No Weapon formed against me shall prosper

Drowning in Racism...

The leather whipped prospered.  The slavery system prospered. The plantation owner prospered. The prison industrial complex is prospering. The white supremacist police is still prospering. The stolen history is prospering. The shotguns prospered. The raping of black women and children prospered. The lynchings prospered. The plantation owner prospered. The children of the slave owners are still prospering. The white owned media is prospering. Racist Hollywood is prospering.

Growing up I used to always hear this Bible scripture. But is this quote true?  I look at all the horrific things that Whites,Jews and Arabs have done to my people. But when I look at history it seems all the weapons our enemies used against us have prospered.  And they are still prospering! It’s time for us to wake up from fantasy land and get back to reality!

17 thoughts on “No Weapon formed against me shall prosper

  1. We as Black Africans keep letting this happen because we don’t want to prosper to fight for our liberation. Our people are still waiting for the imaginary man in bible that lives in the sky to give them prosperity. We are still living in fantasy land while avoiding reality because we will have to fight for prosperity. The question is are Black Africans ready to fight for there prosperity.

    • Shanequa:

      I agree as well, but in addition our bigger problem is that we as a racial core group have not yet to get along and all we have is each other. Yet, the infighting continues, the younger generation vs. the older generation, individuals with a work ethic vs. individuals that do not have a work ethic, gender wars, and the list goes on. Meanwhite White Supremacy is winning along with their foot soldiers and those that are white identified. We have to find common ground SOMEWHERE or else our liberation is in vain. Thank you for your thoughts on this also.

    • @ Shanequa:

      I stand with you on this. Moreover, I think the bigger problems right now with our people are younger vs. older generations, gender wars, individuals with a work ethic vs. individuals that do not have a work ethic, religious differences, issues with anger/depression that have caused black individuals to “turn on” other black individuals and the list goes on…

      All of the above has to be “fixed” first before anything else jumps off.

  2. Really I don’t give damn what happened in Charlottesville and special I don’t give damn about wp march for black people right and defend us because their racist people don’t want have blacks around them!
    Just because they march for us don’t make them less racist!
    I don’t feel offended when they march with their Nazi flags,because that’s their nature,I don’t understand why some still surprise about that!
    We don’t need them,we aren’t disabled people who need their support, me also
    I don’t need them,who told them we blacks need them?
    No anyone,no anyone!
    I don’t give damn what is going in Europe these days,what I can say,they deserve!
    They said 1000 times,they don’t have us around them,why some black people are mental sick who seek their attentions?
    I followed their feeling,they don’t like me be around them,me as well I don’t want be around them at least when is only work after that I don’t want have them around me!
    Really how you can live among these demons,when their sick presence contaminates your soul?

  3. Kushite, I believe in GOD, but I also believe in protecting myself. Wp are fighting amongst themselves, we as blacks need to stay out of it, because it doesn’t benefit us one way or the other. But what happened in Spain, will continue to happen, it’s called retribution. Be safe,no your surroundings & limit your contact with wp, as much as you can. GOD BLESS

  4. Hi, this is Shawaqad I am a black human being that has come to this reality by this post and many other things I was taught by the Christian bible. The same people who taught us virtue is the same people who enslaved us. It has long been time for us black people of color to go back to the drawing board and discover our true origin. Thanks for the enlightment of the Kushite Kingdom.


  5. The Bible also states that God is going to punish those people for how they’ve mistreated us during our captivity. We are seeing the exposure and retribution of our enemy right before our eyes. Just wait. Things are going to go very badly for them.

  6. We as a people need to put down their bible. Bobby E. Wright said: “During slavery and colonization,if they didn’t give us good education,good housing,good food or clothes,why did they give us such good religion?”

    The answer is that they didn’t. Too many smart Black folk believing dumb white lies.

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