Is the NFL protest a psychological operation?(Take a Knee)


There’s a lot of hype right now about the NFL protest.  President Donald Trump said that it’s disrespectful to not stand when the national anthem is being played. Trump said it was unpatriotic. Even Lebron James called Trump a bum after his statements.  Some fans are calling for a NFL boycott. Now the media is running with the story. This all started last year when NFL player Colin Kaepernick decided to sit while the national anthem was being played.  It was all over the mainstream news.  I did a post on it last year. He said he did it to protest police brutality and the killing of unarmed “people of color.” Sounds like a nice gesture,right? But something didn’t set right with me.  I have a very analytical mind and I analyze everything the media puts out.  And you have to use discernment anytime the media gives any event too much attention.  If you see a story over and over again it’s for a purpose. I believe that this was staged from the very beginning by the NFL owners.  I think Kaepernick just went along with it.  It got him some new found fame and a Time magazine cover in the process. He was never on the cover of Time magazine before that. I think the media purposely uses staged events to ramp up more racial tension.  Although we all know that the country is racially divided anyway. But these type of stories help to fan the flames in most cases. I also  don’t think the so-called liberal media cares about the plight of black people.  There’s always some type of deception going on.  But you have to have a keen eye to see it.



I told you in a past post that I believe that the NFL,NBA and MLB owners are Freemasons.  I also believe that most NBA finals,Super Bowls and World Series are planned years in advance.  I know this is hard for most sports fans to accept.  I love watching sports too but I had to face the reality that most things are scripted.  People think it’s just sitcoms,dramas and professional wrestling.  It’s hard for some people to believe that even reality shows are scripted.  People just seem to love the synthetic reality they have been given.  The mainstream media has been feeding us lies forever. The photo(above) is a freemason picture.  It’s called the “entered apprentice”.  It’s for new members into the secret Freemasons.  As you can see he’s bended on one knee.  In the picture is the master,the altar and the lights. The man on the far right is the conductor.  I think these Freemason NFL owners are getting the masses to participate in a mass ritual  They have the public thinking they’re being defiant against Donald Trump.  But the joke is one the public.  These owners are laughing behind the scenes.  They know that most people don’t study masonic rituals,symbolism and the occult.  They think they’re really protesting against something. Maybe there’s a hidden message behind all this.  What if they’re getting all these people to “bow down” to them.  As in bowing down to your master??  Some food for thought. Here’s some of what is said when taking the oath  : “I,(fill in the name), of my own free-will and accord, in the presence of Almighty God(Satan), and this worshipful Lodge, erected to Him, and dedicated to the holy STS. JOHN, 1 do hereby and hereon (Master presses candidate’s hand with the gavel), most solemnly and sincerely promise and swear that I will always hail, and ever conceal, and never reveal any of the secret arts, parts, or points of the Fellow Craft Degree to any person whomsoever, except it be to a true and lawful brother of this degree, or in a regularly constituted Lodge of Fellow Crafts; nor unto him or them until, by strict trial, due examination, or lawful information, I shall find him, or them, as lawfully entitled to the same as I am myself.
I furthermore promise and swear that I will stand to, and abide by, all the laws, rules, and regulations of the Fellow Craft Degree, as far as the same shall come to my knowledge.
Further. I will acknowledge and obey all due signs and summons sent to me from a Lodge of Fellow Crafts, or given me by a brother of that degree, if within the length of my cable-tow.
Further, that I will aid and assist all poor, distressed, worthy Fellow Crafts, knowing them to be such, as far as their necessities may require, and my ability permit, without any injury to myself.
Further, that I will not cheat, wrong, nor defraud a brother of this degree, knowingly, nor supplant him in any of his laudable undertakings.
All this I most solemnly promise and swear with a firm and steadfast resolution to perform the same, without any hesitation, mental reservation, or self-evasion of mind whatever, binding myself under no less penalty than of having my breast torn open(sacrifice) my heart  plucked out, and placed on the highest pinnacle of the temple, there to be devoured by the vultures of the air, should I ever knowingly violate the Fellow Craft obligation. So help me God, and keep me steadfast in the due performance of the same.”

I would assume this is what’s said on the lower levels of Freemasonry. But the higher levels involves the billionaires in the Hollywood,music and sports industry.  They own and control what information the media puts out. These are the people who own police chiefs,senators,judges,governors and even presidents. They have the power to get away with pretty much anything. And I don’t think it’s difficult for them to stay sporting events when they easily start wars around the world.  Staging a Super Bowl is child’s play by comparison. Once you are initiated in these secret societies you can’t break the oath or tell the secrets. And they use protests like this to harvest energy from the public.  These people are deep into the occult and believe they gain power from the energy of others.  So by giving your attention to this NFL protest you’re giving them power.  Well at least that’s what they believe.  The rabbit hole is much deeper than most people realize(real eyes).  You’ve been deceived.


Here’s a picture(above) of one of the Knights of Malta. During a knighting ceremony they would kneel(take a knee) during the ritual of knighthood.  One a side note I heard that the word sword stood for “sacred word”.  As in taking an oath and not sharing the secrets of the scared tradition.


Even poor Stevie Wonder got in on the act. He took a knee earlier this week at the Global Citizen festival. Global Citizen??  Sounds like a New World Order agenda to me.  But I digress.  I’m sure Wonder knows exactly what he’s doing.  Or maybe he’s “blind” to the truth.  So…..what’s your excuse?

27 thoughts on “Is the NFL protest a psychological operation?(Take a Knee)

  1. Interesting. Perhaps, it would be better if they do like my homeboy Marshawn Lynch and sit on a cooler while eating a banana, Lol.

  2. Maybe you get me wrong,but all these people worshiping “ELITE!”, I think you know what I am talking about! Their ideology if you want be famous you should worship “evil,blood,sacrifice and be puppets!”
    These people aren’t normal people anymore,their life,their thought,everything about them are under control,and I am not talking about managers or boss but form who is in the top!

    • You have to sacrifice a lot to make it has a big superstar athlete. Same goes for Hollywood stars. I knew there was a deeper meaning to all this protesting. It’s not just about protesting the flag either. That’s what I keep trying to tell people. But some people just can’t seem to grasp it. Thanks for the comment Nubian.

  3. I agree with you. I am always questioning why news is news. I don’t see what taking a knee is going to change as far as police brutality and poor + Black communities getting poisoned and disenfranchised.

    • It’s all just a distraction. We all know what the flag stands for. And black people know the Constitution was not written for us or any of the laws. So protesting the flag does what? I agree with the initial message that Colin was trying to make. But we have to look at the deeper issue here. All this “taking a knee” is a big masonic psyop on the American public. The owners of the NFL are getting a kick out of watching all these athletes “bow down” to them. It’s like taking an oath or initiation. But since most people don’t research these type of things… goes right over their heads! That’s the reason I do posts like this. I try to cover topics that many bloggers either don’t know about…..or scarred to touch. But someone has to address it. The deception has gone on way too long.

  4. Nice one Your Highness!

    I was thinking something similar. Why on earth is this getting so much publicity? It isn’t as if these athletes are directly effected by police brutality, so why should they care? It seems staged to me. The hard thing is to run with that sort of idea- the idea that the NFL or whatever is staged, because no one will agree with you. (In your day to day interactions) You could even take it to another level and say that they (the secret societies of the world) anticipate blog posts like this one, and know nothing will come of it. Inception level reading there, I kind of got sidetracked.

    All in all, I definitely don’t think these protests are happening for the right reasons. There’s an agenda at play- which you stated: to rile white people up and make them even more sadistic and prone to violence than they already are. I didn’t make the leap to freemasonry but hot damn was that a good take. Good eye! Knowing this, we all have to remember to keep our third eye open. Peace out!

    • Yes there is a much deeper meaning behind all this. When something gets lots of attention from the media you need to wonder. I am well aware that the world is a stage. And many events are staged to distract people from more important issues at hand. This was all setup from the very beginning. Glad I could open your eyes to the deception. Be sure to spread the word and let others know. They might look at you strange. But that just comes with the territory. We can’t be scared to tell people the truth. Even if they get offended.

  5. we need to get back to nature in all equations, situations and circumstances as much as possible. do the right thing. no hurt , no harm. we all energy light beings of the Solar System, Mother Nature.

    • Yes we need to get back to nature and a holistic lifestyle. We need to eat better and live better. And then we will live more fulfilling lives in the process. Thanks for the profound comment Lawrence.

  6. The sports madness is literally making me sick! All of these shenanigans are much to do about nothing. When I see a mass of Melanin-Dominant athletes quit their respective sports and shun their “massas”, then I’ll start paying attention. But until then….zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz lol

    • Believe me I hear you. It’s so much deeper than people know. I did a post last year on Kaepernick. I told people to be real careful with this guy. People don’t know he’s in the black fraternity Kappa Alpha Psi. As well as other athletes like Oscar Robertson,Arthur Ashe,Bill Russell. As well as Tavis Smiley,Cedric the Entertainer,BET founder Robert Johnson,director John Singleton and the late Johnnie Cochran. I keep telling people these black fraternities like the Boule and others are controlled by the white fraternities. They allow certain black people fame and fortune. As long as you don’t try to uplift the black collective. And black people keep falling for this crap! All these black singers,actors and athletes are controlled. And Colin just happen to be the biracial guy of the moment and used him. Did you see RFG Chosen video on Colin? I think he put it up two days ago. I knew most of the information anyway but it’s a great video for those not in the know. But I feel your frustration brother. I used to really love sports but the powers that be have really taken a lot of the fun out of it. A lot of people feel the same way you do.

  7. I always found it weird that all these people are all of a sudden refusing to stand up for the American flag now when no one should have ever stood for the flag, especially anybody black or native to this land. America has always been doing this type of stuff. It’s nothing new, so I never took it seriously. But I never thought that it could be a huge freemason ritual. It makes a LOT of sense. Maybe that’s why it never made sense to me. They’re doing it for something much bigger and has nothing to do with American injustice. And the guy in the video, I couldn’t agree with him more! EVERYTHING he said was on point.

    • I feel you Sparks. It is a much bigger issue. Most people wont get it though. The masses are zombies(walking dead). They believe all the mainstream news they hear. They thing reality shows are actually “real life”. And most can’t grasp that professional sports could be rigged. The rabbit hole is very DEEP. I’m glad you see what’s going on. Thanks for the comment.

  8. Only thing that worries me is that none of us are disagreeing with each other. That means there is a hole in our thinking and it makes me uneasy.

  9. The brother in the video made excellent points our people are celebrity worshipping people which I agree.
    The kneeling down is a cowardly act that these black male athletes are doing. The kneeling down hasn’t change black people especially black males condition in the system of white supremacy. The kneeling down is another Martin Luther King’s non violent method of turning the other cheek an waiting for our oppressor to change. Our best fighter to go too war are these professionals black male athletes. If these black male athletes professional & college would have stop playing all together the colleges & leagues would have lost money. But too many of these negroes are weak for white acceptance, materialism and non black women. We as black women need “BLACK MEN” not weak punks to fight against white supremacy. The reason why black women respect black men like Marcus Garvey, Malcolm X, Marion Barry, Fred Hampton, H. Rap Brown, Huey P Newton, Strokley Carmichael & etc because they stood for protecting the black community especially “BLACK WOMEN.”

    These black male athletes now In have little to no respect for at all. Marshawn Lynch is a colorstruck color clown who loves to dance & coon on the field or off but can’t do a simple conference game interview.

    I wonder how long it will be before the NFL or other professional sport associations start fining their black male athletes for kneeling. These non black owners still sign there checks furthermore they are under a contract by which they must follow. We seen what happen in the NBA league, they made it mandatory for their players to dress professional before & after the game. The reason why they real did that because they didn’t like the influence Allen Iverson had the way he wear his clothing & the tattoos.

    • That reminds me of the MISU protest. When the football team REFUSED to play because the coach was racist, they fired him immediately since the team not playing would cause them to lose money. MISU had the right idea but i wish it would have lasted longer.

      I disagree about Marshawn being a coon. He has done a lot of the black communities around the Diaspora. Hes currently building a school in Haiti.

      I have to say, the average black person is not woke or conscious and thanks to integration, that wont get any better until WE start teaching our own kids.

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