Ancestor to be…we do not die!

Ancestors to Be...

7 thoughts on “Ancestor to be…we do not die!

  1. But we do die Kush. The fact that most won’t acknowledge that we’ve been in a war since the 15/1600’s, on battlegrounds on multiple continents and countries is why we’re so far behind. Economically, financially, etc. All we have are our physical attributes. Our propensity for violence is only for ourselves. I’ll say it again. Had our people went on a suicide mission the moment they were captured. I mean, whatever, however, whenever U can kill those representing colonial power i.e. Racism, U should’ve done it. The suffering would’ve been short-lived compared to generations to come. Here we are centuries out from arriving on the shores, displaced from our birth-rite and here we are still marching, talking, typing, hands-up/don’t shoot (submissive). The only reason why they haven’t truly exterminated us is because in a capitalistic society the poor subsidizes the rich. Trust. They have the means to do it. We are only here b/c we’re useful in some capacity. Minstrels (reality tv), sports (entertainment), Prison Complex (produce and merchandise i.e. Cheap Labor). It’s chess not checkers. Understood. When I’m facing inevitable defeat on the chess board, I make my opponent work for it. Give them HELL for the fuck of it rather than fold, eeeeeeeeeem if we both know I don’t stand a chance. I’d gladly take some with me to hell (if U believe such a thing in reLIEgous comics) if it meant future lives would be saved, considered and respected.

    • That was the best comment! Bravo!!

      Blacks like to romanticize our history. We are in this situation because we were the most submissive of humanity- plain and simple. This is the black history that no one wants to speak about.

      I’ve said the same thing over and over- blacks are NOT survivors….it’s just that whites are ALLOWING us to live! Like you said, they have the means to completely exterminate us if they wanted to. They don’t because they realize that they need an underclass to provide the fuel for their wealth accumulation.

      Bravo again @Nat Turner. This is the kind of objective, well-reasoned analysis we need to see more of in the black community.

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