Prince Harry finds his Mulatto princess: Power move to depopulate Africa?


Social media is going crazy over the news about Prince Harry being engaged to actress Meghan Markle.  It seems many black women and some black men are excited that he is marrying a biracial woman.  They say this is  a big sign of progress for black people.  This is really sad to see this type of mentality is so pervasive.  First things first.  Markle is biracial and not a black woman.  She doesn’t even have any noticeable black features. She looks like she could pass for Puerto Rican of Italian.  And she even says that she is a biracial woman.  But this is NOT black progress.  The British royal family got most of their riches from slavery.  Their wealth comes from the murder and enslavement of African people.  Marrying into this racist parasitic family is not a sign of black empowerment.


Also check out this video(above). I’m not sure if many of you are aware of the fact that Prince William wants to depopulate Africa.  Apparently he believes that that are too many Africans and they’re destroying the ecosystem.  So he says.  So Africans are to blame for the environment.  It’s not the powerful European Jews/Europeans that are putting chemtrails in the air.  It’s not all the toxic garbage they allow to be dumped in the ocean and kills the aquatic life. It’s not all the processed meat,GMO foods and deadly vaccines that are spreading pain and misery.  So it’s the Africans??  Give me a damn break!  This is just a power move to confuse black people.  Prince Harry getting engaged to this half-black woman is just a way to make the masses of black people think the royals are our friends.  To make us think they care about the plight of our people.

Interracial union..

So I hope my subscribers aren’t falling for this.  I would assume that most of you are intelligent to know that this is nothing to celebrate.  Miss Meghan Mulatto marrying this racist family is not helping the African diaspora.  She’s just some biracial gold digging woman who saw an opportunity to marry into a wealthy family.

51 thoughts on “Prince Harry finds his Mulatto princess: Power move to depopulate Africa?

  1. I have seen too many misguided black women cheering Prince Harry & Meghan Markle interracial relationship on making statement like he got him a sistah. Rule number one Meghan Markle is biracial. Rule number two if Prince Harry was a wealth Black African prince from Africa with a biracial racial ambiguous woman black women would be calling him colorstruck. I also believe this relationship is so scripted because they already selected her for Prince Harry

    • I don’t get all the fuss about this engagement. You have brain dead black people celebrating like it’s a victory. What type of victory? You might be right. It could be scripted. So much of what the news gives us is planned years in advance. It’s hard to know what to believe. But if it’s not…she’s a fool! She thinks it’s a big come up for her. She has no idea what she’s getting herself into. She will regret it later on.

      • John Henrik Clarke always said that Black people have a habit of celebrating too soon. It is true in this case and in the case of Zimbabwe when (allegedly) Black people were happy that Mugabe stepped down. But, what’s coming in his place? More neocolonialism? We really need to stop being so politically naive.

      • That’s right Lumumba. Many Africans are not very political astute. I think Mugabe had genuine love for his people. And wanted the best for them. The Africans that were celebrating his departure are completely ignorant. I predict they will eventually regret it. When all those Europeans start making power moves in Zimbabwe,they’ll be begging for Mugabe to come back. It will be too late by then.

  2. As Shanequa has noted in her comment, this relationship was indeed, scripted. Everyone knows that whites who have red hair are extremely pale-complected and are, therefore, especially sensitive to skin cancer. The so-called ‘royals’ know this and it is for their own sake and the sake of the ‘royal blood’ line not ending as the reason that someone with melanin in their skin had to be chosen.

    As the earth heats up, thanks to global warming, climate change or whatever they want to call it, when temperatures rise, white folks had best be diving for cover, especially the pale, red-haired ones because they cannot withstand the sun for long at all. Melanoma is written all over their skin and it is even happening as I type this.

    So, this is a matter of survival and has nothing whatsoever to do with ‘love’ or any of that nonsense for what ‘white’ filth can love? They can’t. And this Meghan Markle person knows exactly why she was chosen as Harry’s bride.

    And of course, they want to depopulate Africa because Africans and other people of color are able to withstand that which will eventually kill off the whites. Why do you think this interracial mess is being touted relentlessly? It is because the whites need to ‘breed’ with us to survive. And we are fools for helping them in this scheme of theirs.

    • @ShelbyCourtland

      “The so-called ‘royals’ know this and it is for their own sake and the sake of the ‘royal blood’ line not ending as the reason that someone with melanin in their skin had to be chosen.”

      I’m sorry but Meghan Markle, is biracial but she lacks in melanin as well. Meghan is pale skinned just like Prince Henry. When I think of “melanin” I think of Gabrielle Union skin color or darker. In Africa, there are black African albinos getting skin cancer. The royal family mixing with a racially ambiguous biracial woman like Meghan want stop them from getting skin cancer especially if they lack melanin. The only royal bloodline that’s being contaminated & whited out is Meghan Markle’s mother royal black bloodline. Furthermore, Meghan have stated that she’s not black but biracial in which I agree. Also the media is pushing more harder for interracial dating with black & biracial women with non black men. Prime example, Serena Williams with her engagement, biracial baby, and wedding. Now what we have being push is Meghan Markle.

      Meghan Markle’s mother–/YXBwaWQ9aGlnaGxhbmRlcjtzbT0xO3c9ODAw/

      • Shanequa, you are wrong. An albino is the absence of melanin in the skin. It has nothing whatsoever to do with being a pale-skinned Black person or even a half and half. Melanin is melanin, no matter how deep or how light it is. True, darker skinned people are more rich in melanin, but we all know that Prince Harry would not have been allowed to marry someone as dark as Serena Williams. The so-called ‘royals’ will take what they can tolerate and apparently, Markle’s melanin will have to suffice. And the strength of melanin can get richer even when thought to be entirely diluted. Just look at pictures of Black families down through the years. Some people are super light and some are super dark and some are somewhere in between, but all have melanin except for a few Albinos who have a genetic mutation that affects the melanin pigmentation.

        The whites have attempted for hundreds of years, even during slavery to find ways of studying our melanin to copy it, but they cannot do so because melanin becomes elusive once it is removed from its source, meaning, our skin. They cannot reconstruct melanin found in our skin.

        I found this great article that gives a bit of detail about melanin and the fact that even our dark eye color protects our eyes from radiation as does the melanin in our skin. Whites are not protected as much from radiation and this is also why they hate us because as much as they are trying to destroy this planet through radiation, it is mainly cutting them down. Their skin cannot withstand the sun’s rays or its radiation. The melanin in our skin acts as a sunscreen to protect us from the sun’s rays.

        “There are other benefits to having a high concentration of melanin in the skin and other parts of the body. Melanin boosts the immune system, and darker-skinned groups have been shown to have a lower incidence of a number of serious diseases, including Parkinson’s, multiple sclerosis, and spina bifida. Darker-skinned individuals also age better, as their skin is better protected from sun damage.”

    • You are so right Shelby! That’s why they push all this interracial nonsense on us. They want to procreate with us because their birthrate is ZERO! And they know their time is just about up!

      • That is SO true! Please see my comment above to Shanequa. I have long been studying the fact that the whites know that their time is limited and every single time you see a commercial, some white man is sitting somewhere with a Black woman attempting to produce his progeny for he knows that if he continues to mate with a white female, they’ll both soon be out of existence.

        Also, it has been stated that America is just swimming in oil and so why would America be over in the Middle East attempting to annihilate those dark skinned people over there? It’s not so much to do with oil as to do with the fact that whites will eventually become extinct just ‘like the dinosaurs’ and they want to take as many of us out with them as possible. That is why the U.S. military is over in Africa.

        When we recently heard of that Sgt. La David Johnson, who got himself killed over in Niger, no one was focused on what the U.S. military was doing in Niger, but only on why Sgt. Johnson’s widow was told by President Trump that “He knew what he was signing up for!” Whites are now in survival mode and that makes them even more dangerous than ever before. All I can say is double down on watching your back!

      • Their extinction is coming for sure. That’s why they are starting to panic. They constantly stay in survival mode. They don’t know any other way to act. It seems everyone fears the power of black people. Even those bitch ass Arabs are enslaving Africans right now in Libya. Of course Obama,Hillary Clinton and NATO allowed that to happen. I’m about to upload a post about it in a few minutes. Be sure to check it out. It’s a great breakdown of how things came to be.

      • Also, it has been stated that America is just swimming in oil and so why would America be over in the Middle East attempting to annihilate those dark skinned people over there?

        White people startd with 13 colonies now they have 50 states the quest never ends for them

      • True! They’ve taken over Australia, New Zealand and almost all the island nations as well. If Haiti had anything of significance to steal, they’d be there in droves as well.

    • @ Shelby:
      Boom! I said this when news of this first broke. This mixed nutt does not identify as having a smidgeon of BLACK in her and does NOT relate to Black culture. And all of our sisters and brothers that are “up in arm” over this fiasco of a pending marriage, as usual, do not investigate anything. Just take it at face value. Any-hoo, that is another subject entirely and personally speaking? I don’t give a rat’s ass about the so-called Royals (that are subjugating Africa, by the way) or this white identified mixed nutt.

  3. Man, I was tripping on all the fuss BLACK people and accounts were making on social media. I’m like wait, what are we celebrating here? She’s not a Black woman. She’s not marrying Black royalty so why is this news? It’s only news because “they” fed it to us. It’s sickening what we celebrate and get excited over.

    • When I saw this, it turned my stomach, I was THAT disgusted because I just ignored this whole entire farce, but since I ‘follow’ Prince, I felt I just had to comment. Not to mention when I saw a picture of Serena Williams with that ‘ghost’ she married, I was too through. What is wrong with us???!!! Serena Williams certainly didn’t need his money. And from what I could see of ‘im, I can’t figure out what else she’d want from ‘im either. smh

    • It’s a bunch of hype about nothing. I saw all these black women putting up memes on Twitter about this was a big accomplishment. They are clearly delusional. Many of them are seem too happy about a racially ambiguous woman marrying an unattractive inbred pale skinned mutant. I suspect many of them are pro-interracial dating as well. I even came up with a new term. I call them
      But you know what’s funny Kelley? The same women that were mad at Tyrese for calling his 1/8 black wife a “black queen” are elated about Markle’s engagement. Isn’t that strange? How is Tyrese wife not black enough yet Markle is a better representation of blackness??? Neither one looks very black. But I guess since Harry is a white man he gets a pass for dabbling in a little bit of melanin. Whereas Tyrese is black so he’s held to a different standard. Sounds like a contradiction to me.

      • Riiiiiiiiiiight! I notice a LOT of double talking around the issue of interracial dating/marrying/sexing. I say do what you want, just keep us that love Black love out of your conversations; that’s where my anger and confusion stems from. I think sometimes they make a big deal of it to get Black men/women angry or talking about it when they may truly not give a damn. Who knows. It’s sad, regardless of the why.

  4. A white passing biracial woman marrying a racist inbred ugly 5th in line royal apparently is a cause for celebration for many black people. That white woman with a drop of black blood does not associate with black people. I notice its a lot of foreign black women or non us born black women celebrating this.

  5. Mulattos and wp belong together end of the story!
    They can share their sickness mentality only with their self-hated black parents,because I don’t hear these bullshits!
    This is so annoying especially when you are living in UK right now when these news are all over, and you are force to listen these bullshits everyday,that’s really hard pill to shallow!
    It’s pathetic when there are black people really are working so hard to keep IR marriages alive!
    Black people are so mentally ill that they aren’t able to understand that!

  6. U knocked it out the park. I wonder if Markle knows that, that her future in-laws had the 2nd largest charter of slave ships on the seas. I won’t go deep into a history lesson. She would probably turn an open to this truth being her dad is white. I’m sure he loves her and w/her mom choosing an ofay to breed with, she sees “the humanity in us all.” Keep in mind Kush, And I’ve said this before, harry wouldn’t have brought a “biracial” with darker features *Refers to Alex Haley’s Queen on “passing.” To help y’all get out this bogus culture shock I brought a bag of chocolate. This how i see life.

    • That’s right! You got these self hating coons celebrating this bullcrap! How do you think this demonic monarchy got their wealth? Their wealth comes from killing Africans and raping Africa of it’s oil and gold. I’m not forgiving a damn thing! I don’t recognize their so-called royalty. And you’re right,there’s NO way Harry could bring home someone like Gabrielle Union or Denise Boutte. But thanks for that beautiful link! I love it! Keep them coming! 🙂

      • Oh Kushite, you should see Christelyn Karazin video subject. She said that blacks that bring up slavery is race hustlers. Is she serious? I had to remind her that every major country in Europe is almost getting a trillion dollars in Colonial taxes from the African continent. She couldn’t answer that wp are at negative birthrate & things are going to get worse in Europe, since Russia HIV rates are worse than the opioid addiction in the US. Don’t worry like The Vegenator, GOD has to give her another wake up call.

  7. Some people call her “African American woman!” PFF
    Until the end of this world black blood will never cure white devil blood!

  8. Harry goes to Botwanana lots..They have this mulatto President of Botswana who guns down Blacks for tryingto use their land and he an dhis mutt brother say the most racist things about Black Africans and the West Loves Botswana…It is a scheme.

    • Exactly!!! These silly negroes going crazy over this mulatto marrying this inbred mutant. Their wealth comes from death,colonization and slavery. I bet none of these black fools can name an African royal family. Yet they worship these murdering whites as so-called royalty! Give me a break!

  9. What makes me upset is us full black women are labeled as average but biracial women are somehow exotic. How are biracial women exotic? Why do we make people exotic anyway? I’ve seen some average looking biracial women just as I’ve seen some average look white, latina and asian women. The funny thing is how the exalt these biracial women. I have a biracial her mother was White and her father was Black. I remember hanging with her and she act like she was so high and mighty. She walked around with a chip on her shoulder. Her father approved of this behavior. Some Black Men with biracial kids act as if their kids are God’s gift to society. I’ve seen some butt ugly mixed kids. I’ve seen some beautiful Ethiopian and Somolian women, I mean some of the most beautiful women that I have laid my eyes on. Everyone’s always comparing Black Women to Whites, Asians, Brazilians(non black Latinas) etc. But I’ve seen some Black women that would knock all of them dead. Ethopians, Egyptians, Angolans, Moroccan, Eritean, Somolian, Nigerian and Kenyan women who are beautiful.

    Who cares about a Biracial woman and a Ginger? She’s confused herself.

  10. I never gave a chit about ANY of these so-called royals. All of them maintain white supremacy keeping it intact. And, unfortunately many of our “London” black brothers and sistas are kept in confusion and “cater” to their agenda. I have nothing for them.


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