OJ Simpson gets parole: Why are white people still mad?

Oj Simpson1...

Yesterday former NFL running back OJ Simpson was given parole.  Simpson played college football at the University of Southern California and professional football for the Buffalo Bills(1969-77).   After retiring from football he became an actor.  He appeared in television shows like Roots,Fire Power and films like Naked Gun. Back in 1995 Simpson was on trail for a double murder.  He was on trial for the murders of his ex wife Nicole Simpson and her friend Ron Goldman. Simpson was found not guilty and the media has been obsessed with Simpson ever since.  Most whites feel he’s guilty.  Even many blacks think he’s guilty.  But many black people across the country were happy at the verdict.  Mainly because many of us wanted to see if a rich black man could get a fair trial like rich white men get all the time.  It’s been over twenty years and white folks are still mad. Simpson’s first wife was black.  What if he was on trial for killing his black wife and her black friend?  Do you think if he was found not guilty…whites would be upset?  I highly doubt it.  The truth is white people are upset because they believe that a black man got away with killing two white people.


What about all the lynchings of black men and women in the south?  Some reports say there were over 4,000 murders of innocent black people from 1877-1950.  And that’s a conservative estimate.  I’m sure it’s much higher than that.


What about this horrific image(above) right here?  That burned a black man alive!  No trial needed at all.  These monsters killed black men,women and children. If there was an accusation against a black man they would just beat him to death. Or just pummel him/her and then hang them! I want you to look at the pictures of these white men and women. Did they go to prison for murder?  Was there a trial for murdering innocent black people? HELL NO!! These demonic bastards have killed millions of black people.  And you want us to be concerned about OJ?  Are you serious?  Two white people don’t equate to millions of dead Africans.  Black lives do NOT matter in a system of white supremacy.  I’m not making any excuses for OJ Simpson.  He’s a sellout coon that chases after white women.  And he hasn’t done much for the black community.  He lived his life wanting  acceptance from whites.  He got his wake up call after this trial.  This issue is bigger than OJ Simpson.  My ancestors were murdered in the Maafa.  And we have gotten no reparations or even an apology from these sick bastards.  So I really don’t give a damn if Simpson gets parole.  I also think he was set up in that robbery attempt.  This was white folks revenge for him getting off in 1995.  White folks teach black people to forgive.  But they want retribution and revenge when they feel someone did them wrong.  Such damn hypocrites!

48 thoughts on “OJ Simpson gets parole: Why are white people still mad?

  1. White people are still mad because they felt that the system fail them, to allow O.J. Simpson to win the murder trial of Nicole Brown Simpson & Ronald Goldman. O.J. Simpson was granted parole, but I have a feeling once he get out of jail he will probably be right back in jail. O.J. will be running right back to white community with open arms.

  2. P.S. We will see more black people especially black males be killed in the hands of non black people. The news media is constantly bringing up The O.J. Simpson murder trial for a reason. Trump stating “take back America” white people looking at at that and O.J Simpson a black man being found not guilty of a murder he didn’t commit killing of two white people. It’s driving white people crazy. White people are thinking its time to kill these niggers.

    • ^^^Totally agree. the shit already hit the fan because we had a black president, but OJ about to tip the scales into a full-scale race war. I’d even venture to suspect that’s why he was paroled in the first place. Whites are very forward thinking. They know what will happen. The lynchings and police killings of black men, women, and children will increase ten fold. I’d encourage all of us to stick by the rules Gus talks about on Cows 1) sobriety is best, and 2) Be inside by dark.

      And brother Neely Fuller reminds us of the three F’s, when dealing with law enforcement.
      Don’t fuss, fight, or flee.

      I almost was the next sandra bland back in february, got pulled over and harassed on the turnpike by a savage who glared at me with such hatred. I was pulled over because I didnt stay within the dotted line. Im not kidding. I think they are hoping they will catch us smoking weed, then can proceed from there to beating or murdering us.

      • @ KJ

        100% agreed with your statement. Also it’s best for black people to be in surrounding areas were there is an equal amount of black people. Being around to many non black peoples when it’s no or less black people around isn’t safe. We will see more cases of females & males Bakari Henderson in the news. We are at war.

    • They are obsessed with OJ. That’s why they keep making all these OJ biopics and writing books about the case. There are many stories about black heroes and sheroes. Where are those films? You have the Planet of The Apes film that just came out. Which has tons of subliminal messages in it. The main one being of course the fear that the apes(blacks) will take over the western world. All the hype about the Mayweather vs McGregor fight. Which is getting a lot of attention because it’s a black man vs a white man. This is all done on purpose to create more racial tension and animosity. It’s all done by the corrupt racist media. I hope black people are paying attention.

    • They most definitely aret thinking that.
      I think the most important thing we can do is raise our vibration/frequency, so that we dont get cancer, high blood pressure, diabetes, or obesity dealing with this madness. The goal of white’s terrorism is largely to keep us in a stressed out state, and destroy are self respect. Always be mindful of dr welsing’s advice to not react emotionally and understand WHY they do what they do.

      Diaryofanegress has a good blog about using our melanin to deal with the terrorism, and meditation is very powerful. I recommend ralph smart’s youtube channel, for exercises on aelf respect and raising your frequency.

      “If you do not understand racism and white supremacy everything else will only confuse you.” I repeat this mantra all day to stay alert to the fact that THIS is what its all about. Im at work righ now, and i watch the behavior of whites very carefully. They are a strange and ugly people.

  3. Wp are mentally disturbed,depraved and psychopath!
    No any PSYCHOTHERAPIST can cure their evil minds!
    They are living only with lies and lies, only lie can make them feel comfortable about their crimes!
    Their hands are covered of centuries and centuries of innocent victim bloods,really sometime I ask myself how such vile creatures can live their damn routine life,like nothing happen? How they can feel comfortable about themselves? How they can get away about the genocides they did during in history,and pretend nothing happened?
    I like all the time, the classic wp pathetic answers :” I am white and I am no racist,and I’m not guilty of crimes my ancestors did!” “don’t blame for something I never did!”.
    They like blame everything they did and do to us,they throw all dirty shit over us,because they lack of responsibility no they lack of soul because ain’t human,they can’t feel sorry!
    Blame black people for their crime is better answer,blame BM is better ,blame BW is better,and blame black children is better answer!
    Because in the and they are innocent vile creatures who are victims of angry and nasty black people monster!

    • They seem to have no conscious at all. maybe they have no souls. But they have no guilty conscious what their ancestors did and what they are still doing today. They blame all our pain and suffering on us. No matter what amount of evidence you show them it doesn’t move them. That’s why I don’t debate whites about racism. Its a total waste of time and energy.

  4. I have a feeling that OJ may not make it out of prison. He still has to make it until October 1. Now that others know he’s getting out, the slightest infraction could delay his parole or eliminate it….

    he’s not in the clear yet

  5. O.J Simpson should love the hell out of his first daughter Arnelle he had by his wife because she stood by him to the end. It made me mad when he stated when he get out of jail he wants to visit Nicole Brown Simpson grave. The first grave he should visit is the grave of his daughter by his first wife. O.J is trying to go too Florida to be with his biracial children but in my opinion his bet best is to be near his black children especially Arnelle.

    • Yes I agree. Arnelle has always stood by him. She was at his hearing on Thursday. Have you seen his son Jason? I haven’t seen him in years. It’s like he just disappeared. I forgot about his daughter by his first wife. I believe she drowned in a swimming pool back in 1979.

      • Thanks for the pics Shanequa. Sydney has really put on a lot of weight. I’m sure those children have some deep psychological issues. Could you imagine being the child of a man that most of the country thinks is a murderer? Not to mention your mother is dead as well. Yeah Sydney and Justin definitely have some internal issues most people can’t relate to. They both have pretty much disappeared from the spotlight. Can’t say I blame them though.

      • they grew up in a house where they watched their mom do blow…i think their mom getting killed and dad going to jail was probably good for them..from what i understand their grandcrackers the brown family did quite well with the hertz that OJ got them and are decent people inspite having two thot coke head daugthers.

  6. Yeah, wp are mad b/c OJ still got money and he is still living. Plain and simple.
    To them, he used the system and it is not supposed to work for us, only them. OJ aid a lot of money and it appears to him he got away with murder. So, they convicted him for something else and here he is smiling and about to getting lose for that too. And, he still got money???

    Yeah, they are a little pissed.

    • That’ very true. They are still very angry. For the exact reasons you stated. White cops can get off for killing black men,women and children(Tamir Rice). But the injustice…Oops I mean justice system is not supposed to work in favor for blacks. That’s why they are so damn obsessed with OJ. It just burns them up!lol But they always tell us to get over slavery right? That happened so long ago so why are you people still crying over that? So tell them to get over OJ and watch the response you get.

      • He was supposed to remain a cuckold, let hER file for divorce and take most of his money, leaving very little for him to pass to his black offspring. Instead, this white slut end up with her head damn near severed. And her all american white boy lover too.

        OJ didnt do it, but he knows who did. Wasnt there strong evidence to suggest that his son did it??

        And Kato Kaylin……the proverbial white friend.

        Isn’t it an amazing coincidence that Jay-Z wrote that song, and now OJ is being paroled?? He mustve known qabout it. Do you think the song is really an allegory about kanye??

  7. Well Kushite, if wp are still mad at OJ, then I say to you : Don’t let me be The Treasurer of the United States, because I will let the family of Emmet Till clean house, before I issue any money so that the US can pay it’s bills. GOD BLESS

  8. @kushite they are heartless! Who human being can take pictures,enjoyed,smile while all these black people have been hanged and burned alive? They witnessed all these murders as if they were at a family event!
    Seriously,google is full of picture of their crimes and people still see them as innocent! SHM!!
    Everything happened right now to them,I am feel empty for them!

  9. I can’t waste any more intellectual energy on WP. They are a dying species and I will not extend their life through the power of my hue-manity. We already know the answers to the questions we ask about them. Let them die in fear.

  10. And, here it is….I just saw this and thought you might want to take a look. Proof, they were trying to take his money and leave him flat broke. I guess OJ is smiling b/c he mastered the game of monopoly. lol

    “O.J. Simpson made over $400,000 while in prison and won’t have to give any of it to the Goldman family”


  11. I notice Nicoles parents dont say shit, probably because OJ set them up with a Hertz Franchise and gave them money and they knew their daugthers were morally corrupt infact OJ smashed Denise Brown. Nicole was a shitty mother, abusive, fucking strange men in the house and coked up….OJ is just one lost brother to say the least.

  12. ” These demonic bastards have killed millions of black people. And you want us to be concerned about OJ? Are you serious? Two white people don’t equate to millions of dead Africans. Black lives do NOT matter in a system of white supremacy.”

    Classic post! These enslaving anti-human European savages think they are God’s gifts to the world. No, they are completely USELESS and IRRELEVANT!

  13. INSANITY is doing the same thing over and over, yet expecting a different outcome. This poor, deluded fool ingratiated himself with the white masses, has bent over backwards kissing white America’s ass, yet the moment he was suspected of murdering his wife and Goldman, he was no longer “colorless,” he became “that nigger.” Then, when he got off, White America, who still felt that he was guilty, has been determined to “get him.” Scenario number two—–>off to jail and then he was paroled. Here is a black male that has SHOWN you that he does not want to be black, does not identify as black and has done whatever he can to separate himself from the black community. I guess my question would be should black people feel any solidarity with him? Feel “sorry” for him? Champion him?

    I think that black people will always have differing opinions about him.

    • This is one is simple to me: We disown him. It’s funny how he used the white supremacist court system to his own advantage though. It’s almost too funny.

      That’s almost comedic, like a comedy sketch. He used their own weapon against them and they were so mad about it. Haha! Oh well. I guess what goes around comes around, doesn’t it?

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