Beware: A very Deadly Species!!!

Dangerous Snake

28 thoughts on “Beware: A very Deadly Species!!!

  1. I know this way off topic but have you consider making changes to your wordpress template/theme? I’m going to be honest, the one you have now hurts my eyes. I don’t know if it’s the colors or just the fact that there’s too much going on, visually.

  2. Hi Prince,

    I’m using my iPAd. I am now able to read well with your recent changes (content is not bleeding over in background pics/color). Thank you for putting forth the time and effort to please your readers.

    Greatly appreciated.


  3. “This picture says it ALL!”

    Word to the wise: When you allow a SNAKE into your house, why are you surprised when it ups and hisses at you? Give that some thought.

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