Meaning of the Hurricane(Her-ricane)



13 thoughts on “Meaning of the Hurricane(Her-ricane)

      • Moreover, check this? When a minority commits a crime, especially if the perpetrator is BLACK, the mass Media plasters their face in the news. Yet the mass Media is SLOW in posting a picture of a WHITE perpetrator. Case in point, the white boys that recently killed a white male in a vehicle by throwing rocks from overhead from a bridge? At any rate, it took a DAY before the faces of the suspect’s faces were shown. And if we’re being honest here, Blacks are not the MAIN culprits in committing crimes.

        “I’ll let you tell it.”

  1. Wow… Humanity’s need for spiritual reparations from Africa’s epic historical trauma in slavery’s Middle Passage is so profound, bro KP. I had similar thoughts when Harvey, Irma, and Maria (H.I.M.) hit with so much back-to-back devastation this year. Yet the spiritual implications go ignored as folks treat Her “symptoms” as just another generic hurricane season, numbing out from one year to the next. How do we repair from that beyond our conscious and prayerful re-membering? Thanks for the post, King ❤ M

    • Yes many people don’t see the spiritual implications right in front of their faces. I thought the picture was very powerful. I thought my subscribers would find the article very interesting. It makes you look at hurricanes in a different light.

  2. These hurricanes ARE the summation of the atrocities done to the African/black female and YES, they are “spiritual” in nature.

    The wonderful thing is that these devil’s reign is almost over.

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  4. Reblogged this on shelbycourtland and commented:
    And it is just getting started. The shit that you claim as yours, you white devils, shall be re-claimed by (Her-ricane). Those fantastic, multi-million dollar beachfront homes will be swept away. Those resorts? The exact same. Your shit; your possessions, even landlocked as they may be will be just as sinkable as the Titanic which you claimed “was unsinkable.” And your pasty asses will soon follow where your homes and resorts went and you will deserve everything that’s coming to you!

    Your grafts and charts about flooding will do you no good. Just ask this dude out of Wisconsin.

    Wisconsin’s Floods Are Catastrophic—and Only Getting Worse

    “But there’s more to it than that. Decades of development have also paved over land that used to soak up rainwater.”

    “adison, home to the state’s flagship university, has seen the brunt of the flooding so far. The University of Wisconsin-Madison’s center that specializes in studying lakes is itself flooded. “This is what climate change looks like,” Adam Hinterthuer, the center’s spokesperson, wrote.”

    “For Eric Booth, a climate scientist at the university, the whole thing is almost too much to comprehend. His research project on small stream water temperatures was washed away by the flooding.”

    The whites who are recording the developments as they pertain to flooding are being flooded out of their workplaces and their stats and graphs and charts to explain this shit to you are floating down the goddamn street. And you’re next!

    From one end of this planet to the other, and especially in AmeriKKKa, your shit is being burned up, shook, rattled and rolled and flooded. And this is only the beginning. Where you gonna run? Because the evil that you sling is coming right back around to you. It’s called, “The Boomerang Effect.”

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