Only one is truly a Wonder Woman

Wonder Woman....

8 thoughts on “Only one is truly a Wonder Woman

  1. Speaking of women, did you hear of the transgender model Munroe Bergdorf that was fired from L’Oreal for calling out white supremacy? Some blacks are saying ignore whether she is a he and just support “her” message. Others cant get over the transgenderism. I don’t support LGBT so I see the whole thing as a set up. He is a double agent for white supremacy trying to legitimatize transgenderism for the black community. AND using a MAN to model as a black woman! How insulting to black womanhood! Men that call themselves Trans”women” are an insult to real women. See the video below on YouTube.

  2. You are whatever Spirit made you, IMO. Whether one is gay, straight, bi or whatever you call yourself? More power to you. Racist individuals see BLACK before they see anything else. Using this model as an undercover agent to promote LGBT concerns and issues is wrong on so many levels. I agree.

  3. lmao you guys have some controversial takes. It’s kind of funny to be honest, not that you’re saying that mind you, but that deep deep down it just gets me thinking. It’s definitely not politically correct to talk about trans folks the way you are doing now. But! Everyone has a right to say what they want. Peace out.

    • Yes we don’t bite our tongues around here. Most of my followers understand the media pushing the pro-homosexual and transgender agenda. So we speak out against it freely around here. We’re not afraid to speak truth to power. Our views seem controversial because the media has normalized deviancy and perversion. In a European society the sane appear insane.

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