My Skin is My Sin- Is it time to go underground?(Part 2 of 2)


I’ve been on social media for over a decade. I have been in contact with black people on WordPress,Youtube and Twitter.  And I’ve had subscribers share my posts on Twitter,Tumblr and Facebook.  I have had some great conversations with black people here in the United States as well as Africa,Canada,London,Brazil and Jamaica.  We have talked about many subjects.  On my blog I have covered black power,black love,black families,African culture,black leaders,black business,survival skills,police brutality,politics,prison population,African history,racism,slavery,interracial marriage,biracial people,conspiracies and of courseEuropean global power. Through my years of research I realize that the government is spying on everyone.  The can track your whereabouts with your cellphone.  The FBI and CIA are also recording all your phone conversations.  And all your text messages are sent to a central database.  They also can hear your conversation at home with Smart TV’s.  They are constantly spying on us everywhere.


All this unnecessary surveillance has gotten out of control. All of our information is being consumed by the government. We must keep in mind that most of the social media is owned by white people.  YouTube,Instagram,Twitter,Tumblr,Wordpress,Google,Snapchat and Facebook are all owned and controlled by Europeans.  With so much surveillance you can’t really make any moves without them watching you.  Not to mention they can find most people using their email.  At times it feels like you can’t go anywhere without a closed caption camera in your face. There are cameras in banks,schools,hotels,airports,hospitals,restaurants and bars.  We are really living in a prison planet.

And if all this surveillance wasn’t enough people you still have people willingly giving up their personal information.  They have trained us to give up our information voluntarily and can use that information to create a personal database about the person.  The video(above) is an Apple advertisement for the new iPhone X.  It shows that that you can unlock it with facial recognition.  Sounds pretty neat right?  I think it’s a bad idea.  The first iPhones could be unlocked with a password.  Then they had the iPhones that could be unlocked only with a person’s thumbprint.  Now they come out with phones with facial recognition.  It seems to me they are slowly collecting data on everyone.  I also would tell people to beware of these DNA tests that have become popular in the last few years.  Companies like MyHeritage,23andMe,AncestryDNA and Living DNA are not always accurate.  Just be mindful when using them.  I have a funny feeling they are collecting the DNA of people and studying their genes.  Who knows?  They could use your DNA to create a disease that only attacks people with certain DNA strands.


So I just want to know your thoughts.  Do you think we need to go underground?  How can you have a movement without racist government agencies(FBI,CIA) watching your every move?  I know some people who have left Youtube because of all the restrictions.  Then there are others who have stopped blogging at WordPress due to frustration.  Some of our people feel so beat down and they’ve decided to give up.  I get frustrated just like anyone else.  I’ve thought about leaving WordPress and Youtube at times. Trying to wake people up can get very tiring and it starts to wear on you. It’s not that I want to give up it’s just I want some practical solutions. I want our people to be free mentally and physically.  And it seems black people don’t want to change.  Not all…..but too many of us.



Do we need our own social media?  I have heard black people mention sites like  And the conscious black dating site Kemet Klique.  I don’t know if they are totally 100% Black operated.  If someone knows please tell me.  I still need to do research on these black social media sites.  But I’m asking all my fellow bloggers.  I know I have a lot of intelligent subscribers.  I know some of you have some great ideas.  So I’m asking Onitaset,Land of Kam,Hung Like Jesus,Negress,Cree,Shelby Courtland,Trojan Pam,Kelley,CC Saunders,Amos Magazine,OriginalBlackWoman,TruthAngel,BlackMyStory,Melanin Man,Lumumba Afrika,Sparks,1TawnyStranger,King Lo the Rastar,Kween Jasira,Malaika Mutere,Sunny Delyte,Clifford Green,M’Bwebe Ishangi,Roshumba Monique,FourthAngelsBowl,Moorbey,Nidotopian Warrior,Universal Jones and Tired Sista for your thoughts.  I’m open to any suggestions.  Should we leave YouTube and WordPress?  If we do,how do we communicate with each other?  Should we do it through email?  I ask because we need our own private spaces to communicate without outside interference. We are all being watched at every turn.   maybe we need to move in silence like ninjas. Any black person on social media that is trying liberate the minds of our people are seen as a threat. They don’t seem to care if you’re a Moor,Pan African,Hebrew Israelite or into Kemetic spirituality. All that matters is you’re trying to inform the black collective and open minds. They draw strength from our confusion.  Confusion is the enemy to revolution. We need some real solutions.  I’m open to hear anything at this point.  I’d love to hear your suggestions.


38 thoughts on “My Skin is My Sin- Is it time to go underground?(Part 2 of 2)

  1. Ok…

    Several things.

    1. Yes. It’s possible to go “underground” and do this thing with just our own people. The Joos are famous (or infamous) for their backdoor dealings.

    BUT…the issue isn’t going to be whites who track us.
    It’s gonna be a black agent who will rat us out. And believe me that there will be MANY.

    2. I wanted to do a bartering system 5 years ago but no one was interested. This is an EXCELLENT way to get clothing, furniture, even things done around the home that they can’t track because there’s NO MONEY TRAIL. We have the talent and resources but the willpower is absent. How to get our people to get on board…???

    3. What do we do with the blacks that have white spouses/ lovers? Do we ostracize good talent and potential due to their romantic choices?

    4. I wanted a taxi service to drop us to and from work, the supermarket, etc. But there must be willing participants and an ORGANIZED group willing to keep their mouths shut. This will hit ’em in their wallets when their revenue goes down. Anyone for ideas is welcome.

    5. Neely Fuller suggested inventing our own language and teaching each other this language. It’s imperative that we communicate without them knowing what we’re talking about. Once again, how do we trust blacks NOT to teach whites this coded language?

    6. We’ve gotten comfortable on this plantation. Do you really think black people are ready to “do for self?” I can’t even get us to begin a simple garden and these people have YARD SPACE.

    7. Something that we’re not comfortable speaking about is the extreme black female hatred and sexual violence that many black males will not dare touch. Communities need trust and black women need to feel safe with males around us. How do we deal with the beatings, the murders, the rapes, the child molestation, the harassment, etc if black men pose a serious threat to our safety?

    Once again, I must point out that our biggest hurdle isn’t the enemy.

    It’s us.

    Sorry to be a downer and I’m really trying to help but we can’t run away from the fact that many of us are broken and there’s no coming back. We CANNOT build any functioning society with these issues all around us.

    • This is the sad reality we live in. I don’t want to give a percentage but I’d wager the majority of us are just fine living on the plantation. It won’t be until a serious national threat in America, like the passing of a law that makes overt racial violence acceptable to the mainstream to wake the majority of black people up to the horror story that we are living now.

      All the points Negress has listed here are so valid. Just my two cents, and a sad two cents at that.

      • @Marcus
        Well if we’re on a plantation then I’m a runaway I want to get the hell out of here. We have become to complacent in our oppression. And this is from hundreds of years of social engineering. After all this time we are still second class citizens. Dogs get more respect than we do. We should know by now we will never be treated as equals in this racist society. We need to do for self. But we won’t until we are 100% dissatisfied with the system. But since we rely on them for a job,food and shelter we put up with them even though they mistreat us. Tell me that’s not pathetic!! It gets really frustrating at times. I feel like screaming!! Most of our people are zombies. Mentally dead! And they actually think they’re “free”.

    • You make good points. I have addressed those things many times. It’s obvious we don’t trust each other. We have internal problems we have to address. We have been beaten and brainwashed to hate each other. As I said before I’m not interested in saving everyone. All the sellouts,ass kissers and interracial daters do their thing. And yes I know there are black men who hate black women. They blame black women for everything. I don’t think they’re being rational. Black women are not the enemy. We need strong black men to stand up and protect women and children. We also need to punish black men who rape or molest our little girls.
      The guess what I’m saying is we need a code of conduct. We need to create some guidelines on behavior. And exclude anyone that doesn’t follow it. Our main problem is we need some cohesiveness. We have to be willing to listen to one another. We don’t need a leader,we just have to have a group effort. I know it’s been hard for you Negress. You’ve been doing this a long time. You’ve grown more and more frustrated over the years. I’m sure you feel like giving up. Our people can really drain the energy out of you. I accept that not all of us will make it. Many of us don’t care what happens in the future. They just live Day by day. But that mentality is a dead end. We have move forward regardless. Even if we just wake up our family and friends. I feel that things will get very ugly in the future. If we’re not going to create our own social media then we better come up with something. We all better learn survival skills,save some water,canned goods and weapons. I ask for guidance and strength from the ancestors. I hope they show us the wisdom we need to lead us to victory. Ase’

    • I don’t believe it will be a black agent that will snitch us out, but a black man or woman that can’t keep there mouths shut. Black people have a problem when ti open there mouths an when not to open there mouths. Even if we had our own Black African social media sites Non Black Africans will follow us were ever we go. I have seen it with my own eyes,social media pages dedicated to “Black African Men & Women” but a Non Black African will pop up in the mix all the time. Having our own social media isn’t bad but it would constantly need to be monitor to keep clowns out. Furthermore our people going to have too start distancing themselves from Non Black Africans. The only time we have to deal with them is at work an that should be on a median. Also we need to connect with likely mind people who are willing to put in the work. We need to start setting up real small group meetings finding soulutions to build our communities. We do need our on code of language when communicating with one another. Also we need to reach out to our brothers & sisters from the street since that would be were the real fighters are located.

      • @ Shanequa

        I’ve noticed that too. I’ve seen black only pages filled with Mexicans, Asians, etc…In NY. black communities and after school events designed for us are filled with others yet we are never allowed in their spaces.

    • I’ve thought about bartering, too, but when I brought it up to my family, they all thought I was crazy. I’ve also wondered the solutions to all these questions as well. It’s sad that we don’t have many people to work with. Too many of us are too far gone.

    • First of all, nice ninja sisters!
      Second, thanks for the shout out!
      Third, we’ll have to meet in person. Which will be a challenge for me as I live in England and have no intention of ever visiting the USA. I’m kind of empty on suggestions too, but gonna keep this discussion open.

  2. What’s that saying, “you can lead a horse to the water but you can’t make them drink it.” They have to do it on their own. And that’s how we should be treating our own people. We provide the knowledge to them, but they have to find the value in it themselves, based off their personal journey and experiences. It resonates even more that way. We’re just messengers out of many. We can only hope that our people as a whole will awake from the slumber one day in the near future. Despite the grim outlook, we have to keep doing what we’re doing. If we as messengers lose hope, who will pick up the mantle then? Our extinction would definitely be guaranteed. Personally I can’t give up. To me there is honestly nothing else in this world that is worth doing, worth sacrificing my time for, worth DYING FOR, than bringing REAL TRUTH AND KNOWLEDGE to Black folk. That’s just me. I’m down to go underground or whatever with it. The message can still get out despite the surveillance. You just have to have a few like-minded people who are TRULY dedicated to the cause, and something will be done. Let’s not get down in the dumps. I believe we’re going to be fine in the end. That’s just my two cents.

    • Yeah I like the horse analogy. That is very true in this case. It is a very grim outlook but you’re right we have to keep pushing. We don’t have much of a choice at this point. I understand why many bloggers get frustrated though. A lot of our people don’t really want TRUE freedom. I think they’re just too damn comfortable. You have to really hate where you are in life to want real change. And real change takes work. It doesn’t just happen out of nowhere. But I do appreciate the work you put in. You always have information not normally covered. Our people need to seek out this hidden information and truly want it. Thanks for the comment MM.

  3. I love that you are posing these questions and that you’re open to suggestions. Unfortunately, I’m with negress; we’re just not there as a people. Many of us would trust Uber or or Ralph’s to get what we need even if there is a reputable Black version available.

    I say you keep your accounts and continue to seek out spaces that appear or are exclusively Black. I know that even then, there may be white coders and monitors and silent white partners to these seemingly Black spaces, so just be mindful.

    My suggestion is some kind of meet up. There is a seasonal event here called The Village Market and 99% of the sellers and attendees are of African descent. It doesn’t check all the issues on your list, but it’s a start to building a blueprint for other organizations, communities and cities to follow. Once there, at your meet up with people you trust, you can speak more freely. Communicate a plan of action without using technology. I used to attend a weekly meet up and once the schedule was established, we just attended, didn’t talk or text about it-just knew the time and place.

    You’re asking for a lot, and it can be done in baby steps, I just know we’re not there yet. We’re not ready. I know it can be disheartening to go at it daily with no significant change in sight, but your presence matters. You are doing what you can and that is more than enough. I say in the meantime, continue to do what feels right and small shifts will continue to happen.

    And waaassup to those faceless cartoon portraits??!? SO cute! Humbled to be included.

    • A meet up sound cool. I do think we need some type of cohesive plan. It can be really hard for many of us day in and day out trying to WAKE up black people. Seems like they don’t want to wake up. They love the plantation. I guess I’m just tired of us using YouTube,Twitter,Wordpress etc.. We really need our own social media. I know it’s not a guarantee there wont be infiltrators but that’s the chance we take right now anyway. I have white trolls always coming to my sight making comments. You don’t see them because I block their comments most of the time. And of course we have real black people who act as agents for the government. This shows you we are in a real WAR. They don’t want us coming up with plans to end our oppression. So that’s why some people just give up and quick! I wont lie,black people get on my nerves. They claim to want freedom but then don’t want to put in the work. That’s why I tell people to get their family and friends prepared for total chaos in a few years. The government is staging false flags and fake shootings for a reason. Martial Low could be on the horizon. And many of our people wont make it because we are not prepared. So get ready for whatever is coming. I know I’m getting ready.
      Glad you liked the cartoon portraits. I thought it was a nice

      • I am in complete agreement! I see (mostly Black) Falcons fans every Sunday there’s a home game ready to give a rundown for the local news. We should have our own leagues. Our own neighborhoods. Our our government/police. Not only are we uninterested in leaving the comfort and familiarity of the plantation, but we’re also afraid of getting burned down, kidnapped, threatened and blacklisted-which are real consequences of simply separating ourselves. Many of us are unaware that we’re living in fear instead of really living. We’ll never prosper with chains around our minds and ankles.

        I am just ready to go. I get tired of talking about it and I’m ready to be so far away from amurdikkka and the racism it’s spread. One day I will look back at how small it is and know I did my part. I look forward to that day. I know that day will come for you as well 🖤

      • Thanks a lot Kelley. I think a lot of people feel that way. We’re getting tired of this wicked and corrupt system. It’s a system of injustice and most of us are fed up! We just need to find a way to get out of it and do for self. We need to get on the same page.

  4. Social media is easy to infiltrate and attack. Unless Black people do some next level coding to make a social media website, white folk would probably easily backdoor and hack all of the information. Sometimes you want to hide in plain sight, because background hiding can mean a quick background execution.

    But it stands to reason, if you’re using their computers, they can hack you easily.

    Although, I’ll have to admit one of the better Apps and social media websites yadda yadda is

    This is Kambon’s website/forums and their App has a chat function and daily sends you an active forum. I don’t have an account, but they are there learning African languages, promoting healthy living, and acknowledging white folk as enemies. Might be a good place to look into.

    If not joining them, inquiring about how they made it may be worthwhile too. But again, white folk could shut a lot of things down.

    As far as what we need to do–we need to Organize. I was Organizing a group of people regularly and was able to get a lot of information out in the process and even secure a space for events. If we are trying to get the masses, we need to Organize.

    • I will have to check out Kambon’s site. But you make a great point about hacking. We are using their computers and software so I guess nothing is hack-proof right? They will always spy and infiltrate anything we do. We all know about Cointelpro at this point. But I must admit,they understand this is war. They must constantly stay in survival mode to keep their position. So they will do whatever they feel is necessary(lawful or not) to maintain their position. That’s why I don’t always feel comfortable speaking my mind on these blogs. Not to mention they can listen to our conversations on cellphones. So how do you communicate with others freely? That’s what I’ve been trying to figure it out. I agree we need to organize for sure. We can’t worry about infiltrators. Everyone keeps telling me we can’t do it because of agents. So then what? Do nothing at all? We have to get over this fear just because of the possibility of traitors. If we come across one he/she will be dealt with! We will deal with our own. Thanks for the great comment brother. You always have great ideas. I always appreciate your input.

      • A long time ago, I was walking out of high school when a group of my schoolmates were walking by. I decided to join them. In front of us were some gangbangers. They walked toward us so to bump into one of us and start a fight. My group evaded them. But I was clowning in my group and a schoolmate shouted to me, “You’re a stupid nigger.” Why he said this–without the -a–I don’t know–but the gangbangers asked “What did you say?” to our group and the shouter ran. The group I was in thought–we should just walk in our group and we’ll be safe. But as the gangbangers started closing on us and the shouter was making some distance, I broke from the group and ran to catch up with the shouter. I caught him–because I was one of the fastest kids in the school (and for another reason I’d rather not share at this moment) but needless to say, i wasn’t threatened by the gangbangers anymore. When I asked the dude who cased why he ran–he said, “If someone wants money from me, they need to work for it.” It’ was a lesson to live by. Yeah, the white man and his agents can get your information and do you serious harm–but it’s really about making them work for it if anything.

        For instance, I try to be private, and I try to limit my conversation (it’s not the most effective but whatever) and when I’m out with the people, I don’t engage in any predictable manner. But I don’t disengage. plus, if I have a private conversation, I unplug my phone and ask my conversant to do the same (or leave it in a car)–or I might use handnotes, or cover my mouth when talking (in case something is reading lips.) point is, you don’t make it easy for whitey.

        But it’s still easy for him. I actually had someone send me pictures of my kid because I slighted them. And it was a Sister–so if she could do that, who knows what a determined white person could do.

        But yeah do something. But make retaliation hard. That’s the premise of guerilla warfare. That’s why i don’t understand these big names. Black folk could ambush you if you just go to a corner store, but somehow some anti-white speaker can check into their hotels? Something doesn’t add up.

      • Yeah I like that childhood story. You make some very valid points. I see you do a lot of the same things I do. You can’t be too careful with these cellphones around. They have cameras and microphones. I heard they can turn on the microphones and listen to your conversations. Only way around it is if you take the battery out. But I agree that you have to make them work for it. Don’t make it too damn easy for them. A sister sent you a pick of your child??? DAMN!!! That’s down right evil!! But that’s what we’re up against. We have some real low lifes around us that are quick to sell you out too. You gave some great advice. I hope everyone reads your comments. You gave me some serious food for thought.

  5. I think we should use any outlet we can to reach and wake up as many people as possible, that includes YouTube & social media, even though we’re being watched. This is very important information that we talk about and so many people need to hear it. And when you mentioned all the DNA sites that are getting popular now, it made me think of the plasma centers. I think people should stop going to those as well. I think they use that for weird and crazy reasons, too. I’ve also noticed in my state (I don’t know how it is everywhere else) that those places are in poor black neighborhoods more than anywhere else. Hmm….?

    • I agree Sparks. I don’t trust those DNA sites. I really don’t trust anything these Europeans advertise to us. The plasma centers is a good analogy. I think the are collecting our DNA for nefarious reasons. That’s why I wanted to do this post to spread the word.

  6. All great ideas. Just know, every time we comment, we give up our game plan. Who says anything in war time? Say much IN A FIGHT? Same rules in effect. Us eeeeeem discussing going underground shouldn’t have a post or a comment section.

    • That’s what I said also. We’re just trying to brainstorm and come up with a game plan. A game plan without outside interference. And we don’t give specifics details on any blog. That would be plain stupid since WordPress is owned by them. So your point is understood.

  7. Hi Kushite. I’ve read through the article and comments. Nice as usual. It is so true about having independent things. Especially with the data breaches and hacking going on to millions of people. I’ve become more conscious of making sure my emails and what I write are more secure. I’ve always been leary whenever new phones come out and now I understand why. 🙂 Technology is moving way too fast and becoming too smart. I’m not scared of artificial intelligence taking over. But it does make me wondering how we can triple secure our emails and sites. Would certainly need coders and programmers for that. I’ve been doing my own research into it as well. I don’t have an IT background. I have found one black owned social media site that does make security and encryption its top priority.

    BTR Community:

  8. For any of ya’ll who are interested
    I found the website SourceForge a while back that has a huge collection of different types of softwares, programs and other applications that you can download and use and probably tweek if you want to use independent webemail service like roundcube. Or anything related to servers, emails, browsers, coding, etc. I even saw a program for small business domain server. It’s not entirely from scratch nor a do it yourself app or software but it could be a start. 🙂 Oh yeah, having an old computer as a server or being able to create your own server could help too.
    SourceForge programs are open source to somewhat freeware. Again you can check out and do more research. Hope it helps.


    Roundcube webmail:

    Zentayl small business server:

  9. Such painfully and sad reality,we prefer live in unconscious state instead of fight or be conscious of the reality! This make#s a lot us fell really comfortable because we don’t want deal again with the racism but the truth is racism real and kill!

  10. I think we need to build our own everything! I have been screaming F all these social media platforms for years. The same platform we spread knowledge on is owned and operated by the same people who are working against us.

  11. I love love love the avatars of us in our own social media graphic. Where did you get that made, it’s just Awesome!

    If black people could just get over the self-hate, internal conflict and all the ills that Diary of A Negress spoke of in her post within the black “community” then we could have our own everything, but until then bro…………..***sigh***

    I’ve join blaqspot a few months back when you told me about it, however I haven’t been active there, but as soon as I get some things out the way I will try to become more active there. We really do need our own social media. because I’m frustrated with how Facebook keeps changing it’s algorithm to make things harder for business owners to get free leads. Facebook wants us to spend money on advertising. I don’t have that kind of budget right now. The only reason I’m on social media is because of business purposes.

    • I stumbled onto that pic on by accident. I did a little photoshop and it looks pretty
      I definitely hear what you’re saying. There have been many restrictions on Fakebook and other social media. We need our own platform without outside interference. It seems everyone is doing their own thing. Which is cool but we need to network more to empower black business and a black economy. I wanted to do tis post so we could all brainstorm and come up with some solutions. I don’t see too many bloggers doing that at the moment. So I thought this was probably one of my most important posts. Thanks for your input.

      • Yes, the pic is awesome! Great work! We really do need our own economy. I see some black people on IG, Facebook and other platforms encouraging us to support each other. At some point we have too, we really have to, however it feels like only a dream because many of us can’t stop the backstabbing, backbiting, infighting, treachery and other destructive behavior. I’ve come to the conclusion that much of the time black people are in our own way.

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