French Criminals(Europeans all alike)

French Criminals...

French Criminals2....

15 thoughts on “French Criminals(Europeans all alike)

  1. Every time France is on the receiving end of a terrorist attack, everyone puts a french flag as their profile pic. I get sooooo disgusted by it. France continues to murder africans and it goes unnoticed but let one of these arabs or whoever kill 10 of them, we are all supposed to care.

  2. Wow! Eye am totally disgusted, feel violated and siriusly hurt by this…smh, wot our ancestors went thru by the hands of di wicked is beyond my comprehension 😪

  3. Yes, France gets money from Africa, but they are still broke. Kushite did you what France’s president Macron say the other day. He said the European continent is in bad shape. Trust me the European countries aren’t bringing in African immigrants from the goodness of their hearts, more like cheap labor. Remember, the US had a embargo on Haiti for 120 years, because they fought for their freedom. Payback is going to be a mother. GOD BLESS

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