vitiello.  Reports say she was dating Vitiello at the time,when she met prince Harry.  They say Harry asked for her phone number.  Next thing you know…Vitiello is a memory.  Guess she wanted to move up in the world.   I can’t seem to find any pictures of her with black boyfriends.  So I will assume she never dated any.  Markle has said in an interview that she is an “other”.  Even though she has a black mother,her life in Los Angeles seems primarily white.  Her parents divorced when she was sic years old. Her private high school was mostly white too.  So I would say she’s a mixed race woman that is more white-idenitified than anything else.  The fact that she is now marrying a so-called royal is nothing to get excited about.  I hoped this post gave you a better understanding of Markle and her upbringing.  She’s not one of us.

19 thoughts on “Meghan Markle: Redefining Black female identity?

  1. First I’ll state that any woman who marries one of the so-called ‘royals’ is crazy anyway because the only thing they are to ‘the royals’ are brood mares and if I were Harry and the rest of ‘the royals’, I’d make damn sure that this mare can actually breed seeing as how she’s been married before and didn’t whelp, I mean, give birth.

    Secondly, what in the world was this woman’s mother thinking when she married that ugly ass toad who most certainly did not turn into a Prince, but then, I guess she consulted ‘Miss Cleo’ before she died to find out that her darling ‘white’ daughter would get the ‘prince’ instead.

    And just why are Americans so obsessed with that inbred shit over in England since a great majority of so-called ‘royals’ down through the centuries have been raving lunatics?

    Everyone felt sorry for Princess Diana after what happened to her but she knew what she was getting herself into when she agreed to become just another brood mare. And look at Kate Middleton, she’s pregnant again and she is going to have to get pregnant AGAIN because at least TWO sons are necessary to ensure the line of succession, would be my guess especially seeing as how ‘the royals’ allowed Princess Diana to stop ‘breeding’ after Harry was born.

    Lastly, the ‘whites’ are welcome to this…this…I don’t know what to call it because it certainly does not look Black to me. If Markle wants to identify as ‘white only’, she may as well because I am really hard-pressed to find Black features on that hussy. She’s not in our camp and “Good riddance,” I say.

  2. Let’s not give her no more publicity. Now I gotta go into my melanin treasury to offset this octoroon madness.

  3. Right. She’s mixed.. mixed up lol. I wouldn’t even know she was mixed if it wasn’t mentioned every time I see a photo. No, but really, you can clearly tell where her allegiance lies and this is no fault of hers. Anyone can see that whites have it better worldwide, and I think she knows she has the benefit of passing and benefits from having light skin, small features, straight hair and a white partner.

    Also, let’s not forget the one “royal” they murdered for getting busy with an Arab. There is no WAY they are letting a drop of “other” blood touch their bloodline; they’d kill her first.

  4. Thank you for making this post, because it proves Meghan Markle is 100% white identified that don’t identified with the black women. Furthermore I’m tired of “NIGGERS” claiming biracial’s as “BLACK.”

  5. America is racist country obsessed with race!
    Here in UK she will be easily call biracial or mixed race woman,what she is supposed to be,she isn’t black person! This is the only thing I agree!
    Also Brazil is racist country,but white Brazilian people call people like her “pardo=mixed race or multiracial”!
    In Brazil doesn’t matter “pardo and preto”,they are treat in the same level,this way white Brazilian aren’t unfair like Americans!
    White America know this very well she isn’t a black person,but because their racist mindset they enjoy to see self-hated black people who fight each other,just because those light skinned are put in pedal!

  6. “I call it like I see it.” I give LESS than a rat’s ass about this confused piece of shit and the so-called Royals as well.

  7. Kushite what I find funny, is that swirl brigade don’t talk about that the Royal PR is secretly behind the scenes telling Meghan to not claim that she is even biracial, not only that, the Swirl brigade don’t mention that the Queen’s husband Prince Philip is a well known racist. The Swirl brigade will learn the hard way that marrying white men does not mean that wm see you as their equal. GOD BLESS

    • The swirl brigade is really celebrating Megans mother. Thats what they aspire to be. Many swirling BW want their mixed kids to be identified as black because they know white people will not accept them so they want to keep one foot in the black community to reap all the benefits.

      They dont care about racism or other black people, they just want a seat at the white table or want to make sure their white spouse can keep benefiting from racism.

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