16 thoughts on “Support WeBuyBlack(Black Business)

  1. I BEEN for this!!! I exhaust all options to shop Black before breaking down to support the white supremacist sponsored monopolized economic system. Let’s face it. U can’t avoid these blood suckers. I encourage U to PLEASE TRY to shop Black before caving in to a white institution (which is no fault of your own). All praises due to white jesus. Have a blessed day.

  2. Thanks, Kushite. Since we both live in the LA area, there is a new Black-owned grocery market in Compton, I live in the Valley so that is still far for me. I keep up with the Black News Outlet on twitter, because it talks about the positives of the black community & give news that effects the black community. GOD BLESS

  3. Monday, August 14, 2017:

    THANK YOU!! @ the Prince!
    LONG have I searched and searched for BLACK vendors! I do utilize a few, but I am TIRED of having to spend my dollars with Asians, Hispanics, Indians, etc. I cannot find a GROCERY STORE, for example, in my area let alone surrounding areas that is black-owned. From gardener to physician, I DO make a conscious effort. I hope that you keep this list going Prince and I am DEFINITELY going to spread the word!

  4. Hopefully there will be a black owned grocery store that delivers because im at the point of where I will grow my own food so I dont deal with white people. I dont go to white restaurants, white doctors of any speciality, I buy black owned makeup, skin and hair products. My future kids will not have any white teachers either.

  5. Thanks KP for posting this website! I immediately went onto the site, and found some great products I will be purchasing. I am like the other posters on here tired of buying from white and non-whites, and pumping our hard earned money into their communities, while at the same time being disrespected by them! Keep up the good work!

  6. @ the Prince:

    There is a BLACK vendor located in the Los Angeles area that a relative told me has been in business over 49 years! The name of the business is A&J Shoe Service Center and the phone number is 323 750-2816. Anyone can call to see what services are offered…

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