Bloodsuckers in the Black Community


26 thoughts on “Bloodsuckers in the Black Community

  1. Good luck opening anyone of our peoples eyes to this. I swear it is IMPOSSIBLE to wake up asleep Black people. No matter what you tell them they will never believe that Asians and other non blacks are their enemies. No matter what facts you bring up, or how many examples you give them they will never believe you. How can they be that whitewashed? It’s baffling. I can say with certainty that even before I started to realize what a racist system the Europeans have set up, if someone such as myself started talking to me about what I now talk to others about- why I would have an epiphany. I would say something on the order of “holy f*cking sh*t! Man! I have to look into this!”

    The common reaction I get from the few black people I am in contact with is that I’m just a nerd. That it’s not really that bad or that us African are our own worst enemy. This last part is true, but not in the way that they are saying. Sometimes I feel like we are in a hopeless situation. Prince Kushite, what is the most visitors you have had in a day here? Even if it were 100,000 that is so much smaller than the number of people that need this info! Everywhere I go and see other Africans they are always ASLEEP. I can see it on their faces. How? For the most part they won’t even look at you. They won’t make any attempt to pull away from their non white crowd to even say what’s up or give you a nod. I have seen a few of us do that, but not many. I have seen whites do that when they hang out with a group of non whites though. Whites have group solidarity, they are so likeminded! No joke! Whites want Africans to think they think of themselves as individuals but it’s not true! Whites are incredibly connected to one another. Which is smart! Us Africans need to take a page from their book and do the same thing! Yes, even if that involves employing a racist outlook on the world. Whites have done it, and look where they are now? In a position of global supremacy. I have no problem with adopting tactics that work, even if morally I find them disgraceful (to a limit). Africans desperately need to wake up to this reality. We are breeding ourselves out of existence! Now I am going to level win you. I do find women of other races attractive. I’d be lying if I said otherwise and I think people who say otherwise are lying too, it’s only normal to think beautiful people are beautiful. But I will say this: my philosophy will not allow me to lay down with a non black woman; which are in my estimation inferior to black women in every capacity. This is what we have to get with in every level. We need to do things on our own! We need to quit falling for the hope of inclusion. Whites will never give that to us. We have to create it for ourselves. In fact the best blue print for black liberation we have is the example set by the whites. I have no problem adopting a tactic if it works, so if I have to adopt racism as an ideology then so be it. If it empowers my people then it is a useful ideology, i am beyond tired of black folks who are asleep with no desire to wake up! I

    • It’s an uphill battle. I’ve been in this battle for over fifteen years. It can be very frustrating at times. But I do it not for glory or fame. I do it because I want to free the minds of my people. And I want us to truly be liberated. So it’s best not to have a self defeatist attitude. This battle is for warriors or are ready to take on the challenge. I also accept the reality that not all black people will wake up. And some don’t want to be saved. So I just let them be. In war there will be casualties.

  2. Guys! A follow up! I think I woke my brother up a bit! He actually said THEY in regards to Europeans! He said “they’re everywhere” Before he was colorblind! But now he is starting to see whiteness!! Great day! Peace out!!

  3. Well the truth is that Blacks passively sit back and allow these others to make money in their communities.

    Blacks in large do not want to do better.

      • I believe that, as a group, blacks are done. We don’t have any of the cultural, mental or spiritual requirements to win in this global game. There are some of us enlightened ones that will make it, but the majority of us will not make it. We are marked for virtual extinction and the worst thing about it is that most of us don’t care.

        Like the other poster said, you can’t get the majority of us to stop watching reality tv long enough to care about any issue related to our well-being. Case in point: how many black men do you know who are boycotting football this season? I don’t know very many personally.

        Let’s work on the ones who can be saved. The rest is just dead weight.

      • I have come to that conclusion as well. I’m speaking about knowing we all wont make it. Not that I’ve given up mind you. I don’t have a self defeatist attitude. I will not go down without a fight. If you feel we can’t win then you might as well give up now. How do you fight if you think your people can’t win in the first place?? That doesn’t make sense to me.

  4. An some of our misguided people love to compare our struggle to non black people of color, as well as call them our brothers & sisters when they don’t give a damn about us.

  5. I agree with reality_check and Shanequa. Time to let the “dead weight” go. For they want and will do nothing to assist in our plight. Took awhile to accept this, but I finally got on board. “Let them go.”

    • @ Epiphaney33

      100% Agreed!!!! The more we spend our time trying to save these “dead weights” the farther we stay behind. In my opinion a useless nigger is better off a dead nigger.

  6. @ Kushite- it’s called selective action. I’m very discriminating on which causes I fight for in general, and try to limit my efforts to those that have the highest probability for success. I realize that the overwhelming majority of our people are damaged beyond repair and therefor unfit to exist in the new world order. If I can reach a few individuals that can then go on towards survival, then my conscience is clear.

    I’m not saying to give up, but how do you help a people who don’t even want to be helped? That is impossible. This is where blacks as a collective are at today.

    • @ reality_check:

      I agree. Moreover,, in many of our Black people there IS misdirected focus and anger. As I have stated before, rather than LOOK at our ages old enemy, because many of our people DO feel “powerless,” they have turned on OTHER Blacks yet still EXPECT others to not only do their thinking for them, but “save” them as well.
      But, coinciding with this is that word again…”mouth.” And “but I’m so much smarter than you/everyone else.

      “Talking loud and saying NOTHING let alone taking a stance and working for the good of our people.”

      White Supremacy IS a system, but many of our people HELP to keep it intact, most unknowingly or just don’t give a dam.

      Just being brutally honest. I do NOT want to see the extinction of our people and I am/do fight tooth and nail to keep US.



  7. Brothers and sisters, the toughest job in the world is awakening the throughly brainwashed and sleeping Africans! I’m disappointed that we still allow ourselves to be abused by these oppressive and exploitative races. Our people collectively refuse to wake up even though we have suffered so much. However, we cannot give up on our own. Maybe some day, we will get it.

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