What if I told You…….

What if ...Matrix...

35 thoughts on “What if I told You…….

  1. I have one:

    What if every black person learned to farm their own food ( in some capacity), make their own clothes and used herbs to heal ( as much as possible) and left Eurocentrism alone?

    America would collapse in one year.

  2. Really I wish if we can do such thing,leave Europe and Americas and go back to Africa,kick out all these parasites all over but do you really think they will leave us do? Do you really think do our own business they will leave us alone?
    Remember what happened the Tulsa race riot and the black wall street?
    Black people started their own business but than what happened?
    Cave beasts said no! Because their jealousy and their deprave compulsive obsession for us,they can’t really leave us alone!
    Today Africa countries they are forced to pay the colonial taxes to European countries!
    Every time they say “we never contribute nothing for societies, we are ungrateful kids!” really I wish if I can slap their shit out !
    I wish when every time we apply for job or we are looking,we couldn’t have a white managers or work for them!
    Because believe me work every damn days of your life side by side with them is nightmare!
    They destroyed your dream and they try all their best to have you fire!

    • @Qnubian Always remember your saving grace. Wp investment in slavery is worth more than everything they own. Despite African countries paying colonial taxes, it’s Africa that is on the come up ,while European countries are remaining broke & in despair with no end in sight. GOD BLESS

  3. I was discussing this with some facebook friends last night. We have always been a self-sufficient people but technology made many of us lazy. We are the inventors of everything on that list.

  4. What a wonderful thought…

    I feel there are too many- young and old and in between- that live for white approval. I mean their entire existence revolves around what white people do, promote and accept. And they don’t even realize it, which is the worst part.

    All in all, I say let’s do this move and see what happens!

  5. Black people can do for self but we have an obsession with assimilating & acceptance toward Europeans or non black African cultures. Furthermore some of our people have became comfortable in there oppress position then rather then fought for there freedom.

  6. Thanks for this post, bro KP. I can’t help wondering whether we shouldn’t define our global plight in terms of the Greco-Roman “patrix” (from which we should detach)… i.e. the Euro-patriarchal system that colonized the original Africa-centered Nile Valley “Matrix” – a matriarchal system of wisdom that would bring reparations through restoring the balance (Ma’at/Ubuntu) of organic relationships/original truth to humanity. What do you think?

  7. Kushite, we need to remember that Marcus Garvey wanted all black folks to go back to Africa. This alone tells you that wp have a deprived nature. They had the audacity to be mad that bp who they feel are inferior wanted to get away from them. Wp don’t mind us going back to Africa, but they want to dictate the terms. GOD BLESS

  8. I always said black people can locally disrupt the system simply by taking their kids out of the public school system. If this were to happen, there would be so many unemployed white people crying and begging black kids to go to school.

      • It kept blowing me away because it kept making more and more sense to me. I’ve discussed with white coworkers the prison industrial complex but they assure me it doesn’t “make more money than what it costs us to maintain them via tax dollars” Idk about that. But this meme post, really did hit me deep and it’s content like this that I think more of our people need to wake up and real eyes.

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