Boxing Match:Mayweather vs McGregor(Black Power vs White Power)


I’m not sure how many of you follow boxing.  But there’s a big boxing match coming up.  The date is set for August 26,2017 in Las Vgeas. I think it could break pay-per view records. The boxing champ is Floyd Mayweather.  Mayweather has held the welterweight,light welterweight and light middleweight title. His challenger is MMA fighter Conor McGregor.  A boxer fighting a mixed martial artist is a bit unconventional.   McGregor has never even had an amateur boxing match.  Mayweather shouldn’t even be fighting this clown.  So I understand why some die hard boxing fans are against this.  They feel it’s disrespectful to the sport of boxing.  But this is clearly for the money.  Both fighters are looking to cash in. But boxing is about big fighters with big names.  And the truth is Mayweather has beaten all top contenders. Mayweather is a big loud mouth.  He’s great at trash talking and it really pisses off a lot of boxing fans.  This is a pattern that has gone on for many years.  Back in the sixties and seventies you had Muhammad Ali.  Ali didn’t want to go to Vietnam for religious reasons.  But many whites saw that has disrespectful and looked at Ali has a traitor to his country.  Many whites wanted to see Ali lose his heavyweight title.  Mayweather is much different than Ali.  Mayweather doesn’t really speak up for black people and is apolitical for the most part.  He is very flashy with his money and it turns off a lot of people. And he is currently have trouble with the IRS.  I know many black people that don’t like him.  But most I know will be rooting for him against McGregor.  Conor McGregor talks a lot of trash too.  But of course it’s a double standard when it’s a white man. Some say Conor is a racist.  Not a big surprise there right?

The bottom line is white people are always looking for their “great white hope”.  And they are really excited about tis fight.  As a matter of fact,most non-blacks always root against the black man.  Most Mexicans,Asians  and whites are going for McGregor.  I know Mexican coworkers that hate Mayweather with a passion. Most of them can’t stand to see a black man at the top of any sport.  They know they can’t compete with black men in basketball or football. That’s why so many Mexicans like soccer. They like sports where they can see themselves.  Nothing wrong with that.  But boxing is about one on one power.  And when a black man dominates in an individual sport they don’t like it.  And make no mistake this fight represents Black power vs White power.  That’s why boxing matches that are interracial create the most buzz.  Mayweather is American right?  McGregor is from Dublin,Ireland.  So where are the white Americans rooting for fellow American Mayweather?? I don’t see very many.  That’s because race trumps nationality.  It’s the same reason most whites root against Serena Williams even when she faces foreign tennis players.  Her black skin makes her an “other”.  Whites see her has different.  It’s the same with Mayweather.  Most whites want to see his 48-0 record broken.  Who better to blemish his record than a white man.  They are hoping for the “luck of the Irish”.


Am I a huge Mayweather fan?  Not really.  He’s not pro-black or a Pan African.  As a matter of fact,he was asked a few years ago about helping out African.  He replied “What has Africa done for me?”  So he’s obviously not a very conscious black man.  He’s a loud mouth to likes to show off his expensive cars and planes.  But he has the right to spend his money any way he likes.  I’m not mad at him for his success.  I just wish he was a more positive role model.  I think he could do a better job at inspiring black youth who dream of big success.  Having said that, I still would like him to beat Conor in their bout.  I’m lookin at the bigger picture.  I think it’s important from a historical boxing perspective.  Many whites don’t want him to break the boxing record held by heavyweight champ Rocky Marciano.  Marciano was the heavyweight champion from 1952-1956.  He is a big hero in many Italian neighborhoods. His record was 49-0.  He never loss one fight.   But he only defended his title six times.  That’s not very much in my opinion. Other champs have defended it many more times. Not only that but  he beat a lot of weak fighters and their is speculation that many boxers threw those fights.  Boxing was(and still is) controlled by the mafia from what I understand.  And I think these Jewish promoters and Italian mobsters don’t want Marciano’s record broken.  And definitely not broken by a black fighter.  Mayweather has already tied Marciano at 49-0.  That’s why if he beats Conor his record will be 50-0.  But there’s a catch! If Mayweather beats him this win will have an asterick(*) next to it.  Conor is not a “real” professional boxer.  So whites people will be able to say Mayweather’s last fight was not against a real boxer so it doesn’t really count.  In their minds he’ll still be tied with Marciano.  And the record by their “great white hope” will still stand.  They sure are slick aren’t they?  White people never miss a chance to put one past you.  But regardless I still hope Floyd beats his ass!  Just on principle alone.

47 thoughts on “Boxing Match:Mayweather vs McGregor(Black Power vs White Power)

  1. Hey Prince! I was not familiar with this fight so thank you for the insight. I agree, it’s about money and trying to foment the whole “magical negro” caricature. Great post.

    I don’t care for Mayweather, but I also hope he wins. I wish I could have been around see Ali, Mayweather’s kind of boring to me. One dimensional and a material glutton

    • Yeah I know what you mean. Mayweather seems really full of I’m all fro black people making money and having nice things. But he seems like he’s only about himself. I guess it’s a part of living in this me-centric But I don’t like Conor either. He’s very pompous in my opinion. And he’s being hyped as the “great white hope” by the media. Floyd is not the greatest role model for black children. But like I said just on principle alone I hope he wins. I know all those white fans will be upset. That’s enough for

      • I hope Mayweather win too. I remember the time when he fought Oscar Dela Hoya, the non black Hispanic community wanted Mayweather to lose. During the Olympic gymnastics I cheered for Dominic Dawes, Gabby Douglas, & Simone Biles too win big when they played. I cheer on any black man or woman too win when completing against other races. I was upset when Zab Judah lose against a non black boxer. I was even hurt when Gabby Douglas didn’t when she lost from winning a individual metal in gymnastics.

      • I’m the same way. When I watch the Olympics I always pull for black athletes against all non-blacks. No matter what the event. Yeah I thought Zab Judah should’ve won that fight. But the Mexicans hate Mayweather. I saw Mexicans with t-shirts that said Gayweather on them. They are some really racist people. They try to deny it all the time but it’s an act. Their culture is extremely anti-black.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        Those racist Latino’s be wanting Mayweather to lose against there weak boxers.

  2. The white supremacy is banking for Mayweather too lose was a good video. I strongly agree with the man in the video non black people want Mayweather to fail. This is what happen to alot of our black celebrities win they are undefeated at the top especially making money. White people have there targets on certain black celebrities they want to bring down. Now they are attacking Floyd Mayweather the next in line will be Jay z & Beyonce. White folks still trying to find there white Beyonce because no white female singers can complete with her. Non white people get envious of black men & women when they are at the best of what they do an undefeated

    • The white media loves to build up black entertainers and athletes. They shower them with awards and money. But deep down they want to bring them down. It’s all a set up. I do think Beyoncé and Jay Z will get their time as well. But for the moment they are doing everything their masters want them to. They are good little puppets. But their time will come as well.

  3. Yes, whites have their bases covered this from every angle–you already know. Plus, they are natural born hypocrites/liars, and spinners of confusion, so it doesnt matter either way.

    Floyd doesnt need anymore money I hope. If he does, something’s not right. If he’s in tax trouble, he was deliberately set up by his legal/financial team b/c there is NO REASON he shouldnt be paying his taxes, as well as having a plethora of real estate and businesses to offset his tax obligations (like all the rich white people do).

    This mcgegor fight is a dumb idea. Mayweather’s only getting older,and theres alot of up and comin young cats that are hungry for the crown. IMO, its goes against logic to beleive that there are no worthy contenders On this planet. He’s not superhuman. Like you mentioned Kushite, boxing is very controlled. If theres no worthy contenders, then “they” dont want there to be.

    • I know what you mean KJ. But the media is playing off the race angle. They know all these racist Irish fans think they’re better than black people. And like I said,most f the Asians,Mexicans nd whites pull for Conor. This fight shouldn’t even be happening. Conor is a MMA fighter. Floyd is doing him a huge favor for even considering this fight. It will be a BIG payday for both fighters. And a big payday for Showtime for showing the fight.

  4. @kushite don’t you find it funny and ironic that white Americans are supporting the Irish guy McGregor, instead of the American Floyd Mayweather, they really are some hypocrites, what happened to supporting all “americans”, they are also the first ones to support white Americans in international matches games etc. but not a black American especially when they go against a white person it really angers them.

  5. I could care less. Think about this Kush. How many pro-fighters have spit venom/vitriol toward Mayweather in chance to fight him? Many. This troglodyte, who got smashed by Nate Diaz on 2 weeks notice, challenges him and he takes the fight? U are only helping a white economy. UFC fighters get paid jack shit compared to any sport. This leprechaun can retire eeeeeeeem if he lose. He could’ve gave an up & coming brother a fight to propel him to new heights eeeeeem if he loss and box office numbers wasn’t so great. This is no different than bm who choose ww over bw.

    R.apist Kelly back at it again. I REPEAT! U CAN’T BE PRO-BLACK AND SUPPORT PEDOPHILES. If U sill listen and/or support this clown after Aaliyah and/or him pissing on babies, KILL YOURSELVES.

    • You know what Nat,that’s a very interesting perspective. I don’t think I’ve heard anyone mention that. You’re right this dude got his ass kicked by Nate Diaz. Mayweather could’ve helped an up and coming black fighter trying to make a name for himself. But like I said,this was about getting fighters with big names. And Conor has made a name for himself by talking trash to opponents. But I’m glad you brought that up. That is a very good point! I also have a post about R. Kelly coming up. Stay tuned!

    • Yes I think many people will watch it out of the curiosity factor. It’s become a huge spectacle. I think because of the race factor it has created a lot of interest. It could break pay per view records. We shall see!

  6. Boxing has always been a scumbag sport tainted by the Mafia and Dirty White politicians. People got fake morals for an obvious reason. Floyd is uneducated and doesn’t articulate himself so well at times. Floyd Mayweather is a God Send for Sports. McGregor copied his blueprint and has McGregor SPorts and Entertainment. Now look at future Hall of Famer, Manny Pacquaio, crackers moved on and fucked him over and he will never see the kind of money Floyd will.

    • Yes you can tell he’s uneducated. And according to his former friend rapper 50 cent,he can’t read very well. But I’ve always said that Mayweather has a great business sense. Black athletes can learn a lot from him. He has created a great blueprint for others to follow. You’re right,McGregor copied him. And yes they screwed over Pacquaio!

  7. Mayweather cleaned up boxing, took out the drug users Pacquaio, gave a Black man a CEO JOB and has African fighters in his camp whom he buys homes and cars for. Andrew Thabiti from Nigeria being one. Floyd does stuff for Africa, he just don’t like to show it off nor does he like people telling him how to spend his money.

    • He has African fighters?? I didn’t know that. I’ll have to look up that fighter. I guess he’s a private person and keeps somethings to himself. But you’re right,he doesn’t like people telling him what to do. Or how to spend his money. I think that’s why he comes off arrogant to many people. But it is his money and he can do whatever he wants with it. Thanks for that information too.

  8. This is a money grab fight. If Mayweather somehow loses….everybody will know the fight was rigged….regardless Mayweather and McGreggor still win regardless of the outcome.

    • Yes that’s true. It’s a big pay day for both fighters. And total revenues could be as much as $500 million! That’s a lot of cash! If the numbers are correct I hear that Conor could get $70 million for the fight. And Mayweather could get a whopping $230 million! If this is his last fight that’s a nice retirement plan!LOL!!

  9. @ Kushite Prince

    Do you have a email account I can reach I need your advice on something. The issue is about black men.

  10. Everything that is happening to Black people right now is divine. The alignments are coming into place that will bring forth a consciousness shift on this planet. White people are DYING off! It is time for them to go. Everything they do will FAIL. I see this fight as a trumpet of sorts to signal that. Floyd will win this fight. From this, many other successes will advance Black people; allowing for the changing of the guard that is to occur. God is replacing the system of White Supremacy system with a system of Justice.

    • I really hope so. We are currently in a corrupt racist hypocritical shits-tem. There is NO justice or equality and never has been. The faster this modern day Babylon falls..the better! From your mouth…to God’s ears. Thanks for the comment.

    • @ Truthangel07 & Kushite Prince

      “The alignments are coming into place that will bring forth a consciousness shift on this planet.”

      Truthangel07, I wonder could everything you stated be tied up to the documentary “The Africans in Asia” because it mention a certain time period the black messiah will return. The temple is the Angkor Wat temple in Cambodia that tells our history on stone. I’ve also notice how time is going by much faster as usual.

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