Mass Manipulation- We are being played

Getting played....

14 thoughts on “Mass Manipulation- We are being played

  1. I don’t play chess, but I take it, we are the lowly pawn; the weakest piece on the board?

    Great analogy, I might add.

    Thanks for sharing because if we didn’t know, now we know!

  2. Just a thought. What if trump is playing and being dumb just to make the vp look better? The signs are all over that their system is falling apart. It is going to be interesting.

    • Yeah Trump has no real power. Those that do their research know that Presidents are puppets for the most part. Whether it was Clinton or Trump,it didn’t matter much for our people. We would still be in the same position. Pence does look by comparison though. Every time Trump opens his mouth something stupid comes out. But I think there may be a financial collapse on the horizon. I have said this countless times. We need to prepare for either a collapse of some kind or maybe…..World War 3. And I know no one wants that with China or Russia. But we need to stay ready and prepare our family for whatever comes.

  3. I really enjoy your articles and like to continue reading them but you backround colors and pics make it difficult to read. Could you find a way to still showcase pics without having comments bleed over in it? Thanks. Would greatly appreciate it.

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