My Skin is My Sin- What is a Black Identity Extremist? (Part 1 of 2)


Well family,here we go again.  The racist wicked system is at it again.  It seems they keep coming up with new terms everyday.  Now the new term is “Black Identity Extremist”.  What the hell is that?  Is that a black person that is Afrocentric? Is it a person who wears African clothing?  Or maybe just a black person that disagrees with interracial marriage?  Or reads black nationalist books?  Where does it stop?  It seems the FBI has come up with this new term because many of our people are raising their consciousness.  They know that we have being using YouTube,Twitter and blog sites to spread truth and wake people up.  Social media can be very powerful if used in the proper manner.  And I think the government has been watching us since day one.  They have even terminated many Afrocentric YouTube channels.  Forcing them to create new accounts.  I think the powers that be fear the truth.  This proves that they are scared  and getting desperate. Keep in mind that we just had a white man shoot up hundreds of people in Las Vegas last week but……they’re worried about black extremist???  And why aren’t white mass murderers ever called terrorist?  I guess terrorist is a term reserved for non-whites.

About a thousand Black Lives Matter activists rally at the

Some people say this article is not real.  They say it’s fake news.  I’ll let you read it and decide for yourselves.    Either way Cointelpro has beeen wathcing black groups for years so this is nothing new.  Whether the article is real or made up. According to Foreign Policy magazine, a FBI report circulated internally on August 3 warns that “Black identity extremists”—labeled a racially motivated movement—can pose a serious threat to law enforcement. Apparently, the FBI believes that police attacks on Black folks could cause “premeditated, retaliatory lethal violence” against the police.

The report stated:

“The August 2014 shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri, was the catalyst for widespread anger and violence, the FBI report says, concluding that continued “alleged” police abuses have fueled more violence.

“The FBI assesses it is very likely incidents of alleged police abuse against African-Americans since then have continued to feed the resurgence in ideologically motivated, violent criminal activity within the BIE movement.”

(There are so many levels of wrong here, but let’s start with the fact that shouldn’t the FBI be cracking down on police brutality? Guess not–this is just our fault for being angry and oppressed.)

This report isn’t sitting too well with former government officials and legal experts who stress that this BIE movement DOES NOT exist. They have also expressed concern that the term is part of a politically motivated effort to find an equivalent threat to white supremacists.

“This is a new umbrella designation that has no basis,” the former official told FP. “There are civil rights and privacy issues all over this.”


So what is an extremist anyway?  Are black people allowed to protest?  Can we march? Are we even allowed to speak truth to power?  It doesn’t look like it.  And it’s only getting worse. I think they want black people to be complacent in our oppression.  They don’t want us complaining about racism or injustice.  We are supposed to be quiet and just accept it.



All I know is things are getting way out of hand. America is pretty much a police state now.  Even speaking the truth is illegal.  Which is why YouTube is shutting down channels that expose government corruption. We are in a prison.  Black people need to realize we are living in a hostile environment.  And the government is scared of liberation and true freedom.  And we need to educate our people and make proper arrangements to get out of this crooked system.  We have to put our heads together and comeup with some solutions.

31 thoughts on “My Skin is My Sin- What is a Black Identity Extremist? (Part 1 of 2)

    • Yeah I thought about that also. Definitely a boycott is a great idea. We give these people WAY too much money as it is. We can hurt them in the pocket for sure. The phones are very dangerous. But that’s how most people communicate now. But I know they collect data on us. The internet is cool but we need our own social media. That’s what I address in part two. But this term “black identity extremist” is bullcrap!!! They are so scared! Coming up with stupid ass terms like this because our people are waking up. It really makes me sick. They are creating a police state. You just have to accept your oppression and not speak out. I thought this was land of the free. What happened to freedom of speech! Such hypocrites!!

      • Brah I thought y’all was already boycotting. You know what is interesting is that I looked at all the things that we’ve created, was shamed into abandoning, and then, wp took over, and this made me think. They want us to always be their slaves, so this does not surprise me. i mean if hoover thought MLK was a threat, you know good and damn well, they see us all as a threat. Once again, build our own b/c their ish is coming to an end.

      • Oh yeah I try to avoid their stores as much as possible. I go to an African market and I get a lot my books from a black-owned bookstore. If I find a black cleaners or African owned gas station I’ll be good to go.
        No doubt their system is crashing. They’re getting really desperate doing things like this. The FBI and CIA must be in overdrive. A system built on lies and deception is bound to crumble. They know their time is just about up.

  1. I feel like where we can hit them hardest is the wallet. The more history I read, the more I start to see that the ONLY thing that whites value (aside from dogs and sex with them) is money. Money is all they care about, not morals or human lives or ethics or happiness, but money. So, I will abstain from using money as much as I can. And in doing so I will be doing my part.

    • That’s very true Marcus. You get their attention when you hurt their wallets. They believe in profit over people. That has always been their mentality. That’s why the world looks the way it currently does. Thanks for the comment.

  2. Well, I am most definitely a “Black Identity Extremist” since I Extremely Identify as Black! And I cannot get any more extreme about how much I identify myself as Black. Now, if that’s a crime, so damn be it! But I gots to Extremely Identify as Black.

    “Black to da Extreme!”

    • Oh really?? Then I guess the FBI will have their eye on But they’re watching most of America anyway. So we should be used to it by now. We can’t let that scare us. We must continue to have pride in our people and speak truth to power.

      • It has taken me so much work to undo the lies of white supremacy propaganda that to stop being prideful of my skin color now would be like training for the Olympics only to not compete when you got the chance. There is no way any of us will stop. That is what white supremacy wants us to do after all- behave like slaves and cow-toe to whites, no matter how degenerate they may be morally or spiritually. Aside from that Mr. Kushite I doubt you nor Shelby are evading the FBI/CIA/DEA with some of the powerful stuff you post on your blogs. Trust that! Haha.

      • You might be right. I’ve gotten a lot of traffic over the last few years. Mainly because people have shared my posts on Twitter,YouTube,Facebook and Instagram. So my posts have been seen by thousands of people. But I’m not looking for fame or fortune. I do it because I see my people are asleep and have no idea what’s going on. I’ve had many people tell me I’ve given them information they’ve never heard before. So I know my work is not in vain. Watching me?? I think I can speak for Shelby when I say we are not concerned. They can listen to our phone conversations,track your cellphones and track your emails now. So we should all be used to it by now. There is NO privacy in anymore. We are living in a modern police state most people don’t even seem to notice…or care. But I love what I do. This battle is not for the weak. If I was concerned about others watching me I would’ve quit a long time ago.

  3. Lol. Here we go again. That’s why you always supposed to be circumspect and suspect. white folk dumb. Surprised they let this one leak so quickly, though. trump too sloppy.

    • Yes and Trump is a big part of this more open racism. Ever since he got in office they feel they can openly express their racism now. And they feel no guilt about the terrorism they spread. This is basically an all out attack on black people. This is serious business right here!

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