The Pro-Black Book Compendium

Onitaset Book...

The Pro-Black Compendium” is an activity guide for Africans who seek to develop their consciousness and the consciousness of their Brothers and Sisters. Within these pages are over 300 curated proverbs, quotations and poems from all over Africa and its diaspora, short biographies on many African authors, warriors and sages, and instructive descriptions of African wars, civilizations, books, films and pro-black business ideas.


The compendium also has rewritten and exclusive content from its editor including the insightful “The Four Stages of African Consciousness,” a preview of the groundbreaking “Zuberi; and the Maroons of Maa,” a Pan-African Nationalist Curriculum template and Marcus Garvey’s secret epic poem “Tragedy of White Injustice.”

A must-have for Africans seeking self-knowledge and self-empowerment.

Onitaset Kumat is a very positive brother.  He has some great posts and a wealth of knowledge.  He put  a lot of time and effort into this book.  And he’s been a subscriber of my blog for over four years. So be sure to support him and purchase his book.  Ase’

10 thoughts on “The Pro-Black Book Compendium

  1. Great post, very informative. I will definitely be picking up a copy. Oni is really good people. He practices what he preaches, very community based! Great feature! When is your book coming out KP?

    • Right after you release your Actually it’s kind of funny you ask that. I would say over the last four years I’ve had at least ten people ask me if I was writing a book. I have over 1,000 posts on my blog. I’ve covered a lot of topics over the years. And I’ve drawn a lot of inspiration from bloggers such as yourself. If I did write a book,I’ve always wondered what the title would be? And what should be the main subject? I’ve thought about maybe covering a variety of subjects. What do you think?

      • You could remix some of your posts and turn them into chapters! Variety is good! I’m always encouraged blacks to write, we can never have too many books or too many stories told! I’m actually designing a class around this theme. 😌

      • Yeah someone suggested that to me. That’s not a bad idea. I’ve also been thinking about subjects like black education,African spirituality,redefining Black manhood,White historical violence,black beauty standards,mythical white morality etc…. Designing a class?? Wow! Look at you! Can I call you Professor Saunders lol

      • Well if you know me you know I keep personal information to a minimum. I’ve told too much already. I don’t trust WordPress or YouTube. So I don’t give up too much. You have to be careful in this racist matrix. But everyone should divulge whatever they feel comfortable allowing others to know. But I don’t have to tell you. You know what I’m talking about.

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