Self Esteem vs Racial Esteem(Robin Walker)

I thought this was a great video by author Robin Walker.  He says something I have said many times.  He explains why black people tend to fight and disagree with one another.  He breaks down the difference between self esteem and racial esteem.  Be sure to comment down below and let me know if you agree with  Walker.

Self Esteem....Self Esteem2....

11 thoughts on “Self Esteem vs Racial Esteem(Robin Walker)

  1. Most Excellent.

    I agree and would like to add one more thing.

    Another reason why blacks fight and argue over nothing is TRIBALISM. Groups of blacks from “X” country have a tendency to believe that their customs and belief systems are “better” than group “Y” from another country.

    This predates colonialism.

    This belief is the underlying determining factor in why there are so many negative views on blacks who are islanders vs. Moors vs. Africans vs. indigenous Asians. I’ve read about many blacks who simply hate other blacks because they cook their plantains instead of frying them. Or they call Saltfish “bacalao.”

    Sound funny?

    I kid you not.

    How do you raise group esteem and stop the ridiculous infighting between us?

    Your guess is as good as mine.

    • That’s pretty sad when you’re fighting over how someone prepares their food. That’s down right childish! These cultural differences are ridiculous. We are linked by African DNA so the language and cultural differences need to be put aside. If we want real unity and liberation that has to happen. Great comment Negress. Thank yo for that.

    • Very thought-provoking diaryofanegress. A good start, I believe, would be to respect one another’s culture an addition to “agreeing to disagree” without the in-fighting that is prevalent among black people from our many different locales.

    • I was actually speaking at an event over this very issue. white folk ascribe ‘tribalism’ to us because they like to ascribe their vices onto us even when they aren’t true.

      The reality is that the ethnic groups are groups of Africans trying to hold on to their ancestral traditions but these different groups in Africa have common ancestors but imperfect memory/distinction of African customs.

      The in fighting however is an emulation of white folks who are the real tribalist who fight over petty differences.

      • I feel you Sis. It’s many-fold, yet three things are certain.

        In certain psycho-social environments, hatred and abuse are harbored internally and expressed externally. A great display is the mouse experiments I wrote about in the article on ‘projects.’:

        Another thing is how in scarce resources or abject conditions, weaker groups/individuals are easier to blame/abuse/hate than stronger ones. I.e. a man would hate on a woman or child for his poverty or misery rather than his boss or something. The same can be seen in prisons where a man would target a weaker man before a prison guard.

        And a third thing is probably most important and that is that we emulate whites and white men HATE white women. I don’t blame white men because white women are shit, but it’s really just a matter of white mental psychosis inching its way into Black thinking.

        I’d say all of this needs to be done away with but part of why its here is because of the conditions whites impose on us. whites are the enemy, no doubt. But until they are out of the way, we’ll need to work from the premise that they still have a significant hold on Black minds–for if they didn’t, the struggle would have already been over.


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