Bakari Henderson beaten to death: Why didn’t his white friends help?


Bakari Henderson was  beaten to death last week in the Greek Islands. He was only 22 years old with his whole life ahead of him. It was at a nightclub by a group of racist Serbians.  I heard that he had taken a picture with a white women.  And I guess the Serbian guys didn’t like that too much. He was beaten by a bouncer,bartender and six tourists. Henderson was with a group of white “friends”.  His so called friends say how much they loved him and cared for him.  So…why didn’t they intervene?  Since they loved him so much. This is a damn shame!


I feel bad for this young brother.  I feel bad anytime there is the loss of black life. I feel for his family as well.   But we have to be honest. He put himself in harms way.  It doesn’t matter if they were Serbians.  Europeans are the same no matter where you go.  First things first. Going out with a white woman and a group of white friends to Europe is a bad move!  No black friends in sight. Europe is rampant with racism.  The anti-blackness is through the roof!  But I think he was young and naïve.  I guess he didn’t know it at the time put he put himself in danger by doing that.  Black people need to understand this when they travel abroad.  Places like Europe and Middle east are very anti-black.  I’m not saying you shouldn’t travel.  I think black people should get a passport and travel more.  But just be smart about it.  Go with someone that has been to the country before.  And go with a group of other black people.  Whether they are family or personal friends.  Just make sure it’s some people that aren’t going to  just stand around like cowards while  you’re getting beat to death.  A lot of our people have bought into the idea of being color blind.  Or that “loves sees no color”.  Well if you think like that you need to snap out of that fantasy.  It could be a matter of life and death. Let Bakari be a lesson to others. Peace.

67 thoughts on “Bakari Henderson beaten to death: Why didn’t his white friends help?

  1. I feel for him and his family too. I’d probably be in jail or dead if Bakari was my relative or friend. AND there are so many exclusively Black sites now with all kinds of guides for Africans traveling abroad. It is sad, nonetheless.

  2. Honestly, I don’t feel sorry or bad for him or his family. But, I respect his White friends. Why fight White Serbians over some Black token friend? I wish Africans had the mentality. Lets say I go on a business trip and some South African brothers are beating some devil I work with. You think im going to fight my black brothers for some cracker? Hell no. That is his problem.

    If you got killed by a cop. Bakari would be like it was his attitude… I grew up with dudes like Bakari some of the are exteremly bigoted towards Blacks. But as I always say its a PRICE TO PAY for integration and Blacks shouldnt cry about it. Whites have let you know it feel but you seem to aim full steam ahead with wanting to join them.

    • Look I’m not some heartless bastard. I talk about how I care about black life so I don’t want people accusing me of being a hypocrite. But I think he was young and not very experienced on how racism functions. He was only 22 years old and apparently his family didn’t educate him on white racism. If anyone is to blame it’s his mother and father. They are from Texas and I’ve been too Dallas and San Antonio. Texas is full of redneck wannabe cowboys. So I know his parents know about racist ass cowboys. They should have never let their son go on that European trip. I understand people are calling Bakari a coon and sellout. Maybe he was to a certain extent. But I’m much older than Bakari. I know black men who came into black consciousness in their late 20’s. Or even later than that. I just feel bad that young black men and women are being killed so young before realizing their mistakes. We have to educate black children at an early age that this is a world controlled by racial groups. That way we can avoid anymore future Bakari’s. I know that white people are the same all over the world. And we have to be sure that black children know this fact.

      • I’m a little bit of everything. I use my discernment though. It will always be Bakaris. I don’t know where you grew up at but guys like Bakari will you a Nigger, Thug or anything else just for arguing with a WHite person. I am heartless and I am kind and loving I have a balance and I try to stay emotionally balanced. I don’t care aout all Black people. Trayvon Martin I was crushed, because he was a good brother, Mike Brown I was crushed, Ayiana Jones…Bakari I don’t know him but I know him. I did not call him a coon or a sellout. He’s dead. I just simply am not said nor would have I saved him if i could. 22 years old is quite old. Many Black people come into consciousness in their lates 20s and early 30s because they were rejected by White dominante society. I don’t want the White mans left over negroes. I apologize if I offended you though, you are one of my best subscribers and I enjoyr your articles so please delete my commnets. I will say no more on the subject.

      • No it’s cool. I know exactly where you’re coming from. I know quite a few Bakari’s so to speak. But you have the right to express yourself. I allow my subscribers to say whatever they want. I don’t filter the comments. Even if they disagree with me. That’s how you resolve issues. But just to be clear I wasn’t saying you called him a coon or sellout. I just saw a few black people calling him that on YouTube. But I understand the frustration many black people have at the moment. Those of us that are “awake” wish our brothers and sisters could SEE what we see. Some of us understand the European mind better than others. I just think we all need to do what we can to prevent anymore Bakari’s. But I understand what you’re saying. You’re not alone in your sentiments.

      • I am not big on speaking on dead people unless they are White in a poor fashion. I am not going to call a 22 year old a coon or sellout who just got murdered. Not that I care but I think dead people for the most part give your opinion but don’t just jump out the window. Lots of these Blacks hate Bakarahi because they were jealous of him. Lots of these pesudo pro Blacks just dont have the confidence nor the social status to attrack middle class Whites.

      • Yes I know blacks like that. I knew some in high school that wanted to be best friends with whites. Always wanted to go to parties at their homes. They desperately wanted to be accepted by white people. It gave them a sense of worth. It’s really quite pathetic.

  3. There is no such thing as a white friend and some have to die to finally get that message.

    This story is highly sus to me. I’ve read it and even watched some news reports and I still can’t understand what happened.

    • Yes this is white I put “friend” in quotes. Bakari should’ve never been in this position. They beat this man really bad. I heard they punched him with brass knuckles!! For what?? Taking pictures with some white girl?? This is a damn shame! His so called friends did nothing from what I hear. This is really despicable!

  4. @ Everybody:

    I have watched the Radical Home Goddess’ video (above) about this case. Here are some others. Warning — some of these videos contain profanity.

    • I was thinking that too Honey. What type of friends did he have? Not true friends in my opinion. How do you watch a friend get pummeled to death…..and do nothing? It’s disgusting!

  5. I’m not feeling much on this story. I don’t think he should have been pummeled to death, but unfortunately, he is a casualty of war. He flew right into enemy territory with ZERO protection- bad move. I’m tired of white-identified negroes. If anything, I blame his parents for raising him to be a sitting duck.

    Some blacks REFUSE to acknowledge that we are at war. They think by having white friends, sexing white women, and travelling to white locations makes them accept you: WRONG!

    And let’s be honest, I don’t blame his friends for staying out of it. If you’re a white man, why would you get your ass beat for your enemy? That’s the cold reality of it all. Like the poster said above, blacks need to start adopting this mentality if we are going to win.

    Don’t feel too bad for him. In the end he died surrounded by the people he loved.

    • @ reality_check
      Instead of Bakari Henderson running away from the fire the negro ran right into the fire. I wonder what was his final thoughts when he realize his life was endanger. You are right at least he died being around the people he love.

    • Then let this be a wake up call. Maybe all the colorblind black people will see the light. We are definitely in a WAR!!! Maybe his death can be an example of what NOT to do.

  6. Very sad but true. Only travel with ride or die friends. Friends should have each other’s backs. Who need enemies with coward friends that Bakari was traveling with. I would be very devastated to learn that Bakar’s friends were there and did nothing to help him. It appears that Bakari was clueless to the environment he was in and the evilness that was leaking.

    • That’s the problem Lisa. he was totally clueless to his surroundings. Maybe he thought by having white buddies that would shield him from any racism. He could just point to them and say “I’m with them”. His friends were truly cowards. And I agree,you need ride or die friends. Friends that will go to war with you.

    • It really is sad. I blame his parents. They should’ve educated him about racism and how it operates. He put himself in danger. And his white “buddies” did nothing! It makes me sick to my stomach! I’m sure you’ll do a post on this incident. I’d love to hear your take.

      • His parents raised him to be white-identified, so I doubt they were in the position to teach him anything about racism.

        I was having this very discussion with a friend of mine last night. He has three sons, one of which has a white wife. I asked him if he raised his sons to stay far away from white women. He gave me some mealy-mouthed answer which basically equated to NO. I just shook my head. Most negroes will never learn.

        Trust there will be more Bakaris as this war wages on…this is just the beginning.

      • Your friend is making a huge mistake. Black fathers have to warn their sons to stay away from these cave women. Same goes for black girls. They need to know that a white man is not your natural mate. We have to teach black children about black love and black unity. Otherwise this will keep happening. But I’m afraid you might be right. This might be the beginning of many more incidents like this to come.

  7. First of all we need to realize Bakari Henderson is a victim of white supremacy. Secondly when we as a black community don’t teach our black children about racism, they’ll end up becoming a victim. Rule number one, we as black people have no friends the only friends we have is each other. Also black people do not need to be in surrounding areas when they are out number by non black people. It only leads them to be a easy target by white supremacy.

    “His so called friends say how much they loved him and cared for him. So…why didn’t they intervene? ” Barkari Henderson was a token negro in the eyes of his white friends and no threat to the white supremacy power structure. The real reason why Bakari Henderson friends didn’t intervene they never were his friends furthermore white people don’t trust black people period especially when we are at war with each other. Lets be real just by looking at those photo’s of Bakari Hendenson he had an obsession for whiteness. Also the young man gotten to comfortable being around a sea of white people.” It was at a nightclub by a group of racist Serbians. I heard that he had taken a picture with a white women.” Non black women are going to be the death of these self hating negro men.

    History have proven to us time & time again non black people can’t be trusted. One things these token black men & women fail to realize anything that is closest to white master were the first ones to be killed in a slave revolt by whites. Being a negro token will not get these negroes anywhere.

    • I think token negroes just got their wake up call! But those of us that know this game..this is not news to us. Whites in Europe are the same as whites in Canada,UK or the USA.

  8. Being a black person living about 21 years in Europe, I can say,African America or black people who come from Americas should realizes just because white America are racist doesn’t mean Europeans their bloodline brothers love blacks!
    Blacks who live in Europe know that East Europe,or country like Spain,Italy,Greece,and other European countries are racist,they don’t love blacks!
    All my life I never travel in East Europe or Greece,because I know their hatred from blacks is so deep,that everything they do to you,they can get away like nothing happen!
    I saw some video on YouTube,of BW say why Italian men like black women,
    or other stupid stuff! I lived in Italy,the reality is Italian,Greeks,Spanish men think BW are prostitutes but the majority of European men have these mentality!
    Some BW complained about have been harassed by European men,during they traveled!
    They don’t love or respect BW,just because they are friendly with you doesn’t mean they like you,they just see you as N@@g!
    Also in Europe there are an illegal human traffic of African people run by Arabs countries which involve European countries!
    Myself I am black Italian,and the Italian people they never saw me as equal to them,they always saw me as what really I am “BLACK!”.

    • Very true Nubian! You are always black FIRST to these people. And they will let you know it real quick! Growing up people told me that Italians loved black people. What a damn lie!! I have friend that went there and said they were racist as hell! Same with Paris,France. The “city of love”. They have NO love for black people!

  9. The list of the Worst countries for blacks!
    I agree everything this sister she said,they don’t like us, I am seeing everyday,they want be only them,in their circle of friends,communities,party and jobs!
    If you have job interviews and you are the few melanin people in the group,the white interviewer want only listen the white groups! But when they want to break their white boring routine,than they come to you saying,”I like BW or BM,I like black culture and blablabla!” You sane black person would you believe in their insanity?

    • That is a great list Nubian! I want everyone to check out that site. And be sure to read it before they start traveling to just any place. It’s important to do research before taking any trips. Thanks for the link!

  10. @Kushite this is the new that sevenkingsblog@ always talked about!
    These news black American don’t hear from Europe because for censure!

    That list about the worst countries are include Greece,Spain and Italy,it’s not coincident,because is reality!
    What you said before,blacks should do research before plane to go for trip,that sister said on that video wp hate wp, it’s true, West European people hate East Europeans,most European countries are poor and ignorant!
    I hope black Americans wake up that white supremacy is epidemic evil global system,doesn’t have border!
    I will never go in East Europe!

  11. @reality_check these videos aren’t fake this is a sad but true reality,it’s true there are African human traffic in Europe,illegal organizations run by Arab countries which involve also European countries!

  12. White people and Black people can never be true friends. I also smh at all the BW travel groups who specifically go to Europe looking for love then come back and try to convince BW who are not impressed by WM that Europe is not racist since WM there lust after and want to sleep with BW. Black people should be able to travel all around the world, just remain coded. White people are the same everywhere.

    • Very true Cara. Like I said,we should be able to travel if we want. But we can’t be naïve about white supremacy. That is a recipe for disaster! Like you said…we must stay on code at all times. You can’t let your guard down when traveling to these European countries.

    • I see this alot on lisptick alley. They have a lot of bed wenches over there. Some of them actually think these men want to marry them! Madness.
      I tell them they are seen by these dirty white men as black american sluts and rapeable. These probably the same women who support the “cat whistle” law that will make it illegal for black men to speak to white females–and black females too *side eye*
      I agree, we should travel the WHOLE world. Dr Welsing first trip overseas was to germany. But we must remain codified.
      Off topic, but this incident reminds me of a news story from May. Mary j blige broke up a fight between two white women at a party at Cannes. Im like ummm, first of all–they would never do the same for you, they mos def wouldve let her ass get stomped out by whomever (just like this young man). Secondly, getting between two whites fighting is most uncodified, they dont need nor want our assistsnce. A white male mightve confused her for the aggressor, and knocked her out. She couldve ended up arrested and blamed, or arrested when one of them dropped their coke.
      Thirdly, mary was acting like the help, playing security to these snowflakes. They have people for that.
      Most of us dont understand white supremacy, regardless of age.

      • Unfortunately, Mary J. is not alone in her behavior. Blacks have been conditioned to put white folks’ well-being ahead of our own. You see this on the micro level.

        I’ll give you an example: I was discussing this with a co-worker. He was saying that he was in the grocery store and his kid got the last sugary snack on the shelf. This white kid also wanted the snack. My friend made his kid give the snack to the white kid. I pointed out to him the error in his actions and that a white parent would NEVER make their child sacrifice for your child. After I broke it down, he agreed with me.

        Just goes to show you how we have been mentally broken.

      • I went on Lsa one time and most of the black “women” on that site are white men and women, along with Asian women pretending to be black I only believe 1 percent of that site is really black people.

      • @reality_check

        Thats a prime example. Im glad you were able to turn it into a constructive moment; which can be tricky. Be sure to turn your friend onto the Cows podcast, if possible.

        You are so right too….

        I dont have kids, but
        I wish the f**k I would allow the white child the last snack! Thats a terrible belief to imbed in your child’s subconscious, and not-so-subconscious.

  13. I only began to understand the scope of racism and white supremacy 2-3 years ago, and Im 40 years old. Most black people goto their graves never truly understanding it, imo.
    Especially prior to the tech era when we couldnt easily access blogs like this one, or stumble upon conscious youtube channels that teach us about scholars and direct us to the necessary reading.
    Add to that, black confusion is at an all-time high amongst the younger generation. And thats saying alot, because confusion has never not been high.
    The fact that europe is still seen as a rite of passage, the top go-to destination, and the necessary 1st trans-oceanic voyage above all other possible continents, is a sign that confusion has not let up. I hate when I see black people flexing in europe, over and over, and they just keep returning like its the ultimate and only. We never see black people yachting off of sierra leone or ethiopia or mozambique. I want us to innately choose those destinations as our FIRST overseas trips, as the must-see for us. Not europe.
    So I definitely wouldnt expect a 20-something african american to know better than to do what he did. My only trans-oceanic trip was to france, in my twenties, and I went over there, did alot of drinking, wandering around, etc, thinking I was doing something. Most of us are deeply confused. Every five minutes I see a black person with their white “friend” or “mate”. Most of us cant be codified in our own backyard (the USA) so how we gonna be codified globally. He was a child, in a world where most older black people dont even understand white supremacy.
    Its our job to teach the next generation. Ive been planning how to introduce my younger cousin to the system of racism and w/s without sounding extremist. Cuz you know we’re quick to defend and rationalize w/s, we’ll goto any length to beleive in the mythos of the “good white person”.
    I feel for that brothers family, you know it had to be hella difficult and expensive to go over there and find out what happened.

    On another note, I am finally reading Yurugu!!!

    • Very good point KJ. Why don’t young black adults want to go to Africa? We have been fed this false idea that Europe is the place to go. I’ve had black people tell me they want to go so Spain or Paris. But rarely do they say Ghana,Tanzania or Kenya. That has to change. We must teach our children that visiting the Motherland is a positive thing. Going to Africa should be seen as a rite of passage. Thanks for that great comment.

    • This post is spot on!!! Thank you!!!!

      I was asleep until about the age 23, then I found abagonds blog and read the post “there is nothing wrong with being black” that post, is the genesis of my a-wakefulness.

      I’m 26 now and over the years I’ve gone through periods of deep sleep. On the order of months, mind you and then I have the “nigger moment” and I’m snapped out of my sleep and awoken to reality. W/s is afoot wherever I go. It never lets up. And the only solution my “friends” tell me is to change how I react to the situation.

      That advice is played out. Wouldn’t save Mr. Henderson here, would it?

  14. The young brotha found out the hard way that he was hated. On a planet where white is the minority, we flock to the continent where we are hated and despised, smh.

  15. Kushite, The problem I have is that he was a graduate & he was searching sites to start a business. If you notice ,majority of the bm being killed by whites are productive members of society. We have to be better at protecting ourselves. Fear not ,Europe is broke & the most of the Middle East is in ruins. Again, look to GOD & be prepared to protect yourself. GOD BLESS

  16. Kushite, now I give some news to make you proud. Ghana sent a shuttle to space, did you hear about the 15 yo who inked a deal with the NBA ,there are 400 thousand more bm in college than in prison & the most prestigious college in the world Oxford University will have the highest enrollment of bp starting this fall.If you to go to the twitter account of the Black News Outlet or Network, it tells you what black people accomplish everyday. Despite our trials & tribulations We still rise. GOD BLESS

    • Yes we still rise brother. I will have to check out Black News Outlet. Blacks going to Oxford???Hmmmmm…..I think we need our own African centered schools. These white colleges don’t prepare our people properly to deal with Europeans. It’s time to start nation building. Although I know not all black people will want black schools. But those of us of like mind need to do this. White education creates well trained servants.

      • I’m with you Kushite. The more I learn, I’m just not impressed with Ivy League schools.

        I get into this discussion all the time with blacks, but the truth of the matter is that Ivy League DOES NOT work for blacks. IMO it’s not worth paying the premium. As a black, you’re still going to experience racism, so that diminishes the return on those institutions.

        Blacks going to Oxford?……..*yawn*. Like Kushite said, I’m more impressed when we develop and maintain our own institutions of higher education.

        That’s just where I am in this point in life.

  17. The article is right. I am greek and i know some things about the greek islands.Well 7 per cent of greeks are racist .The other 93 left are normal people.Most of greeks like black people because we love basketball and we admire atletic potential of blacks.But , other natons like Serbia are having 15 or twenty per cent racist behaviours. In general I am also afraid to go to these kind of bars because english fellows that are the 80 per cent of all tourist in Zakinthos island are always drunk and quite often like to get into trouble.A peaceful island is Rhodes or Crete and the reason is that swedish tourists are prefering it and are the majority(swedish are peaceful -not like english or serbians). Bottom line you have to stay out of trouble and sometimes don”t fight back like poor Bakari.Shame on his friends cause didn’t help or at least say ..ok people, enough ..Remember something else.A lot of europeans are going to gyms and are consuming anabolics to pump up their muscles(again the racists mostly are doing it) and all that chemicals make you extremely aggresive.Be aware that Serbian racists or greek ones not only hate blacks..They also hate and quite often beat or kill white men because they are sosialistic or leftists or perhaps have a tatoo of Che Que Vara..Bottom line come in groups or come on your own only in Creta island or Rhodes island.I am sorry for the loss.Peace to all.

    • So you say you’re Greek? So do you live in Greece? You say that only 7% of Greeks are racist. I find that a little hard to believe. But I’m just curious how you came up with that number.

  18. This is common sense. What concerns me about the situation of Bakari Henderson is that he surrounded himself with white people; but nowhere in his young mind did he question why he was the only Negro in his group. What role does his parents play in all of this. When I was a child growing up in Chicago, the parents all raised their children to be streetwise, observant and discerning. They taught the the “ways of white folks…” and to be ALERT at all times. If you grew up in a mixed or predominantly Black community, this was a no-brainer. Hanging out with whites was taboo and snubbed by the community. Black people were naturally expected to be hip to the game. It was over-stood to Move as a unit; never alone. That was the breakdown with Bakari. He never got schooled. And he paid with his life.

    • Sad but true. I think his parents raised him to be “colorblind”. And we all know what that could lead to. I see negroes like this at the mall and cafe’s all the time. They are the only black person among their white buddies. They look like a pet surrounded by all those white people. And I hope others see this is as an example. If you’re not properly educated on white culture and racism….it could cost you your life!

    • It’s a good thing that I’m learning about the white man’s nature through bloggers like you because we Africans are a majority and don’t have to deal with these genetically recessive hybrid savages. keep up the good work! !!

  19. This young man’s tragic death reminds me of TrojanPam ‘s post : But I have a question for you guys over that side of America. We Africans are fooled by Europeans because we don’t have to deal with them on a daily basis. This is why Africans tend to worship these people and form relationships with them when they come to America or Europe. But I find it difficult to understand how can you guys still hang around these people despite learning about their nature? Ain’t African Americans supposed to guide the African race in terms of race relations?

    • That was a great post by Pam. The reason many African Americans marry and associate with whites because they want to be accepted. Many of our people are in a zombie-like mind state. We love our oppressors and want them to love us. It’s very sick!

    • Hi Scejaman. very good question.
      I am from detroit. when I was growing up detroit was 98% black. Aside from brief encounters with law enforcement, or with mall personelle, I wasnt around white people until college. and even then, I instinctively/exclusively socialized with the 10% black population at my college campus. Me and white people were like two ships passing in the night, they were all around, but they didnt register and I didnt register to them either. It wasnt until I graduated college and joined the workforce, that I had long term contact with whites. I had no clue about racism and I was extremely miserable for a long time, without knowing why. Until I became less confused. With that said, american media is EXTREMELY anti-black. were indoctrinated with self-hatred via the powerful american media (film, tv, books, newspaper, magazine, billboard, etc). even white babies choose a white doll over a black doll, there are studies about this. Even white babies know they are su pposed to hate black people. there are also studies about people in russia who have never actually seen a black person in person, who know to call us “nigger”. You can be indoctrinated with white supremacy and/or anti-blackness without being around the the group. I hope I explained myself well.

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