Racial Wealth Gap by Antonio Moore

I like this video by film producer Antonio Moore.  He gives an excellent breakdown of the wealth gap between black people and white people.  The video is short and straight to the point.  Check it out and let me know what you think.

Black Wealth1...

Black Wealth2....

8 thoughts on “Racial Wealth Gap by Antonio Moore

    • I agree Diaryofanegress. Unfortunately, many of our people are not willing to do this because the larger society has made it “comftable” supplying liquor stores, beauty supplies, churches, swap-meets, etc. so that many black people will not venture out of a given locale or are uninformed and unconscious.

  1. I think black people should take their kids out of public school and find an alternative where white people are not the majority. If this happened, you would see a large number of unemployed whites and this would definitely put a dent in that wealth gap.

  2. For some reason Antonio Moore wears me low. I get his message but he keeps beating the $1,700 statistic until it’s like enough already! I don’t understand what his aim is.

    • I like Antonio. The brother definitely knows his statistics. But I know what you mean. Even though he understand economics very well sometimes he can come off as downer. He tends to bring up the same talking points that it makes the situation seem hopeless. So I got what you’re saying.

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