Nat Turner, Solar Eclipse on August 21:Pay homage to the Great Ancestor


This coming Monday will be a solar eclipse.  They don’t happen too often in the western part of the world.  But this is a special one in particular.  It will be on August 21 which is the day of the slave revolt by the great prophet Nat Turner.  This would be the 186 year anniversary of the revolt. With all the racial tension created by the mainstream media I can feel the tension around me. And our racist President is not helping the matter.  There are a lot of racial films out right now as well.  As well as the boxing match between Mayweather and McGregor which will fan more racial flames.  Watching the news can get you angry and upset.  Especially  when watching protests and marches by white supremacists.  But this is how the media controls you through your emotions.  Many black people are being manipulated emotionally.   It’s time to calm down,relax for a moment and think clearly. I think during this eclipse we should do some type of ritual in honor of the Black God Nat Turner.  Maybe pour libation or whatever you feel like doing.  But we need to harvest our energy and use the power given to us by our African ancestors.  We must always give the utmost respect to those that fought and gave the ultimate sacrifice against this wicked,racist and corrupt system.  Ashe’



37 thoughts on “Nat Turner, Solar Eclipse on August 21:Pay homage to the Great Ancestor

  1. @ Kushite Prince

    I heard about the solar eclipse but never paid attention to the actual day it will happen on. Racial tensions is at an all time high but is at its worse. I also notice how fast time is going by much faster. With the solar eclipse happening, I hope it brings enlightenment to our people. I have been getting these feelings that something is going to happen but I don’t know what.

  2. I forgot to mention Europeans want a race war. Why are they now mentioning about taking the confederate monuments down in the United States to cause tension to start a race war. Young & old Europeans came out the wood works defending there white supremacy monuments. They made all types of excuse why it shouldn’t be torn down. Europeans feed off our emotions to get us rall up. Black Africans need to practice & learn how to control there emotions. I look at the race tension & the oppressing our people are going through as story. We all know in a story there are characters, setting, problems then the solutions. I look our Black African history as a story web chart. Whatever it is about our people I feel something is about to break loose.

    • Monuments are meaningless. It’s all just a distraction. The racist power structure is the real problem. Taking down statues does nothing. The media is fanning racial flames on purpose. We have to stop falling for their propaganda tactics. But we still need to be prepared for the worst.

  3. @ Kushite Prince
    From the previous comment I made I have a question I want you to answer. Could it be we are about to be at the climax of our story?

    • Yes that’s a good idea. I’m sure you’ll do some type of ritual. There will be a lot of powerful energy that day. We have to be sure to use it to our advantage. Thanks for the comment. Sending you love and light. ♥️✊🏿

    • Well racial tensions have been there since we’ve been contact with them. But I’m speaking more in terms of overt racism. The white media can easily fan racial flames by highlighting certain events. Whites also feel encouraged by Trump being elected. They feel they can be more openly racist. That’s what I mean how the media can manipulate your emotions.

  4. You’re right Kushite. We as blacks need to stop worrying about the meaningless. Taking down statues isn’t going to stop cops from shooting unarmed black people. The crime bill still exist. The media is over sensationalizing racial tensions to get ratings as if they’re sympathetic towards blacks, but they’re not interested in overturning laws that oppress poc. Yes,it’s going to get worse because more & more blacks will keep more of our money in our own pockets. RIP Dick Gregory GOD BLESS

    • @ sevenkingblog
      I agree with you. The media is playing a big hand in this racial tension getting black people emotional. Black politicians & leaders are on the news trying to be seen giving there input on having the confederate statues & flags down. The reason why black politicians & leaders speaking because their are talking about what is popular & trending on the news.

  5. Nat Turner is my hero. He was born the week Gabriel Prossor or Prosser died. I named my pet Nat Turner when I got him in 2005. Power to the people. Black is back, all end we gonna win.

  6. People at the work site were all up in arms this morning about the eclipse…rather than taking this as s ign. That’s all.

  7. Are you moderating the comments now? Why, are you getting more trolls or something? I only ask b/c I cannot see the comments I left….

    • I have been getting trolls for quite some time now. I pick and choose what comments I will allow. I’ll allow it sometimes if they’re not disrespectful. What comments did you make? I’m not sure why they didn’t go through. I didn’t see anything left in the comment section.

  8. Kushite, Breaking News: Texas cop has exposes Union for the cover up in Sandra Bland’s death. I remember what Hall of Famer Kenny Easley said in his speech : GOD may not come when you need him, but he is always on time. GOD will always take care of people better than man will. Sandra Bland should of never been arrested. RIP Sandra, when GOD passes judgement on those cops I pray he gives you a front row seat. GOD BLESS

  9. @ Kushite Prince
    Sorry to throw your topic off the discussion but this was a very good article. I copy certain statements from the story that the woman mention in the article. Self hate is a big issue in the black community but I wonder do black people are more concern with hair texture then the complexion one of ones skin being light. The reason why I ask this is because Afro hair texture is a big issue in the black community. I have heard black women with Afro texture hair be wishing they had in negro people term good hair ( curly, wavy, looser curly pattern hair). These don’t have a problem being dark skinned but have issues with there hair.

    The Other Side Of Hair Privilege: Dark Skin With “Good Hair”?
    “My hair was my prize. It made me exotic in some instances and a point of fascination for my peers. Everything positive I felt about myself, or good, was about the hair on my head, so the “you’re pretty for a dark-skinned girl” registered as “your hair is pretty for a dark-skinned girl.”

  10. @ the Prince”

    Unfortunately, there these ignorant TROLLS will always “follow” the business of black folks. However,, it is good to know that MORE Black folks are researching and not taking what these ignorant asses say at face value. For example, the time frame that I was born in, I had a LOT of old folks that nurtured me, taught me and yes, whipped mu a** when they felt that I needed it. Any-way, I had a lot to share on another website and sure enough, of these asinine TROLLS came onto the site to refute what I was sharing with my people by stating that a “live” person had to substantiate what I was sharing. My words to the TROLL were VERY harsh and I told his a** to git to steppin! This is just a given example of the messy chit that these TROLLS do.. I know that they are running scared.
    And they should be.

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