Black Mentacide: Accepting Degenerate Ghetto culture

Hip Hop Culture1.

Last week a friend of mine asked  me what I thought about the ” Do it for The D” challenge.   I wasn’t sure what he was talking about.  He said it’s a rap challenge that had went viral all over social media. It is where you do a rap and talk what you what do to get penis from a man.  There are also an alternative version in which men rap about what they would do get vagina from a woman. I find this pretty sick and disgusting!  Look how far we’ve sunk as a people.  You have rappers and black actors doing this stupid ass challenge.  Hip hop used to be about educating our people with knowledge.  The golden era(1980-90) of hip hop had artists like Public Enemy,X Clan,KRS ONE,Brand Nubian,The Jungle Brothers,A Tribe Called Quest and Queen Latifah.  At least they were either Afrocentric,pro-black and had conscious lyrics.  But ever since the mid-nineties it has hit an all time low.  I remember a few years back Nas dropped a Cd called Hip Hop is Dead.  I think he may be right. Now the culture is just operating on the lowest frequency.  Now they have children talking about shooting each other,acting like gangsters and being promiscuous.  This is nothing but mentacide.  It is the destruction of the black mind.  And it’s being done intentionally.

Issa Rae...jpg

And the video(above) shows celebrities like Issa Rae,Regina Hall,Keke Palmer,rapper Tyga,T-Boz, Gabrielle Union and Sanaa Lathan doing the challenge.  It was really disappointing to see Union and Lathan stooping to this garbage.  I have always thought they were beautiful and talented actresses.  They should know better than to do such a degenrate sexual challenge like this.  But the worst had to be Erykah Badu.  She and comedian Michael Blackson did the challenge.  I understand that Blackson is a silly ass comedian that you can’t take seriously.  But Erykah??  I thought she was supposed to be this deeply spiritual,conscious,holistic Afrocentric woman.  This woman is 46 years old with three children.  Is this what she wants her children to see??  Do they want to see their mother doing a “dick challenge”?  This is a new low for Erykah.  She makes good music but she’s not truly conscious in my opinion.  And these other celebrities should know better as well.  They should lead by example.  But the truth is they believe that ghetto ass hoodrat culture is authentic black culture.  They think they’re “keeping it real”.  In a sense they are…keeping it REAL ignorant! These celebrities are paid puppets. They go along whatever their rich white masters tell them to do.  As long as they’re getting paid they don’t care if they’re putting out negative stereotypes or contributing to black mentacide.  Are we niggas and hoodrats?  Do we want our black boys to  view manhood as how many women you can sleep with?  Do we want black girls to see themselves as ghetto hoodrats?  I would think not.  And videos like this show that celebs have no social responsibility.  And we have to protect our children from this madness.  It’s up to us to show a positive examples to our young ones.  This so-called challenge is deplorable in my opinion.

I love this video(above) by Goalden Chyld.  This rapper flipped this disgusting challenge on it’s head.  He did a positive and uplifting video entitled ” For the People Challenge”.  Now others are doing positive videos as well.  I salute this brother!  I hope this type of thing catches on.  But deep down I know it wont be as popular as the “do it for The D” videos.  This proves to me that black people have a serious mental illness.  We have been taught accept disgusting and over the top sexual themes as “authentic blackness”.   This type of mentality needs to change.  We got to do better.

50 thoughts on “Black Mentacide: Accepting Degenerate Ghetto culture

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  2. Kush, don’t be mad. I actually thought it funny. Only reason I gave pass to the aforementioned you highlighted is b/c they actually have something going for themselves aren’t the troublesome stars were used to hearing bad news about. You right, though. My friends too. My gripe is w/those who don’t have nothing going on in life but you accepting this challenge? I’ve challenged you to an education (not necessarily degrees/read more), to become a better human, to a job, career and or be a business owner. Seeing some of our own have some fun didn’t bother me as much b/c Issa will go back to doing great things, Gabby U, Sanaa, Regina Hall won’t be TMZworthy tramps like Taylor Swift, the Kardashians. And we all know what they’ll do for the “D” and U don’t see them on the challenge (yet). So I can get past this But see your point nonetheless. Kids watching and they may not be able to discern professionals having adult fun vs. professional whores rapping their calling card, as I can.

    “I stopped reading other blogs for my people Kush, eating right, reading right, increased my knowledge for my people Kush…”

    • Yes you see my point. I know that the actresses like Sanna,Gabby and Issa will go back to their Hollywood lifestyles. But I just don’t think it’s a good look for black children to see this stuff. I think embracing this degenerate nonsense presents a negative image of our people. They already stereotype us as hypersexualized animals. So doing this type of stuff doesn’t help our image at all. Thanks for the comment Nat.

  3. This is all about controlled opposition.

    Whenever we begin to rise, our enemies pay coons to help bring us back down. It won’t work though. Too many of us are beginning to see things for what they really are.

    • That’s true Sparks. They just jump on the bandwagon to fit in. I wish some of these celebs would think for themselves. But I guess that’s asking too much. They just blindly follow whatever is trending at the moment. I definitely agree with you.

  4. Don’t get me wrong again Kushite but the majority of black singers and black actors are Illuminati!
    The black industry are running by them, if you want be famous in Hollywood and if you want to make a career in the show world, you have to do compromise!
    No one is excluded, all of whom have been contacted and have accepted their rules! Their rules are sell your soul to Satan,worshiping evil, making blood sacrifices, take part in pizza games, degrade the culture of your people, promote promiscuity and violence among young people, accept and promote homosexuality!
    I am not surprise the actress like Gabrielle and Sanaa have done this idiot challenge!
    For money everyone are ready to do everything also the nasty stuff,we don’t know the real face of these people in their privacy life!
    Did you have never heard the r&b or hip hop songs Illuminati reversed? It’s really creepy what hell these people are saying their songs!
    One thing I noticed now the new r&b or hip hop videos are full of transgender, transvestites and homosexual people!
    This photos is from Jay z in one of his song called “LUCIFER!”
    In this photo Jay z he does the Illuminati symbol here

    • I know what you mean Nubian. I have done posts about celebs selling their soul for riches. All they see is fame and fortune. Until the devil comes to collect….then they panic! But it’s too late by then. These secret societies don’t play around!! The devil always collects his debts.

  5. WOW! Yeah, I am a little shocked that Badu and Union would do this challenge as well but then again, I ain’t. In this Setian society ppl will do anything for notoriety and fame because they have no KOS and no real connection with their ancestors. Hell, my ancestors jump and quick and yell, “Don’t do that ISH!” How come these folks who claim to be conscious don’t have ancestors doing this for them?

    So, I hate to say it but you know that some of our folks ain’t going to make when the real ISH hits the fan, you know? It only takes a few of us to turn things around, which is why we must continue on our forward movement.

    • That true Kam. I always thought Gabby was a pretty classy lady. She shouldn’t have lowered herself to this crap. And Badu?? WTF?? he claims to be so Afrocentric and spiritual…and she does this?? This is not the behavior of a respectable matriarch in the black community. I thought it was a bad look. And I agree that many of our people wont make it when this system falls down. It hurts my heart but it’s something I had to come to grips with. I try to wake up as many as I can. But there’s always casualties in warfare brother. Like I heard someone say once….you can’t wake up someone who pretends to be asleep right?

      • Erykah Badu was never afrocentric it was just a image to sale for the masses to purchase too bring money in her pockets. She’s no didn’t from the rapper Nas. Sanaa Lathan, Gabrielle Union, Regina Hall are beautiful black women all in there 40’s entertaining off of this ignorance. Black people worship these black celebrities that can use there platform to spread this ignorance for black people to follow.

      • Yeah she is a big disappointment. I have a lot of her cd’s. She has an amazing voice and great songs. But as much as I love her music I know she’s not truly conscious. She just talks about African culture and spirituality to lure us in. There’s not many truly conscious artists in the mainstream. Except for maybe underground rappers and singers. Badu just knows how to play the part well.

      • I was going to ask why she can’t be spiritual, afrocentric AND ignorant, but I realized why she can’t…at least not while using her platform and celebrity to spread this nonsense. If it’s not beneficial to the Black collective, it shouldn’t be shared.

  6. Kushite:

    Good post. Is that top image supposed to be based on the original movie “Village of the Dammed”?


  7. @Kushite the only person who had the courage to say no to these demon creatures and their sick ideology he was Tupac!
    Tupac was the only man with self-respect who decided not be a puppet ,that’s why they killed him!
    Other ones had decided to be puppets and degraded their own people!

      • Yeah, but fucking that succubus Madonna gon’ always be an L (to me) on Pac’s stat card.

      • I definitely agree with that! Tupac had some attractive women in his day. But that slutty whore Madonna was a bad move. I think he did it just to say he had her. But I still couldn’t go that route. She is a hideous creature! And has slept with damn near everyone in Hollyweird.

    • @ Nat Turner’s Revenge

      Tupac was also colorstruck as well just look at the women he dated. He didn’t publicly stated but his choice of women will tell what he likes. He diss Quincy Jones for dating interracially but dated women who were offsprings from these unions. One of Tupac bodyguards mention how he stated Italian women were the most beautiful women in the world. Him dating Madonna was a “Big Lost” she had money but was unattractive. Tupac was attractive but couldn’t even pull an attractive white woman.

      • Yes, Shanequa. ‘Pac was a prophet, but a color-struck and convoluted prophet. I truly believe had the “right” conscious black people surrounded him constantly, his life may have had a different outcome. There a a few black entertainers and public figure heads that have managed to “balance” their private and public lives.


      • @Shanequa I never liked Madonna. Even when she was younger. She was always a mediocre talent to me. I think Tupac slept with her for her name only. I think it was for bragging rights because she’s an icon. But I personally don’t find her attractive. I’m sure Tupac probably had less known more attractive white women. It’s just they’re probably strippers and video models. I never heard that quote about Italian women before. Although I will admit he did seem colorstruck.

  8. Our people worship celebrities but since these black celebrities using there platform to spread ignorance watch how many of our people will follow. This is just sad to see how easily our people can be easily influence to follow ignorance.

  9. @Kushite I am waiting for your next topic about transgender agenda, I have some information about it,that it will blow out your mind and maybe some followers will not agree or believe but this is reality that we should know!
    This is deception!

  10. My friend Tiffany flipped this low vibrational “challenge” to rep for her son/being a mom. The flipping of it is the only positive outcome from it. Tired of these “challenges” that don’t challenge us!

    • That’s really cool to hear. Yeah I liked some of the positive challenges I saw on YouTube. The only thing challenging about this was to see how low we could go. We can do better than this. And these celebs did it and of course the sheep went right along with them.

  11. **deletes his For the P challenge**

    But forreal, Black folk be doing dumb ish all the time. When i first saw it on twitter, the whole comment section was Black folk sharing gif responses and asking how to find more gifs. That’s it. Like how dumbed down are we on these social media sites that not only are we reblogging and tweeting dumb ish but then our articulations in response are a bunch of images of people either dancing or extravagantly reacting.

    Black folk need to say–after I release this–what’s a decent response? Is it to go out an buy a book? Is it to go out and read something? Is it to go out and slap a white person? Is it to go out and invest in a Black bank? Or is it to put up an image of Black folk in a line dance?

    If you like getting laid–welcome to adulthood–but do something substantial and meaningful with your influence. These folk need to sit down and hand their platform to folk who actually care about Black folk.

    • Beautifully stated Onitaset! I agree 1000%! This so-called challenge was trash! We are out here dying in the streets and we’re concerned about “doing it for the p”. Are they serious?? You hit the nail on the head! We got to better than this. This is a horrible example for the babies.

  12. “When you know better? You do better.”

    This statement is true. If we look at our history through the years, there WAS a time when we were about family AND community. Now we see more “bits and pieces” of the black family unit. And unfortunately, due to this many of us are “fighting the wrong people”———-us! As I have stated before, what one does not resolve in child-hood, they will carry whatever the issue is in child-hood. Thus, why we see a lot of disrespect and negative behaviors. These so-called entertainers should be ashamed of themselves, but as some here have referenced, it is all about “that almighty government dollar.” Which speaks to me that they have little or no self-esteem, no sense of their blackness or our position in this society, not only for them, but for the black masses as well. “Dummying down” is not cute, not even close. You have to remember that, when our people take three steps, our known enemy takes FIVE with other races that piggy-back their ideologies. and behavior.

    Spirit help us all…must these individuals and other individuals like them be bred out? smh…

    • That is the sad truth Epi. It really is the dumbing down of our people. That’s why degrading videos like this go viral. This is nothing but mentacide. The destruction of the Black mind must continue for white supremacy to exist. This is why challenges like this rub me the wrong way. I know the purpose of these type of videos. It’s not all just innocent fun.

  13. I have heard about this so called challenge, even school children down here in the islands are following this foolishness. I for one am in agreement that this is down right disgusting and deplorable. Sanaa Lathan and Gabrielle Union were an unpleasant surprise. There’s a reason why the bible say only a remnant of our people will survive this tribulation. Smh

  14. Another thing I’d like to add is Golden Child’s remix was tight. I mean I’m over here rocking out to that jam

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