Native American speaks TRUTH to white racists!

I stumbled upon this video earlier this week.  I had to post this. It’s some Native Americans going at it with some white journalists.  I love the way this woman put them in their place!  She shut these white devils up!  This is how you speak truth to these bastards.  It got real quiet when she start talking about colonization and how the land is stolen.  At one point she even tells the white female journalist that if it wasn’t for them they would be homeless!  She really put those fools on blast!  This is speaking TRUTH to power.  This is how black people need to speak when confronted by these lowlifes.  Don’t be afraid of them.  They cower and run like roaches when confronted with FACTS.  They don’t like to hear about their murderous his-story. And they didn’t like it at all.The video is only about four minutes long.  Check it out and let me know what you think.




26 thoughts on “Native American speaks TRUTH to white racists!

  1. @ Kushite Prince
    I agree with the Indian woman going off on the white journalist but these so call Indians had a hand in enslaving black Africans as well. Many African Americans don’t know that some Native American tribes owned slaves of African descent. The good old Cherokee Nation blood many African Americans claimed they have embraced & promoted slavery. It was even Native Americans who participated in returning runaway slaves back to there white slave masters as well as purchase slaves. In the words of Dr. Henry Clark, “we have no friends.”

    • Hetep Kushite
      It is true that several Native American tribes held slaves but there were several who also helped and fought against slavery. We must not forget about the Seminole Wars and the Indians in Louisiana who fought alongside our enslaved ancestors as well. I only say this b/c if we do not keep the perspective, then we run the risk of becoming the same enemy that we are fighting against.

      Now, I like Dr. Clarke believe that “we have no friends.” I don’t trust anyone. Times are so bad, where children are even turning against their mother. You have to use an oracle to decipher what is right.

    • I agree Shanequa.
      During the settlement of the peace treaty for Native Amerivans, it was the chief scribes that opposed Black Seminole Indians the most in getting their reparations by making it a “rule” that if one is a Black Seminole? They must have papers to prove it. In my opinion, just like other selfish races, they are full of chit too.

    • Other ethnicities are feeling the brunt of racism as well. I agree with what you stated Shanequa and I have “nothing” for them either. They are on their own, just as we are.

  2. “You [white ppl] haven’t changed because you haven’t started your healing journey…You [with your colonial mindset] can’t take our truth!” It’s great when folks get to the place internally where they call the bullies out on their addiction to power and refuse to be part of the sick enabling system built on genocide, slavery, colonialism, etc. I take issue with their statement to those same sick oppressors that “you’re a guest here.” In cultured society, “guests” are invited and don’t overstay their welcome. Neither do they take over your home and lock you out of it while policing and governing your imposed exile over several hundred years. [#ReparationsNow] Africans have powerful cultures which not only immunize, but give us ‘backbone and voice’ – e.g. the wall-paintings of our Ndebele queens –

  3. America was build of blood of Native America and on the shoulder of African American!
    I said once to white American person “everyday you walk on land of full of blood,because you are soulless,you don’t have empathy!”
    Wp fear black and brown people all over the globe cause of revenge,they know already that future race will not be mixed race but black and brown!
    I look forward to see Europe will be brown in the future!

    • Yeah but the Europeans really destroyed their bloodline. The ones they didn’t kill they had sex with. That’s why you don’t see too many red skinned Natives. I’ve only met a few on the east coast.

  4. I have been getting blasted by Indio and Trini Canadians for bashing Justin Trudeau…That French Crackkker is a colonialist. I hate Justin Trudeau people claim he is not a racist because he is apart of the Labour party, Trudeau is not trying to get rid of the White population…lol Whites are so arrogant…Micah Johnson and Gavin Long had the perfect solution for these Liberals…Many Negroes living in Canadian claim Trudeau isnt racist because he is a Labour/ Liberal/ Democrat…These crackers are the same everywhere they go.

  5. Brah!!!!!
    That gave me goosebumps. Thanks. It feels good to get the blood boiling on this Day of Maat. 🙂

    The one thing about knowing your own language is that you can say something that others do not know. I do not know about you guys but it seemed to me that this elder just issued a verbal curse.

  6. amosnwilsonuniversity@ I don’t consider myself an expert,I can’t say all over the world what will be happen in the future,but I am sure that I am living in Europe and I see the scenario what is going on here,European hate and dislike Muslim as white American hate and dislike black people!
    Most Muslim are browns, and wp hate,fear and dislike them as all wp fear,dislike and hate black people!
    Now We aren’t the most populous people in the world, because we should compete with Chinese and Indian!
    I don’t believe that wp fear only the black race,because their dishonest behavior against mankind is proof,they fear what they consider different,strange,not normal,their nature doesn’t allow them to live peacefully with other racial groups, they are the only ones!! What I can say that wp don’t like anyone who are different from them!

  7. Yes! Voices like this- voices that speak up against injustices and just overall disrespect- do something to my spirit! White people have the WORST communication skills and hate to hear any facts that aren’t sweet and pacifying. Thank you for sharing.

  8. The great mystery is we black Americans were here before anybody else and that’s the story that needs start being told. The natives got there reparations by denouncing thier african heritage, we have no allies in this. Theres more than enough evidence to prove that we were here first and that information it’s what going to change the course of history.

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