Las Vegas shooting last night: Worst ever?

Terrorist Attack...

There was a mass shooting last night in Las Vegas. The media says that a crazed madman went on a shooting spree at a country music concert.  The horrific incident happened near the Mandalay Bay casino. Reports are saying that there are 59 dead and over 500 people injured.  They say the shooter was a 64 year old white man.  And he was found later dead in his hotel room.  Police officials say he had at least twenty rifles and rounds of ammunition in his room.  Some say this is the worst massacre in US history.  Hmmmm….I beg to differ.  Of course we here at Kushite Kingdom know better than to fall for this propaganda.  The picture(above) shows that this Vegas shooting is NOT the worse. But those were black victims of racist whites.  So I guess their deaths don’t count.



Vegas shooting2...

So while I do feel bad for any innocent people that were killed or hurt in Vegas….we must keep things in perspective.  There have been thousands of black people murdered in this country.  And most of it all the whites that killed them NEVER paid the price. Black lives don’t matter in Amerikkka.  That’s why most of these massacres are unknown to the public.  Then when a shooting like this happens or something like 9-11,then they want to say “this is the worst massacre ever”.  I assume they must mean shooting of white people.  But don’t let the media fool you.  This mass shooting is not the worst ever.

19 thoughts on “Las Vegas shooting last night: Worst ever?

  1. NEVER FORGET Wounded Knee. U.S. sanctioned the murder of over 300 natives/indigenous inhabitants comprised of mostly women and children.

  2. The only time a massive shooting worse in American history matters is when it’s happening to whites people. When massive shooting the worse in American history happens to black people no ones give a damn.

  3. Red Summer 1919 was a year that race riot was over the charts. Black people were killed by whites in large numbers with no protection.

  4. The brother contacted his sister to see if she was okay and his sister (the shooter’s girlfriend told her brother that she was okay, that she would take care of it and that her conscience was clear in addition to the shooter wiring a large sum of money to the Philippines just before his shooting rampage.

    The more this shooting unfolds, the more clear it is becoming.

  5. Thank you. Then when people started pointing this obvious fact out, they changed it to “modern” history (whatever that means). America is always trying to hide the atrocities they committed towards black people. Always telling us to “forget and get over” them, but want to blow up the media like this when a bunch of white people get killed. 😒

    • Very good catch Sparks. I have known the media keeps saying the word “modern” as well. They know that the have killed many more black people in the past. So I assume when they say modern they mean from 1980- present time. They are being very slick. Good to see you spotted the deception too.

  6. When it’s happening to their racist asses it’s a tragedy but to anyone else, It’s just business as usual

  7. I didn’t care at all when this happened, Like what @nidotopianwarrior said when this stuff happens to their evil and racist asses it’s just terrible and when something bad happens to us blacks it’s just fine and not a problem at all. I don’t care for white lives at all and I never will.

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