Arabs enslaving Africans: How did this happen?(Graphic pics)


In March 2011, NATO launched a war in Libya expressly aimed at toppling the government of longtime leader Muammar Qadhafi. The US and its allies flew some 26,000 sorties over Libya and launched hundreds of cruise missiles, destroying the government’s ability to resist rebel forces.

US President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton, along with their European counterparts, insisted the military intervention was being carried out for humanitarian reasons. But political scientist Micah Zenko (Foreign Policy3/22/16) used NATO’s own materials to show how “the Libyan intervention was about regime change from the very start.”

NATO supported an array of rebel groups fighting on the ground in Libya, many of which were dominated by Islamist extremists and harbored violently racist views. Militants in the NATO-backed rebel stronghold of Misurata even referred to themselves in 2011 as “the brigade for purging slaves, black skin”—an eerie foreshadowing of the horrors that were to come.

The war ended in October 2011. US and European aircraft attacked Qadhafi’s convoy, and he was brutally murdered by extremist rebels—sodomized with a bayonet. Secretary Clinton, who played a decisive role in the war, declared live on CBS News (10/20/11), “We came, we saw, he died!” The Libyan government dissolved soon after.

In the six years since, Libya has been roiled by chaos and bloodshed. Multiple would-be governments are competing for control of the oil-rich country, and in some areas there is still no functioning central authority. Many thousands of people have died, although the true numbers are impossible to verify. Millions of Libyans have been displaced—a staggering number, nearly one-third of the population, had fled to neighboring Tunisia by 2014.

Corporate media, however, have largely forgotten about the key role NATO played in destroying Libya’s government, destabilizing the country and empowering human traffickers.

Moreover, even the few news reports that do acknowledge NATO’s complicity in the chaos in Libya do not go a step further and detail the well-documented, violent racism of the NATO-backed Libyan rebels who ushered in slavery after ethnically cleansing and committing brutal crimes against black Libyans.


The flashy CNN multimedia report included bonuses galore: two videos, two animated gifs, two photos and a chart. But something was missing: The 1,000-word story made no mention of NATO, or the 2011 war that destroyed Libya’s government, or Muammar Qadhafi, or any kind of historical and political context whatsoever.

Despite these huge flaws, the CNN report was widely celebrated, and made an impact in a corporate media apparatus that otherwise cares little about North Africa. A flurry of media reports followed. These stories overwhelmingly spoke of slavery in Libya as an apolitical and timeless human rights issue, not as a political problem rooted in very recent history.

In subsequent stories, when Libyan and United Nations officials announced they would launch an investigation into the slave auctions, CNN (11/17/1711/20/17) again failed to mention the 2011 war, let alone NATO’s role in it.

One CNN report (11/21/17) on a UN Security Council meeting noted, “Ambassadors from Senegal to Sweden also blamed trafficking’s root causes: unstable countries, poverty, profits from slave trading and lack of legal enforcement.” But it failed to explain why Libya is unstable.

Another 1,200-word CNN follow-up article (11/23/17) was just as obfuscatory. It was only in the 35th paragraph of this 36-graf story that a Human Rights Watch researcher noted, “Libyan interim authorities have been dragging their feet on virtually all investigations they supposedly started, yet never concluded, since the 2011 uprising.” NATO’s leadership in this 2011 uprising was, however, ignored.

An Agence France-Presse news wire that was published by Voice of America (11/17/17) and other websites similarly failed to provide any historical context for the political situation in Libya. “Testimony collected by AFP in recent years has revealed a litany of rights abuses at the hands of gang leaders, human traffickers and the Libyan security forces,” the article said, but it did not recount anything that happened before 2017.


In an account of the large protests that erupted outside Libyan embassies in Europe and Africa in response to reports of slave auctions, Reuters (11/20/17) indicated, “Six years after the fall of Muammar Gaddafi, Libya is still a lawless state where armed groups compete for land and resources and people-smuggling networks operate with impunity.” But it did not provide any more information about how Qadhafi was toppled.

A report in the Huffington Post (11/22/17), later republished by AOL (11/27/17), did concede that Libya is “one of the world’s most unstable [sic], mired in conflict since dictator Muammar Gaddafi was ousted and killed in 2011.” It made no mention of NATO’s leadership in that ousting and killing.

Part of the problem has been the unwillingness of international organizations to point out the responsibility of powerful Western governments. In his statement on the reports of slavery in Libya, United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres (11/20/17) did not mention anything about what has happened politically inside the North African nation in the past six years. The UN News Centre report (11/20/17) on Guterres’ comments was just as contextless and uninformative, as was the press release (11/21/17) on the issue from the International Organization for Migration.

Al Jazeera (11/26/17) did cite an IOM official who suggested, in Al Jazeera‘s words, that “the international community should pay more attention to post-Gaddafi Libya.” But the media outlet provided no context as to how Libya became post-Qadhafi in the first place. In fact, Al Jazeera‘s source went out of his way to make the issue apolitical: “Modern-day slavery is widespread around the world and Libya is by no means unique.”

While it is true that slavery and human trafficking happen in other countries, this widespread media narrative depoliticizes the problem in Libya, which has its roots in explicit political decisions made by governments and their leaders: namely, the choice to overthrow Libya’s stable government, turning the oil-rich North African nation into a failed state ruled by competing warlords and militias, some of which are involved in and profit from slavery and trafficking.

When Western governments were hoping to militarily intervene in the country in the lead-up to March 19, 2011, there was a constant torrent of media reports on the evils of Qadhafi and his government—including a healthy dose of fake news (Salon9/16/16). Major newspapers staunchly supported the NATO intervention, and made no secret of their pro-war editorial lines.

When the US government and its allies were preparing for war, the corporate media apparatus did what it does best, and helped sell yet another military intervention to the public.

In the years since, on the other hand, there has been exponentially less interest in the disastrous aftermath of that NATO war. There will be short spikes of interest, as there was in early 2017. The most recent spurt of press coverage was inspired by the publication of CNN‘s shocking video footage. But the coverage invariably rapidly peaks and goes away.


The catastrophe Libya might endure after the collapse of its state had been predictable at the time. Qadhafi himself had warned NATO member states, while they were waging war against him, that they were going to unleash chaos throughout the region. Yet Western leaders—Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton in the US, David Cameron in the UK, Nicolas Sarkozy in France, Stephen Harper in Canada—ignored Qadhafi’s admonition and violently toppled his government.

Even from the small number of media reports on slavery in Libya that do manage to acknowledge NATO’s responsibility for destabilizing the country, nevertheless, something is still missing.

Looking back at Libya’s anti-Qadhafi rebels, both during and after the 2011 war, it is very clear that hardline anti-black racism was widespread in the NATO-backed opposition. A 2016 investigation by the British House of Common’s Foreign Affairs Committee (Salon9/16/16) acknowledged that “militant Islamist militias played a critical role in the rebellion from February 2011 onwards.” But many rebels were not just fundamentalist; they were also violently racist.

It is unfortunately no surprise that these extremist Libyan militants later enslaved African refugees and migrants: They were hinting at it from the very beginning.

Most American and European media coverage at the time of NATO’s military intervention was decidedly pro-rebel. When reporters got on the ground, however, they began publishing a few more nuanced pieces that hinted at the reality of the opposition. These were insignificant in number, but they are enlightening and worth revisiting.

Three months into the NATO war, in June 2011, the Wall Street Journal‘s Sam Dagher (6/21/11) reported from Misrata, Libya’s third-largest city and a major hub for the opposition, where he noted he saw rebel slogans like “the brigade for purging slaves, black skin.”

Dahger indicated that the rebel stronghold of Misrata was dominated by “tightly knit white merchant families,” whereas “the south of the country, which is predominantly black, mainly backs Col. Gadhafi.”

Other graffiti in Misrata read “Traitors keep out.” By “traitors,” rebels were referring to Libyans from the town of Tawergha, which the Journal explained is “inhabited mostly by black Libyans, a legacy of its 19th-century origins as a transit town in the slave trade.”

Dagher reported that some Libyan rebel leaders were “calling for the expulsion of Tawerghans from the area” and “banning Tawergha natives from ever working, living or sending their children to schools in Misrata.” He added that predominately Tawergha neighborhoods in Misrata had already been emptied. Black Libyans were “gone or in hiding, fearing revenge attacks by Misratans, amid reports of bounties for their capture.”

The rebel commander Ibrahim al-Halbous told the Journal, “Tawergha no longer exists, only Misrata.”

Al-Halbous would later reappear in a report by the Sunday Telegraph (9/11/11), reiterating to the British newspaper, “Tawarga no longer exists.” (When Halbous was injured in September, the New York Times9/20/11—portrayed him sympathetically as a martyr in the heroic fight against Qadhafi. The Halbous brigade has in the years since become an influential militia in Libya.)


Like Dagher, the Telegraph‘s Andrew Gilligan drew attention to the slogan painted on the road between Misrata and Tawergha: “the brigade for purging slaves [and] black skin.”

Gilligan reported from Tawergha, or rather from the remnants of the majority-black town, which he noted had “been emptied of its people, vandalized and partly burned by rebel forces.” A rebel leader said of the dark-skinned residents, “We said if they didn’t go, they would be conquered and imprisoned. Every single one of them has left, and we will never allow them to come back.”

Gilligan noted “a racist undercurrent. Many Tawargas, though neither immigrants nor Gaddafi’s much-ballyhooed African mercenaries, are descended from slaves, and are darker than most Libyans.”


The North Atlantic Treaty Organization assisted these virulently racist rebels in Misrata. NATO forces frequently launched air attacks on the city. French fighter jets shot down Libyan planes over Misrata. The US and UK fired cruise missiles at Libyan government targets, and the US launched Predator drone strikes. The Canadian air force also attacked Libyan forces, pushing them out of Misrata.

In a public relations video NATO published in May 2011, early in the Libya war, the Western military alliance openly admitted that it intentionally allowed “Libyan rebels to transport arms from Benghazi to Misrata.” Political scientist Micah Zenko (Foreign Policy3/22/16) pointed out the implications of this video: “A NATO surface vessel stationed in the Mediterranean to enforce an arms embargo did exactly the opposite, and NATO was comfortable posting a video demonstrating its hypocrisy.”

Throughout the war and after, Libyan rebels continued carrying out racist sectarian attacks against their black compatriots. These attacks have been well documented by mainstream human rights organizations.

Human Rights Watch’s longtime executive director Kenneth Roth cheered on NATO intervention in Libya in 2011, calling the UN Security Council’s unanimous endorsement of a no-fly zone a “remarkable” confirmation of the so-called “responsibility to protect” doctrine.

Roth’s organization, however, could not ignore the crimes anti-Qadhafi militants committed against dark-skinned Libyans and migrants.

In September 2011, when the war was still ongoing, Human Rights Watch reported on Libyan rebels’ “arbitrary arrests and abuse of African migrant workers and black Libyans assumed to be [pro-Qadhafi] mercenaries.”

Then in October, the top US human rights organization noted that Libyan militias were “terrorizing the displaced residents of the nearby town of Tawergha,” the majority-black community that had been a stronghold of support for Qadhafi. “The entire town of 30,000 people is abandoned—some of it ransacked and burned—and Misrata brigade commanders say the residents of Tawergha should never return,” HRW added. Witnesses “gave credible accounts of some Misrata militias shooting unarmed Tawerghans, and of arbitrary arrests and beatings of Tawerghan detainees, in a few cases leading to death.”


In 2013, HRW reported further on the ethnic cleansing of the black community of Tawergha. The human rights organization, whose chief had so effusively supported the military intervention, wrote: “The forced displacement of roughly 40,000 people, arbitrary detentions, torture and killings are widespread, systematic and sufficiently organized to be crimes against humanity.”

These atrocities are undeniable, and they lead a path straight to the enslavement of African refugees and migrants. But to acknowledge NATO’s complicity in empowering these racist extremist militants, corporate media would have to acknowledge NATO’s role in the 2011 regime change war in Libya in the first place.

Article by Global Research

42 thoughts on “Arabs enslaving Africans: How did this happen?(Graphic pics)

  1. For the love of !!!!! I just can’t get through all of this because I would literally explode! I was already still tore up over what this mucked up country and NATO originally did in Libya and even though I knew that Libya was still off the chain, the extent of it, even I did not know.

    How so much evil can be allowed to run rampant and unchecked is beyond me. How these so-called ‘humans’ can put this mess into play and then sleep at night is another complete and utter mystery to me. They deliberately set Libya on fire and painted Gaddafi as the bad guy when we all know that anything or anyone that America is going after has to be the ‘good’ guy because America certainly cannot lay claim to that.

    Looking at those pictures, I will more than likely have nightmares tonight, but still, I cannot know what those poor Africans are dealing with at the hands of those vile and depraved Arabs.

    • I know it’s hard to look a those pictures. But it’s the harsh reality we have to face. This anti-blackness is global. You see it in Brazil,America,Canada,Japan,India and Africa. People of African descent have to fight everywhere we go. That’s why I wanted touch on this issue. Some bloggers are afraid to deal with it. But if we want real power and liberation we have to see our circumstances. It’s a real uphill battle to get respect in this world. But we have to keep pushing. The black man and woman have no friends. We are our only allies. Our unity and self love is a must in this racist corrupt society. These damn Arabs are just as bad as the Europeans. They both love to take advantage of our people.

  2. ARAB slavery has been ongoing since before European slavery. These African leaders send their migrant workers to these countries for jobs and could care less what happens to them.
    ARABS are sub-human scum and should never be trusted.

  3. I don’t like Arabs,because they are so rude and their sick racist mentality!
    I am glad you talk about these problems,black people should know the European aren’t less racist their brother Yanks!
    Europe countries know very well that they are involved in these barbarism with Arabs countries,but they like behave as Three wise monkeys!
    Arabs never stopped to sail Africans in slavery,our people shouldn’t travel in Middle East or trying to leave in these countries,you aren’t welcome there if your skin isn’t white!
    Their lust for white skin is so deep that don’t care if their own people are dying in hands of West countries!
    This story is going on from Moors era,I hope our people stop to admire Moors,such traitor who sailed their own people in slavery in exchange of their lust for WW!

  4. Pretty informative, but it follows the narrative that Black people have no agency and can’t take any responsibility for themselves. I.e. what have Black people done six years ago or in the last six years? If we did nothing, then why do we expect a different outcome?

    • I agree with you Onitaset. The situation is real out there for our people. WE have to really stand up for ourselves. We have to stop letting Europeans,Arabs and others take advantage of us. We really need to do something different. Have you ever heard of Joshua Maponga? He’s a writer and speaker. I like his latest video. He brings up some very valid points. Check it out and let me know what you think.

      • Long, and I kind of disagree with someone driving while speaking–but outside of that, many parts were agreeable and informative. I.e. bringing in the reality that you can purchase a man or child for $300 and sell their liver for $32,000.

        But I never heard of him. You remain one of the most connected people I’ve ever spoken to! Lol.

        I think we need to move pass the allegations of non-love from whites. It’s sad that not all of us are there, but we need to move pass it toward how we develop ourselves and what we are. white people never loved us. What’s love have to do with anything? But if we are talking about “the wolf doesn’t love us” it’s a bit silly.

        We need to clarify what’s going on and the wolf example let’s it be known. I.e. how do we defend ourselves from the wolf? And what are we defending?

        But thanks a lot for the share. It was long and slow, but I appreciated it. The account has other interesting videos–don’t know how you found a two-day account so quickly!

      • Yes it’s pretty But I’m subbed to a lot of people on Twitter and YouTube so it’s a good way to connect with different people. People that might have a different perspective than your own. He makes some good points though. Of course you know I don’t agree with trying to convince our enemy to love us. That makes no damn sense in my mind. Looking for love and acceptance from your open enemy is futile. That’s a dead concept. But I believe he’s a preacher as well. The problem with that is preachers tend to believe we are all capable of loving others regardless of color/race. But the problem is Europeans have proven they can’t seem to do that. So we have to move beyond that type of thinking. And I like the wolf analogy. Being able to defend what is yours is crucial. You must defend yourself against enemies that try to harm you. Thanks,I’m glad you got something from the video.

      • SLAVERY in 2017 = Libya/Africa has become an orchard for cheap human body parts waiting to be harvested by its American, European & other “democratic” sponsors. “The same countries that are saying and teaching [Africa] civilization and democracy have proved to us that civilization & democracy is a prostitute that can be bought [sold] to the highest bidder… Today [in particular] I’m not feeling like a Christian. I’m feeling like a human being… If it is my brother being taken into slavery and being cut into pieces for body parts, you cannot walk up to me and tell me to preach Jesus and him crucified. You are sick in your head!” [Brother Joshua Maponga] Real. Powerful. Heartbreaking.

      • Thank you for sharing, King. I listened all the way through. Brother Joshua Maponga sounds ready to lose his “religion” and go to war with friends who remain blissfully blind to the “prostitute” [aka Babylon] – western predatory democracy. This barbarism in Libya came down from #44’s watch. Imma stay tuned… Peace, M

  5. It always baffled me, how could Indians and Arabs could be racist yet they are not fucking WHITE!!!!!!! Like how?! Why?!? This is beyond sad and the feeling of heplessnes is just too much.

    • Well AfroDaisy you must that we are dealing with anti-blackness. I talk about white supremacy a lot because they are our biggerst problem. Since they have the most social,economic and political power. But they are by no means are only competition. They are many Indians,Arabs and Asians that don’t like Africans. You can be of any race and hate black people. Anti-blackness is not just a “white thing”.

  6. Thanks Kushite Prine
    This was very informative. Every time i read about this, only two things come to mind: 1) they are going to try and institute slavery again, which is the reason I say, 2) We have no friends. Throughout history we continue to be a peace loving, get along, want to be down with everyone people, while they continue to stab us in the back, sell us down the river and mutilate us. When will we ever learn?

    All of America’s enemies have been killed except for the dude in North Korea. But, what I find interesting about this is that Quadafi led this revolution and was ousted by the same people he fought against. Now, from my knowledge, this ish would have never taken place in Cuba and maybe the reason is because they understood what a real revolution was about, which is why many of the white Cubans were kicked out. The same can be said about the Chinese Revolution and part of Japan’s success is due to them ridding themselves of outside influence. Again, when will we learn to stop backing those who do not care about us? When will we learn to stop banking on peoples’ higher self and use commonsense by expecting them to take the low road?

    When will we learn?

  7. This is the part of Islamic history that the Nation of Islam squads try their best to cover up and dismiss. They’ll talk about Christians enslaving blacks all day but commence with the verbal gymnastics whenever the horrid history of Islam and slavery is brought up. These Arabs are still enslaving black folks to this day and they see nothing wrong with it.

    • You bring up a very good point. Although I’ve always loved and respected Malcolm X,I take issue with Muslims that are silent when blacks are killed and abused by Arabs. They either make excuses or they’re silent on these camel jockey scum! From my understanding Arabs enslaved Africans long before the European. But many of these Arab-ass kissing Islam dudes turn a blind eye. I’m still waiting for Farrakhan to release a statement. So far I haven’t heard a peep.

      • I had a black muslim male say it was ok for boko haram to kidnap and rape those black girls, since he believed it was the will of his god allah, for those girls to get kidnaped, that pushed me away from wanting to learn any form of islam, if I even wanted to learn about it. Sidenote I think you shouldn’t be talking with a black white supremacist since they love babbling to their white masters about information for black people. if you click that verbs 2015 guy’s name you’ll see what I mean.

  8. Which is why we need to stop the idea of coalition building that is popular among Black feminists, Black academia, NAACP, and the Black Bougeoisie in America. Also, the ideology of intersectionality, which demands that we include other oppressors such as Arabs, Indians, and Asians as well as white women and white gays and poor whites. Those groups are anti Black as well.

  9. What’s even sad about this story an others like it is that it’s 2017 and black people are surprise slavery still exist. This is how clueless our people are about the world on how our people treated.

  10. Kushite, our people are slowly waking up, but Africa is still influx, it will take a while. I guess I couldn’t be a leader over there, because if I was, I would cut off natural resources to the outside world until they get in line.The problem is that their is political upheaval in Zimbabwe & the Congo & it’s going to stay that way until the African continent hold the European continent, NATO responsible for their crap.Again there is political upheaval & there are candidates in African countries running for office that oppose European, Asian & Arab influence. It will take awhile ,but things she going to get better. Hang in there Kushite GOD BLESS

    • If you cut off natural resources to the outside world, your own people will assassinate you. Read the book “Confessions of an Economic Hitman” to get a better understanding of how the world stage operates. It’s not that simple.

  11. My best friend is Arab. She is the sweetest person I know. She is very beautiful and exotic looking. I’ve always found Arab women to be extremely beautiful. Arab men on the other hand are are very rude and sexiest. I think its mainly because of Islam. But Black and Slave is the same thing in Arabic.

  12. I don’t like Arabs and Middle Easterners at all, Both of them including other races as well can be some jealous bastards towards us black people. All of them need to get over it with the fact of us being the first Kings and Queens and the first people that Father God put on earth. I believe those two things is the reason a lot of races other than the satanic white race be doing their hardest to hate us which isn’t going to change nothing because we as black people aren’t going nowhere. When going into comment sections on some websites that is all I notice is people being jealous of us with their little miserable racist comments. Hispanics also can be one of our worst enemies also with doing their hardest at being racist and jealous of us just like white people are. We are the best race on this planet because I have a lot of facts stored up that proves it and one of them are “People of other races talking like us when hearing them using our created words like “Swag”, “Turn Up”, “Haters”, “Side Hustle and Side Piece” etc and dancing like us, Like when white girls be “Twerking” which is something that the Superior Black Woman created and I live in a area where I be noticing white people and other races of people riding up and down the street listening and booming our music and then all of these people love to lie and speak nonsense like “We are not acting black” and things similar to that. I know it’s hard for people to tell the truth but it is what it is.

      • No problem man, You don’t mind if I repost this on the recent post you did named “Who are the real terrorists?” do you?

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