31 thoughts on “Waking Up to Knowledge of Self

  1. Don’t worry. It’s an inside job U WILL NOT BE CONVICTED for. It might change your convictions, but I promise, you’ll be better for it.

  2. @ Kushite Prince

    I really enjoy reading your blog & comments to your post because it stimulates my my mind. I’m going to have to get this off my chest because our people refuse to study the mistakes from our past. Our friendliness & docile state of thinking haven’t gotten our people nowhere. Before I get started, I’m going to say this for black men & women to understand the interracial dating game is nothing more then a business to con black men & women out of there economic wealth to help built another races economy. At the end of the day non black Africans first love will always be the men & women of their own race regardless if he/she marries & precreates with a Black African man or woman. Since women depend on their men to provide, protect, & build for there communities its not happening in the Black African race. Black African men have allow other races of men to come into there communities an built weath off the backs of there people. You do not see other races of non African Black men allowing Black African men to built wealth from there communities. My question of the day is when will Black African Men be MEN and stop allowing other non black African men to come into to your communities in control them.

    In Haiti a large shipment of GMO corn seed was shipped to them from a Mexico lab. Also they are trying to take advantage of these Black Haitians that need help. The GMO seeds can do damage to the soil in Haiti’s land. “In Africa, Asia and even Mexico itself, CIMMYT seeds have seen resistance from farmers and concerned citizens that claim use of these seeds will put peoples’ sustenence needs in the hands of international nation-state-corporate actors who have only profits as their top priority.”

    The Chinese immigrants is over there in Jamaica building there wealth off the backs of Black Jamaicans men. The Jamcaican men work over 12 hours from morning to night with no health benefits and treated with disrespect & abuse.

    The African country Kenya gave Kenyans of Indian ancestry recognition as the 44th tribe in there country. These Indians are involve in Kenya’s socio-economic & political life in the country. Again they have already got their hands on the economic & political life in which they will use it to benefit their people only.
    Non black African countries wouldn’t dare allow Black Africans to mistreate & abuse their people let along give them the same friendly treatment Black Africans welcome them with.

    An another thing about this interracial dating con game. Not black men but negro men love running & lusting after other races of women but fail to realize these non black African women birth these nations of non black African men & they are there first teachers. Also these non black African men are coming into your black African communities building wealth for there non black African communities. Negro men are lusting after the seeds of other races of men but it also tells you what the negro thinks of his on seed being inferior.

      • @ Kushite Prince

        I find it sad & embarassing that non black women like Coco, Evelyn Lozada, Gloria Velez, Amber Rose, Nicole Brown Simpson, Jennifer Lopez, Kim Kardashian & her sisters and etc can use black men for a financial come up that will benefit them.What sad is that black women can’t play that same game with non black men. Prime example, Black Chyna a black female who dated & had a child by a white man Rob Kardashian didn’t gain anything financially from the situation for a big come up. These non black women I name aren’t even educated but I consider them hustlers, hustling for a come up off of black men wealth. These women are good gold diggers that know how to prey & find simple minded & colorstruck black men that lust as well as allow themselves to be use by non black women. Furthermore, these women know the rules to the interracial business/dating con game when it comes to black men. On the other hand, when it comes to black women on the interracial business/dating con game they are at a loss just like black men. Most wealthy non black men married & date women within their own race or date other races of women. When it comes to choosing black women they are last on the list are sometime their not even on the list. I don’t know any black woman that have benefitted from a successful come up with non black men like I did with non black women.

    • I agree with you Shanequa. And, due to the indoctrination of white supremacy, many “American Black males” (as well as females) fell victim to this and this behavior, is, unfortunately continuing to trickle down through the generations. The effects of “self-hate” is off the radar! Those of us that know WHY we continue to see this continue the struggle, but at the same time, are aware that we will have MORE of our people fighting within as opposed to fighting our oppressor.

      I am thinking HOW do we overcome this?

  3. P.S.

    These non black people of color know about racism just as white people. Just how white people play the game of being oblivious to racism non black people of color does the same thing. Also non black people of color have no sympathy for the black African struggle. They’ll rock what every boat that is floatable for their people to float on. As long as there mistreatment of racism isn’t on the same level as black people they are fine. Non black people of color always side with white people when its time to go against black Africans.

      • @ Kushite Prince

        We’re at war with these non black African beast. While negro men & women bragging about bedding down non black Africans well these non black African beast are telling their children don’t date black. Black Africans are hated around the world by non black Africans. Non black women got pissed off at P. Diddy for giving a shout out to black women. What these dumbass non black women fail to realize Diddy only shouted black women out to sale productions. We all know the women he has dated or women he father children by are non black or racially ambiguous (you can tell they have African ancestry in them). This happen to rapper Wale gave a praising black women then he had to explain himself to non black women for it. The more I read an do my on personal research it makes me look at the world & people different.

        I found this article very interesting about the Algier Motel about the 1967 Detroit riot. Here they talked with the black female deputy on the force during that time. What caught my attention the most is how the 3 black men were sexually assaulted.

        “There were some white girls there with the young men. They were willingly there. That upset the police,” Jackson said. “The officers divided those kids up and took them in different rooms, beat them up and did some awful things to their bodies by ramming things into their genitalia, up their anus.


    • I used to follow Polight years ago. He’s a very smart man. But I believe he’s a con artist. Like a few others in the conscious community. I saw a picture of him with his arm around Kylie Jenner. One of the Kardashian sisters??? Is he serious??? He claims he’s a counselor for celebrities. I think he just ran the conscious circuit for awhile until he got a chance to make it big time. Now he’s doing radio programs and getting more notoriety. I don’t think his heart is really in it anymore. If it ever was. I think he just wants to get paid.

  4. I tried to hip my mom to some stuff the other day b/c she went to see wonder woman, and was talking about she wanted to see planet of the apes. I briefly and subtley explained to her why I dont goto the movies, and that Id read that planet of the apes was really about black people. she cut me off mid sentence like I wasnt even speaking, and started talking about something else, because I used the phrase ‘white supremacy’. As if I was about to give her an instant headache. So I became the enemy for talking about racism.

  5. I truly dont understand how Black people are still raising their kids to work under mediocre white people as an accomplishment. I really dont understand. In regards to IR, when im out with my black man at a restaurant, both bw and bm IR couples just sit and stare or dont interact with each other at all. Whats the point? One more, I also witnessed a BW/WM couple and their leaning white biracial son watching this little black boy who was interacting with his mom. It was like they were mad he getting attention and everyone wasnt focused on them.

    Anywho, white people are genetically inferior which is one of the reasons they are so unattractive to me. They can only water down greatness. Ask yourself this, how many biracial inventors have you known throughout history?

    • I don’t agree with the inferiority of whites on a genetic level. That just sounds like reverse white supremacy to me, personally. But as for the last segment, he may not have been an inventor but are you saying brother Malcolm wasn’t a great man?

      • Please don’t misunderstand me, your highness. I know that black people can’t be racist against whites, no power to do so. BUT! to say that they are genetically inferior? That’s just a stretch in my mind. I can love myself and my people without denigrating another. Only whites operate like that. They can’t seem to love themselves without slamming others, that’s all. Peace out.

      • I gave the post a look.

        I’m still not sold though. I am not here to defend white people, that is for sure but what I will say is this: I am sure if you browsed stormfront you could find a similar picture like this claiming that black people are little better than slightly advanced monkeys.

        The only solid truth is that whites have recessive genes. But turn that around and it is possible to breed the black out of a line given a few generations. It’s give or take in my book.

        I try my best not to base my self in the matter of genetics though. Even if they have neanderthal dna so what? They still have a system that we have no answer for- white supremacy. Figuring out a solid counter that, without resorting to “black supremacy” is my prime concern. Peace out.

      • Nope! If they had one, they would have used it long ago to end all this! You can’t reason with them, that much is for sure.

        Separatism is a concept that needs to become a cultural standard. That is the starting point I say. Once we have gotten ourselves on at least that basic train of thought then we could start throwing around solutions to “the problem”

        As it stands though we don’t even have positive vibes in our own family (places like these are really good starting points!) So that’s my take. I’ve no solutions, but any solution that hinges on them in anyway- including needing to believe in genetic superiority is doomed to failure.

      • Well separating would be good start. And there is no reasoning with them. Even Malcolm X said that. They will reason with you as long you are the subjugated person. They believe peace is them in power and you still in the oppressed position. This is not good for African people. If they are not genetically different ,why do they behave so differently? They have oppressed Aborigines in Australia. The English colonized India,the killed over 50 million Native Americans and committed genocide on black people. They enslaved our people,lynched them,raped our women and children,Jim Crow laws etc… They don’t seem to get along with any people of color anywhere on the planet. They don’t seem to be a very spiritual people like Africans and Native Americans. Our people believe in loving the earth and working with Mother Nature. Europeans want to destroy the damn planet. Why is their behavior so different than ours? Some say they evolved during the ice age with limited food and resources. And this is how they developed a “dog eat dog” mentality. They say that African people are primitive but I say they are much more savage. Their bloody track record speaks for itself. I think they are different than us both genetically and spiritually. And most of my subscribers feel the same way. Unless you can show me some evidence to the contrary. Show me where Europeans have gotten along with ANY group in peace.

      • Massive hangover so that is why I’m delayed in my response. I couldn’t type properly. Here we go.

        I am not saying that whites and black people are not different, all I am saying is that the agenda of white inferiority isn’t anything to stand on. You could argue it both ways: If whites were inferior why have they taken over the globe and been able to massacre untold numbers? or If blacks are inferior why have whites systematically oppressed us for hundreds of years? We would fail on our own if we were inferior genetically.

        Flipping white supremacy on its head just doesn’t make sense to me. It isn’t a solid foundation to build black love on because if white inferiority is your base, then that means you’re incapable of loving yourself without saying “ha! at least I am not white!” (Not you, I am using the impersonal you btw)

        So that is why I don’t pay much attention to the “whites are Neanderthals! A completely different species!” trope. Because even if it is true it isn’t what I triage in my head when I am thinking about our community. Peace out.

      • I’m not tripping man. Everyone doesn’t have to agree with me. Everyone has a right to their own opinion. I have subscribers that disagree with me all the time. But as a black nationalist I know I have strong views that can offend people. So I’m intelligent enough to know I will end up having debates with other black people. But I will say this….I was told you had to have hue to be hue-man.lol Which is why I think Europeans refer to themselves as mankind..as in a “kind of man. Whereas I believe Africans are the original people. But I digress. As long as Pan Africans and Black nationalist can agree on black love,black unity and black empowerment…we can build. If we can agree that whites are different then we are in agreement. As far as HOW different we can disagree. But it’s not necessarily a deal breaker.

      • Thanks for giving me room on your blog brother. I agree with what you’re saying here about 90% of the way through, and I think I’m leaning toward that last 10% too, just need more time to watch and observe on my end. Peace out.

  6. “There is NOTHING more that I need to add to this. Shanequa said it all! Too many of our males and females are STILL sleeping. Moreover, many do not want to be awakened, could care less. All that I can do is smdh….and help those who I am supposed to help.

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