The System is working as intended

Crooked System

3 thoughts on “The System is working as intended

  1. “The title alone says it all.” Our people, as well as our history/lineage was kidnapped and then brought to this foreign land.. Regardless of constitutional law, white supremacy has done everything possible to thwart our efforts to survive, thrive and pass our history to future generations. Worse, many of our people really have no idea of what Stockholm Syndrome is and that many of US are scared and work only for our own survival including “accommodating” and keeping white Amerikka’s secrets thus ensuring that that white supremacy remains intact “to curry favor from whites or for a few pennies.” We have evidenced this in our so-called black politicians, entertainment industry, etc. And truthfully, the chit is tired. I know that I am disgusted with all of the cooning and sell-outs.

    As it’s been said, “if you don’t stand for SOMETHING? You’ll fall for ANYTHING.”


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