When Black Gods connect…..

Black Gods...

The powers that be don’t want black people to get along.  They love to see us fight and bicker.  That’s why the mainstream media always puts out negative stereotypes of our people.  They make films that show us as drug dealers,pimps,whores,sellouts and gangsters.  But they are the true murderers,thieves and liars.  They have been throughout history.  They lie and distort history to put themselves in a positive light.  But the TRUTH always comes to light. They fear the black awakening. They know our consciousness is rising.  They can feel the shift happening.  I tell you family,don’t be distracted by the false news,stay away from the GMO foods and the te-LIE- vision that gives you mental pollution.  Don’t pay attention to the manufactured “gender war”. The Black man needs the Black woman. One can’t survive without the other. The evil Europeans/Jews can’t stop what’s coming.  Transformation is under way.  Honor it. Trust it. Cultivate it. Always protect it as well.  Know that you are the Original people of the planet.  You are the Black Gods and Goddesses.  Your African ancestors live within you. If we aren’t the Gods..then who is? The planet is yours. And their time is just about up!  Our unity is growing more and more each day.    Amazing things happen…when Black Gods connect.

25 thoughts on “When Black Gods connect…..

  1. It’s pretty wild to be honest. I do feel as if there is more consciousness among our people. Even among “celebs” it seems that even though they’ve sold their souls- they can’t refrain from saying things unapologetically black. It’s a great time for us, let’s just hope we can use the positive momentum and turn it into something constructive. More black people are overstanding that the gender war is a ruse. That Africans are not such a minority as Europeans want us to believe we are. We are starting to have faith in ourselves, and each other. It’s all pretty magical.

  2. I hear ya Kush. U gotta show me footage of the time said producer/director withdrew a gun to the face/temple of said actor/actress into playing the slave, the interracial, token black love interest and/or friend. Have a problem w/modern day minstrels? Don’t take a meeting with Mona Scott-Young. It’s that simple or is not?

    Slightly switching gears. I’ve noticed anytime me and any other black person are having a convo @work (the plantation), white folks swarm. Almost like they can smell revolution or @least 2 black folk conversing. Crazy.

    • Are you speaking about a film? I’m not sure what you’re talking about. Although that sounds very interesting.
      Yes they get very nervous when too many of us gather and start talking. I’ve had it happen to me. I remember I was talking to three black men and a black woman at work. We got weird looks from white supervisors and white co-workers. They had a worried look on their faces.lol Yet we see groups of whites talking all the time. But that’s okay for them to do that. But it’s different when it’s US right?? Such hypocrites.

      • I am speaking TV and film. Who forces our people to perpetuate these stereotypes besides a $check?

      • @ Kushite Prince & Nat Turner’s Revenge

        That has happen to me as well. When non blacks get nervous when the see black people group up together they try to find a place for them in the group to see what’s going on. But when non black group together they make it known toward black people you’re not involved nor wanted near our group discussion.

      • White people have been getting antsy about groups of blacks getting together since the slavery days & they have been trying everything within their power to keep groups of black people from conversing together ever since then. They are afraid that we’re planning to plot against them & fight them back (which we need to do anyway).

      • They have a right to be paranoid. You would be paranoid too if you caused death,destruction and enslavement everywhere you went. You would have to be alert at all times! Karma is a bitch!!

  3. White people are like Jackals and Hyaenas on the savannah. When ever they see one lion ( A black person in a conscious state) they get antsy. But when they see the whole pride gathering that terrifies them. Whenever we gather or get close together they always want to find a way to be part of the conversation and the thing is, when it’s them gathering they always exclude us. One time, it happened someone I know. She and these other black employees were sitting together at a cafe and this white couple that was sitting at another table started staring at them and my friend in the rudest way said to them “CAN I HELP YOU?” I tell you, that white couple almost broke their necks looking away.

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