Get ready Black people….they’re already prepared!

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24 thoughts on “Get ready Black people….they’re already prepared!

  1. We will be attack not only by white people but also non black people of color as well. The anti-blackness & the hostility against black people is at a all time high. Also the media is targeting black male celebrities more harder now as criminals. Television is dangerous because it manipulates & programs peoples minds.

    • Television is brainwashing and mind control. It gives you certain images that give you perspective on the world around you. They never miss an opportunity to show black people in a negative light. But we need to be prepared for anything right now. Stock up on food,canned goods,bullets,first aid and water. We will have no allies once this system crashes. We will have to depend on each other as best we can. It will all be about survival.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        Sorry to throw your post off topic but I find this video to be very disturbing that screams out acceptance and validation from others. The young lady went to a club that Chris Brown was performing, but was upset that no black men wanted to dance with her. Keep in mind she went to support a black male colorstruck entertainer who doesn’t even date nor prefer dark skinned black women. Chris Brown doesn’t even have dark skinned black women in his video as the main love interest. Also the young lady need to build up her on self esteem rather then use social media as her self validation. She threw black men under the bus by making it seems that they all prefer non black women. She’s dress like a $2 hoe an have a child by a non black man. Also the comments in the post were off the change. Beside having black men & women telling her she was beautiful in the comments, we had black women telling her to date non black men as a better option. Black men & women like this lady that makes self validation videos like these for social media is a very dangerous message being pass on toward the black community. On her facebook page she has pictures of herself in the tub taking a bath then photos of her half dress. By those pictures she’s looking validation from others especially men.

        Here’s the link to the video.

        Her facebook page

        Here’s her instagram page.

      • Yes I heard about her. There’s a few videos on YouTube about her. They are calling her the ex-swirler. I really feel for her. It’s obvious she doesn’t feel appreciated and loved. She is suffering from low self esteem. Of course we all know dating white men is not the answer. Hopefully she learned her lesson after messing with white men. But it’s clear she’s looking for validation. It is really a sad sight to witness.

      • @ Kushite Prince

        “It’s obvious she doesn’t feel appreciated and loved. She is suffering from low self esteem.”

        As a dark skinned black woman myself when I seen this video I felt sympathy & embarrassment for her. The sympathy is that she’s a dark skinned black woman that doesn’t view herself as beautiful. Then she can’t take rejection from men well. Yes as a black woman I can related to how she feel especially when living in a society were dark skinned black women are degraded. When I get these insecurities I talk with my black female friends for encouragement and to vent out my issues. I wish the sistah would have spoken to a black friend before she made this social media video to go viral. The embarrassment is she begging for men for validation which is not good.

        On one of your post I mention about your email because I need some man advice well here is the problem. I’m starting to notice black men with degrees are not even a good option especially when it comes down to being conscious. For example I’m a clerk at the sheriff department that talk to this black male deputy. He has no children, educated, financially stable but something about him is lacking. He has a masters degree, but can’t whole a deep thinking conversation that stimulate my mind. When I’m talking to him I’m the only one that bring topics to the conversation. He knows that I enjoy exercising & reading books, I even offer books for him to read since he major in criminal justice.
        Last year back in March 2016 is when I started to actual have a conversation with him. We were only having a casual conversation. In June 2016 I gave him my number because he mention to me that we need to talk sometimes. I took it that he might be interest in me. Well every now & then when I talk to him at work he kept mentioning I’m going to call you when I get the chance. I told him don’t worry about it . He finally decided to text me eight months later. I didn’t ask him why he finally decided to text me. The questions he ask me was I seeing anyone, he mention about me keeping myself in shape and we discuss sports. After that I didn’t received no text from him unless I’m texting him are we having a small casual conversation at work. I had foot surgery early of this month but didn’t received no text for him about my well being. He even knew I was having surgery. I was even hurt over this because I was liking him. I’m even more embarrass that I’m a 33 years old never had a boyfriend. Keep in mind I’m somewhat a introvert but I still talk to people, I prefer hanging around like minded people.

      • Sounds like he’s playing games. He’s acting like a little boy rather than a man. Either that or he was never really into you. I’m sorry that he treated you like that. He sounds like a real punk! You’re better off without him anyway. You’re 33 and never had a boyfriend? What about in high school? I’m sure some boys liked you. It’s okay to b an introvert to an extent. But maybe you need to get out more. Shyness can make you miss out on a lot of things in life. You have to get out more and be more social with people. I also hope your surgery went well. Sorry yo had to go through this. But take it as a learning experience.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        When it comes to relationships with black man & woman I’m clueless. Furthermore I can’t see nor want to be one of those women jumping in an out of relationships with men

      • @Shanequa – I didnt watch the video. But people like that kill me. its like when people talk about black on black crime. Of course black people mostly kill other black people, because we live around each other. If you goto a predominantly black event or concert, and nobody speaks to you – its because nobody was feeling you, it didnt have nothing to do with you being black ya dumb hoe! She walked through the door with the energy that no black man would talk to her, and no one did. Like duh!
        She’s just another self-hating wannabe bed wench, who was hurt tremendously by the black men in her life.
        Ive been hurt and disappointed too but it never even crossed my mind that all black men weren’t shit. Of course if I got hurt, it had to be a black man. I dont deal with any other kind!!! lmao (But then again, Im from a different era)
        It’s nothing but another form of hardcore anti-blackness at its finest, and like kushite stated–black people are in a zombie like state. Like how the fuck you cant deduce that if you only date black people, then for good or bad, you are going to either be in heaven or hell with……other black people!!
        we’re the only race that…..chile
        But then again Im from a different

      • @shanequa – in response to your post about relationships.

        1) I know quite a few BANGIN sistahs that have not been in relationships for a very long time. When I say “bangin”, I mean doctorates and travel the globe regularly.
        So you never had a boyfriend, ITS NOT YOU – there is a drought. And its engineered.

        2) Its a VERY bad idea to date people from your work environment. “dont shit where you sleep”.
        Plus my mom was a court clerk for 28 years, so I know the sheriff/deputy type. Girl most of them are hoes.
        I never dealt with them, but Ive overheard enough from her and her co-workers gabbing.
        My mom did end up marrying a probation officer (obviously he worked in the same building but not the same floor).

        3) A degree does NOT make you intelligent, I cannot stress this enough.
        PLEASE dont use this as a pre-requisite in vetting brothas for relationship purposes. It’s very incorrect b/c it leads to nonconstructive outcomes. It doesnt correspond to values, and it doesnt make you a good person. I think this a HUGE mistake that black women make, looking at a degree as this major asset. Trust me, at the end of the day, you want a) sexual attraction, b) good father, c) good husband. And not necessarily in that order.
        Because of the system that we live in that purposely raises black above black men in order to creat dissension (sp?), there are not alot of perfect men to choose from.

      • Oh, I wanted to add to #1 that “bangin” includes attractiveness as well. Im talking about paid, educated, fit, extensively traveled AND attractive black women…..that cannot get a man—because they dont date outside their race.

        Dating in the 90s was way easier, teehee.

      • @ Kushite Prince

        I wasn’t allowed to date in high school so no I didn’t have a boyfriend nor was ask out. When I got to college there were men who had there eyes on me but wanted a booty call. I don’t know what it is about me but I keep getting men who are attracted to me but are already taken or playboys.

      • @ Kushite Prince

        My parents were strict furthermore I was a loner in school I talk to people but kept it moving.

      • I was kind of an introvert in high school. But I did go out with friends now and then. I broke out of my shell a lot more when I got in college. But I knew a lot of loners like you in school.

      • Furthermore I was little more mature then the people I went to high school with. I was a no non sense person didn’t have time for foolishness. Also I spent most of my high school years reading black adult literature from Terry McMillian, Bebe Campbell Moore, Ice Berg Slims, Donald Goines and etc. What the female in high school were trying to experience or already experience I was reading about it in books.

      • “Sounds like he’s playing games. He’s acting like a little boy rather than a man. Either that or he was never really into you”

        I forgot to mention this to you but I don’t like being taken advantage of period. I didn’t approach him he approach me because I was mining my business. A man should know what type of woman he wants when he approach them. Furthermore my coworker & female friend told me I can find someone much better then him. This same coworker who just recently told me that he was having relations with a lady that use to work there. He was also taking advantage of her during that time. I also found out she was going married or going through a divorce to a man that use to beat her.

      • Man that’s crazy right there! I’ve seen that myself. There can be a lot of drama when dating in the workplace. It ca be like a soap opera. That’s why many people don’t want to date their fellow co-workers.

  2. Kushite, you got that right, they already using police departments to do their dirty walk. The Baltimore police department is under a major investigation for planting drugs on black citizens of that city. GOD BLESS

  3. @ KJ

    I agree with your post. I guess it must be nation wide that police officers are hoes because I was warn about them on my job. I had one flirt with me that wear his wedding ring on the wrong finger. I also notice a lot of the older men that are over 50 years of age have young girlfriends or wives that work there. These women are in there 20’s & 30’s years of age.

    “1) I know quite a few BANGIN sistahs that have not been in relationships for a very long time. When I say “bangin”, I mean doctorates and travel the globe regularly.
    So you never had a boyfriend, ITS NOT YOU – there is a drought. And its engineered.”

    By this statement the only options black women will have is to be alone, interracial relationships, or lesbian.

  4. I try to remain optimistic. Being a lesbian is not something that would cross my mind as an option, lol.
    there are some cities that are better than others. Ive found philly and detroit good places to date. Houston seems like it.
    Denver, atlanta – horrible. Ive heard DC is daring hell also.
    So that is another factor. There are a lot of factors, so just enjoy life and do you. Your situation is not uncommon, I just want you to know that,

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