10 Signs to look for in Black Consciousness


Over the years I’ve seen black people who were full of self hatred make a big change.  Some gain black consciousness through books or films.  But one thing  I’ve noticed is that black people who really change their consciousness is that their lifestyle changes as well.  As well as their opinions and world view.  Here’s a short list of some of the things I went through during the elevation of my own consciousness.  And things I’ve seen in others.  Feel free to list any things that come to your mind in the comment section.


1.Many begin to have a stronger cultural pride. They may even change the way they dress or learn an African dialect.   They start to talk about black power and black unity a lot more.


2. Many times their eating habits will change.  As they gather more information on a holistic health they will stop eating at fast food restaurants and eat more fruits and vegetables. They eat organic food over GMO poison.


3.They will start to develop a thirst for knowledge.  They will want to learn as much as possible about black history,black heroes and all the great African civilizations.  Knowledge of self becomes very important.


4.  After learning their true history they may become upset from the lies they were told by the “public fool system”.  They realize(real eyes) they have been manipulated. After doing extensive research they have become “awaken” and can see through the lies and propaganda from the racist media and Hollywood.


5.  After much studying they learn to appreciate the beauty and power of their melanin.  They realized they are blessed to have sun-kissed skin and black genetics run through their veins.


6.They no longer hate their natural African textured hair.  They now know their hair acts as an antenna.  They know they have 9 Ether cosmic hair while other races have fur.


7.  Interracial marriage(swirling) begins to look strange to their eyes.  After realizing black power and unity are crucial….interracial couples look foreign to them.  They see that many of their people suffer from mentacide and don’t realize they are destroying themselves by mating with other races.


8.  As their consciousness grows so does their maturity level.  They stop acting like little boys and girls and act like responsible men and women.  They desire to have meaningful loving connections with black people. No more one night stands and casual flings. Whores(male or female) are not truly conscious beings.


9.  They begin to study herbal medicine.  They realize that hospitals aren’t in the business of curing people.  They now know that herbal immunity is better than deadly vaccines. And that hospitals are disease management.


10.  They know that Black Love,black unity and self respect is of utmost importance. They also realize that black people are the true standard of beauty and we are the original people of the planet.  And the black man and woman need each other in this physical,spiritual and psychological war!

33 thoughts on “10 Signs to look for in Black Consciousness

  1. Peace. I can definitely look back and see a lot of the fool things I would do. Haha, daily watching msnbc (massa said nothing but caucasians) and the daily show; man was I deceived on the regular.

    One of the biggest things for me was appreciating Black beauty–in it’s most raw form. Before big lips, big nose and big cheeks weren’t all I wanted, now it’s all I can take. Mmmm..

  2. Hetep Kushite
    That Black Consciousness is mystical, powerful and beautiful when you get it. This was a great post that makes you proud to be Black especially during this Obama-trump era.

  3. Great list! And beautiful photos.

    I’ve learnt to question everything; why does this make headline news? Why is this movie allowed in theaters? Why is this being promoted to the masses?
    I’ve learnt to just listen and observe instead of argue or even associate with seemingly lost individuals unless they have a genuine curiosity to gain some knowledge. And many times, those lost souls look like me. The journey has made it easy to weed out the unconscious as well as those who are not open to leveling up.

    • That’s because you’re a very smart woman. You know to question anything this lying media tells you. The path to consciousness is an every changing journey. But we are so much better for gaining knowledge of self. I’m glad you liked the post. You know I always appreciate your comments queen.

      • Indeed. Thank you and thank you for sharing things like this. Certain people make awareness out to be a competition and really it’s just challenging yourself- challenging your opinions, habits and beliefs to become the best version of you, mentally, spiritually and physically.

  4. Great list, Your Highness!

    For me, number 4 was key.

    I began to look at TV less and less then not AT ALL. I still don’t know what movies came out and what TV shows are on. I also began to look at movies with my third eye and take notes of patterns like men wearing dresses and blacks dying to protect whites.

    As I grew, another key element was cutting off people left and right that I left were toxic.

    Another one was paying closer attention to ACTIONS and not words of people. This is why I have VERY few friends and am careful about who I associate my time with.

    • Yes the television their greatest tool. It’s nothing but lies and deception. It keeps our people under a spell. Nothing but mind control. I also agree about getting rid of toxic people. It’s not very easy to do. I’ve had to do this myself. It takes a lot of guts to cut people off. But sometimes it must be done.

  5. I can relate to this post alot especially number 3. Since 7th grade up until now I have always been a book reader. I started reading black literature at the age of 12, the first book I read was “Queen” by Alex Haley. By the time I became a freshmen in high school until I graduated, I was reading black adult literature from Terry Mcmillian, Donald Goines, Toni Morrison, Ice Berg Slim, and etc. I read so much black adult literature that I became burn out because the stories became predictable. By the time I graduated college at the age of 22, I made it mandatory for me to read books that were educational. The first taste of consciousness I got was reading Honorable Elijah Muhammad’s book “Message to the Black Man,” then after that I wanted more knowledge.
    The number 6 post with natural hair I was inspired by other black women on social media that were doing there natural hair journey. This happen at a time when I was frustrated with my own hair, trying to find what should I do with it especially when it wasn’t in its natural state. When I started seeing other black women embracing their natural hair I curious about how my natural looks.
    The number 1 post i can relate to because at the age of 20 years I lost alot of weight an cut back on my eating. It also made me start exercising 5 days a week to keep myself in get shape.
    Also becoming more conscious made me start thinking more about what’s going on in the world. It also brought an enlightenment of respecting black culture.

    • Many people have a similar path to consciousness. Sometimes it’s a certain book or a friend gives you some powerful information. And I know for black women loving their natural hair can be very empowering. Thanks for the comment.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        You are always welcome. I have a question I need to ask you but it’s off topic from your post. It have to do with the climate changes & natural disasters . Mexico was hit with a big earthquake. The carribeans & parts of the United States were hit with hurricanes & flooding. Now we’ve been hearing for the longest super volcanoes, Yellowstone National Park in Wyoming & Campu Flegri in Naples, Italy are overdue for an eruption. These natural disasters are happening back to back pretty fast. Furthermore time has speeded up much more faster, I have mention this several time on your post. Next week is the last week of Septemberan doesn’t feel like we been in this month long. Something is about to break lose. Also I wonder could some of these natural disasters be by the missiles North Korea been lunching that is shaking the earth off balance.

      • I touched on this when I did a post about Hurricane Harvey. I think these weird disasters could be the use of HAARP. I may do another post about geoengineering. I don’t think enough people are aware of it.

  6. I was very young when I WOKE UP. The Autobiography of Malcolm X changed my life. Literally. It’s like my soul and consciousness opened up. I’ve never been the same. I grew intrinsically; and the empowerment was unreal.

  7. Like Diary of a Negress, I no longer have a “gang of friends,” had always wondered why the “heroes”: in movies were almost NEVER black, as a matter of fact oftentimes black actors were the FIRST to be killed off and more importantly why there were so few black “award shows,” including blacks garnering awards. For example, actress Hattie McDaniel received an academy award in circa 1939 and yearrrrrsssss later actress Halle Berry in 1984 (and Denzel Washington as well) received an academy award in 1984? After that, II believe that actor Sidney Portier received an Oscar for the film, “Lillies of the field.” My point is, why do our people continue in watching shows like this and American music awards, for another example when white supremacy only continue to vilify us? I am so far removed from some of the every day mundane modalities of society that I have three, yes three idiot boxes (TV) that for the most part, sit and collect dust. I watch a bit of the daily news and even then I have to monitor what I receive.

    My watch dog item now is healthcare since I was in the field for a long tenure. And yes, my focus remains on black people. Healthcare Is a BIG business, moreover preventive healthcare does not garner half of the attention that “treat and diagnose” does. Sorry for the rant, but it is what it is.

    Long story short, the white masses brought us to this land, yet continue to do everything in their power to marginalize us, and some of us continue in helping them to do it and get “mad” when we, that are conscious, attempt to hip them to the role of white supremacy.

    And the band played on…smh

    • @ Epiphaney33

      I agree with your statement. I barely do associate with people I keep my distance from them. If we’re vibing on the same frequency level then I don’t fool with them. The reason why black people love watching those shows because it keeps them entertain & from facing there on reality. Television is fantasy land for our people. The climate change & natural disasters are becoming more questionable. We have scientists trying to prevent ways from keeping Yellowstone National Park volcano from erupting. Again white people have a god complex they love to manipulate shit when it backfires on them they get scared then we as black people suffer from their dangerous behaviors

  8. Man, it’s great to see y’all are still here spreading the good word. I go through phases, being dead asleep and being wide awake. It’s usually something that happens in the day to day that causes me to real eyes what is going on around me. And I have definitely had some of the things on this list come my way too. I am afraid to go back to sleep because every time I do, it’s a nightmare.

    • It’s always blessing when we can escape the matrix. This system is designed to keep black people ignorant of their great history and true potential. I’m glad you liked the post. Thanks for the comment Philomage.

      • I really am making my way through these phases. This is probably the second time I have been snapped awake but something is really different about it. I am really starting to undo the lies I have been told growing up about how in order to thrive you should just work hard and all that crap. Interracial dating seems like the participants suffer from some mental illness now, and it is a crying shame to see other Africans who are seemingly unaware of the war being waged against them.

        I am in the process of purging my body from all the negative crap I’ve put in it (diet wise, i don’t smoke or drink/drugs) Example would be I have given up coffee, sugary drinks and such. I still am drinking almond milk but that’ll go soon. I know they poison it too. All in all this is a good reference list. Double posting but great stuff here Your Highness. Peace out.

  9. I cant say much because I never grew outside Africa, but your article is on point. I learnt to love Africa. #1,#2,#6,#9 totally stood out for me.

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