Two things we need to give up!

Kim Kardashian...

7 thoughts on “Two things we need to give up!

  1. Well we need to add the imaginary man up in the sky know as Jesus to the list. We can easily stop ourselves from eating process food, but process people & white Jesus is something our people refuse to give up.

    • That’s right Shanequa. I personally believe in the Most High. I know there is a higher power. I just don’t believe in European gods and European mythology. Black people need to snap out of that nonsense. Worshipping white gods is a sign of mental illness.

  2. Yes, many of our people are crazy and there appears to be no cure. Since I now live in Hillbilly Hollow, and this place is religious as hell, I am bombarded daily by talk of Jesus this and Jesus that. I’ll be locked up soon, I’m sure of it because it is nauseating and I ain’t taking much more. It seems I can’t live in ‘da hood’ and I’m too damn non-religious to live amongst these Christian lunatics. SIGH!

  3. I think everyone needs to read the United independent compensatory code/system/concept and put it into practice. It’s helped me out a ton in regards to what to do in order to end white supremacy.

  4. In England churches wants now kids be free to choose gender identity or be transgender!
    Really who sick parents who allow their kids go in these place where homosexuality and pedophilia are welcome? These people are evils!

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