Did you know about the Casual Killing Law?

Casual Killing Law....

16 thoughts on “Did you know about the Casual Killing Law?

  1. Kushite I forgot to mention about what happened to my colleague!
    One day this my black colleague,he has been verbally and racial abuse by a WW!
    She was telling him “to go back his country and he shouldn’t conquer WW,but only women from his country!”
    This proof me every time that how they are so hypocritical and liars creatures!
    They don’t need to be conquered,they are so easy!
    The majority of them here are in interracial relationships with BM and non-white men!

  2. White women are evil as hell but still be consider as angels after all the evil doing they do. White women are the mother’s of white supremacy.

  3. WW are demons indeed. I always knew about this and was able to make the correlation when I found out about it between White teachers and what happens to black children by the time they turn 9. Black kids tend to have a lot of energy and are much more advanced during the younger ages but once they hit public school and hear/see subliminally that black people arent capable of anything(which is false), it damages their self esteem. White teachers smile in your face while telling these kids they arent as smart as other kids.

    I hope you make a post about Diana Ross family at that award show that just passed. Her ONLY BLACK grandson had so much life and talent on that stage while all the white grand kids just picked their nose and looked confused. Diana ross completely ignored the black child and mostly stayed with the pasty white kids.

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