Tired of my Race Card,let’s trade!

Tired of My Race Card....

12 thoughts on “Tired of my Race Card,let’s trade!

  1. Kushite, brother you left a few out. I get to illegally colonize your lands & steal all your treasures. I get to create diseases & poison your water supply by putting poison lead in your pipes. I get to bring illegal drugs to your community while raking in majority of the profits. I can lie about your accomplishments in history books. I get to get most of the federal funds to build my community, even in a predominantly white city. (Wp actually get 95% of federal funds ,even in predominantly black cities like Detroit & Memphis). Here is my favorite, we get to elect a President who got to political power based off a lie we told about your people. We get a chance to lynch and murder white men off a lie that black women tell.We get a chance illegally invade lands & better yet illegally start wars, while lying to the world that we want democracy. If I let any out ,let me know. GOD BLESS

  2. Prince, thank you for your kind act of satisfying your readers. I made the request for the adjustment of your background due to its’ interference with the readability of your commentary and readers’ responses. It looks great. I am enjoying the legibility.

    Much appreciated.


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