African textured hair is sexy!!

African Hair1..

Natural beauty...

African Hair..

11 thoughts on “African textured hair is sexy!!

  1. That is good to finally hear coming from a brotha. For far too long it seems my fro got unwanted attention from white men while the brothas were more interested in me with straightened hair. Ain’t that twisted?

    • Yeah I’ve heard that before. When I was younger I dated women with these long weaves. I’m not knocking them but my tastes changed over the years. I’ve grown to love natural afros or braided styles. Black women can be very creative with their hairstyles. That’s why I loved when Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett wore her natural hair at the Miss Universe pageant last week. She was second runner-up but the real winner in my opinion. When black women embrace their natural women no one can compare to them. I’m glad the natural hair movement is still going strong. Hopefully it keeps going. I’ve been spreading this message for years now.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        Miss Jamaica Davina Bennett was beautiful at the Miss Universe rocking her AFRO. Society hates when a black woman embrace her real black beauty.

  2. Our hair is greatness!!!! I wear my hair in braids or in a afro puff. This older black lady whose 56 years old my coworker love to make negative comments about my hair. She have told me several times I’m going to comb your hair or straighten your hair. What’s even worst this self hating coon have an obsession for non black men. She have stated several times she love white men. Keep in mind she have 2 adult children by a black man. But anyway I love seeing black women rock there natural hair I even give them compliments for empressing their real beauty.

    • Yes I agree. I think the natural hair movement has made great strides. It’s really picked up steam in the last few years. It’s a great hair for us to take pride in our God-given hair and replace self hatred with pride. I agree with you Shanequa.

  3. miss Jamaica Davina Bennett should have won that pageant, instead of that plain white woman representing south Africa an African nation.

  4. I love wearing my natural hair but honestly I get alot of unwanted attention, mainly from white guys. When I wear my hair straight honestly no one pay attention to me but when I wear the fro I get stared down. I definitely hate when white woman ask to feep my hair.

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