Degenerate Sexual Practices of Europeans(Sexbots and Animals)



The sexual degeneracy of Europeans goes way back to Greek and Roman times. I’ve done a lot of research on what Europeans did back then.  And through white supremacy they want all races to see the world through their eyes.  Homosexuality,lesbianism,pedophilia and bestiality are nothing new to their culture.  But theses are not the ways of African people.  Black people should reject all of these sick practices.  They are anti-life and go against nature.  It is disrespectful to your ancestors to engage in any of this depraved behavior. We are totally different than them.  Their ways are not our ways. Make sure your children know this. We are hue-mans and they are mankind(kind of man) That’s why over the years they have subtly been pushing these sexual practices in the media.  I have seen these practices in television sitcoms,commercials and motion picture films.  Also many of these white social scientists are pushing the idea of transhumanism. Basically transhumanism is the belief that mankind has reached the limits of evolution.  And the only way mankind can keep evolving is through science and technology.  You see many Europeans believe they evolved from monkeys and apes.  Most black people know this is a silly theory.  Most black people in a Creator or a higher spiritual Being.  We have the power of melanin and dominant genetics on our side.  Our melanin gives us the power to reach a higher spiritual level than Europeans.  Since they have a lack of melanin they can not ascend to a higher realm of consciousness. White people have reached their physical and mental limitations.  Which is why they keep searching for the next big thing to turn them on sexually. Africans believe in working with mother nature and the ecosystem.  Europeans see nature has something to be controlled or dominated.  But this is why they are building sexbots. What type of man or woman would have sex with a robot?  They would have to be a very lonely and pitiful person. This is why there is such a disconnect to hue-manity.  All this obsession with cellphones,iPads,iPods and computers has gotten way out of hand.  All I know is that anyone that attempts to have  sex with an animal or robot is very sick!  I say attempt because this behavior is anti-sexual.   Sex is between a man and woman. There is NO other definition of sex.  Don’t let these white social scientists mislead you into thinking otherwise. This is abnormal,perverted,immoral and deviant!  Nothing but pure debauchery! These are very sexually confused people. But this is the type of depraved and disgusting practices these Europeans are pushing on the masses.  Be sure to check out the two videos(above) and let me know what you think.   But stay vigilant and always be aware of this wicked demonic  system.

21 thoughts on “Degenerate Sexual Practices of Europeans(Sexbots and Animals)

  1. it’s no their fault,
    they love sexual aggression and violence,
    only in this way they can express their nature!
    They can’t hide,because Neanderthal is inside them!

  2. “All I know is that anyone that attempts to have sex with an animal or robot is very sick! ”

    It’s no end to non black Africans sexual deviant acts. Here’s a link to there sick adult sex toys store. These freaks keep trying to reach there next sexual climate. What’s even more sick is that we have mentally ill black men & women that are having relationships with them.

  3. Kushite, let me give you some advice, my mother gave me. White people, especially wm love 2 things : Money & his dog. Dog spelled backwards is GOD. Remember that GOD BLESS

    • I figured you didn’t watch it. I know you have a weak It’s pretty hard to watch and listen to. But I do hope a few people watched at least the first five minutes. It’s very eye opening but important to know what’s going on in the world. They really want these things to be seen as normal. And that is one scary thought!

      • I’m just saying, some things you cannot unsee! And they’ll sit with you for days or weeks. I can’t deal. But you know I appreciate you doing your duty.

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