Serena Williams: Validation through Dilution


There has been much fanfare about the new August cover  of Vanity Fair.  It features tennis great Serena Williams.  The black woman’s body is a beautiful sight to behold.  And a pregnant woman is a glorious representation of new life.  So when I saw the pregnant Williams I first thought it was beautiful.  Then I had to remind myself that she was carrying a white man’s seed.  But Williams is not alone in doing this.  It seems many black athletes,singers,politicians and actors love to dilute their black genetics.  Here’s a short list of black and (some biracial) people who over the years have continued to whiten their bloodline…

Ira Aldridge, Maya Angelou, Kofi Annan, Pearl Bailey, Amiri Baraka, Charles Barkley, Harry Belafonte, Julian Bond, Ed Bradley, Carol Mosely Braun, Lonnie Bristow, Avery Brooks, Georg Sanford Brown, Clarence Williams III, Johnetta Cole, Ward Connerly, Sammy Davis Jr., Father Divine, Frederick Douglass, Marian Wright Edelman, Olaudah Equiano (aka Gustavus Vasa), Franz Fanon, Roberta Flack, Henry Louis Gates, Clarence Gilyard, Cuba Gooding Jr., Berry Gordy, Dorien Harewood, Ken Hamblin, Calvin Hernton, Chester Himes, Gregory Hines, Michael Jackson, LaToya Jackson, Reggie Jackson, C.L.R. James, Rick James, Jack Johnson, James Earl Jones, Quincy Jones, Vernon Jordan, Monica Kaufman, Eartha Kitt, Earl Klugh, Ramsey Lewis, Wynton Marsalis, Ali Mazrui, James McDaniel, Bobby McFerrin, Barbara McNair, Edwin Moses, George Padmore, Clarence Page, Floyd Patterson, Scottie Pippen, Sidney Portier, Richard Pryor, Seal, Lou Rawls, Alphonso Ribiera, Dennis Rodman, J.A. Rogers, Roxie Roker, Diana Ross, Richard Roundtree, Leopold S. Senghor, O.J. Simpson, Mike Singletary, Kanye West, Michael Jordan,Taye Diggs, Kobe Bryant, Iman, Alfre Woodard, Garcelle Beauvais,Marcus Allen,Zoe Saldana,Derek Luke, David Oyelowo,Omar Hardwick,Kristoff St. John, Shelby Steele, Clarence Thomas, Melvin Van Peeples, Ben Vereen, Alice Walker, Hershel Walker, Walter White, Charles V. Willie, Montel Williams, Fred Williamson, Richard Wright, and William Julius Wilson.


Why are we so desperate for white acceptance? Do we not value our African phenotype?  Why do we want to dilute our black genetics?  We are a beautiful people.  We are beautiful with our full lips,dark skin and African textured hair.  We don’t have to be mixed to be considered attractive.  We are taught to hate our own reflection. Over hundreds of years of imperial indoctrination,slavery and colonization we have lost knowledge of self.  They gave us  European mythology full of false white gods and black demons. This is evident by the fact that our most intelligent,successful and athletic even want to reproduce with their oppressor.   Many of these athletes and entertainers don’t see the beauty in themselves.  They can only see beauty in their biracial offspring.  Something that looks less black.  Something less hue-man. They feel by accepting the white penis or  white vagina will exclude them from black pain.  They think by kissing white lips they wont be spat upon by white racism.  But this is delusional. This shows how deep rooted the self hatred can be. Africans are the oldest people on the planet.  The black man is the Original man.  The black woman is the Original woman and the standard of beauty.  All these other races are subspecies. European culture is anti-African by it’s very definition.  But the reality is we don’t need their acceptance or consent for anything.  All we have to do is accept and love ourselves. And once we do that we’ll be taking the first steps in reclaiming power and control over our own destinies.

60 thoughts on “Serena Williams: Validation through Dilution

  1. Cognitive dissonance? Stockholm syndrome? The fact that the black person in these famous or wealthy IR relationships always have to bring soooo much to the table just to get with the most basic white person tells you their mindset. Serena has always been ripped to shreds by white people and still ends up procreating with them. Then again, Serena was never woke and/or is definitely not an expert on racism so I guess, you can say that about most black entertainers who went this route. At least beyonce stayed black.

    • That’s the sad truth Cara. The media always was resentful that Serena was whooping on those white girls. They know she’s the best tennis player. Racism is in sports as it is in all walks of life. And you can’t escape it with fame and fortune. I know was never really conscious but damn! Did she have to go and procreate with the this goofy ass dude! Why take the demon seed? But it’s like I said in the post…we are dying for their acceptance. We want to be loved by them so much. But no matter what yo do to appease these demons they will never see you as equals. She should’ve just keep looking until she found the right black man. As you can tell by the list I put up. The list of us who get rich and run after these albino mutants is way too long. I could’ve listed more. But it just goes to show how much we want to dilute our bloodline with our oppressors. We have to see the beauty in ourselves. It’s the only way to g about it. I see no other way. Dying for the love of your oppressor is backwards thinking and counterproductive in my opinion.

  2. Agreed! We don’t need their acceptance but the word nurtures us to believe that we do. I also think we must stop giving people the title as black just based on their skin color. Melanin does not make you black, consciousness does.

    Great list! Those folks are melanated and not worthy of loyalty or support from blacks. They are ill and very dangerous in their state of being.

    Great post! Have a great day!

    • I see your point. Many times we just support black people because they’re black. But we really have to look at their choices of mates. If they venture outside their race it’s hard for me to take them seriously. All this talking black…and sleeping white doesn’t add up. It’s a contradiction many of us choose to overlook. We can’t do that anymore. And our support for them has to end. It’s time to draw the line in the sand. Many of these black celebs are misleading black youth.

      • What’s dangerous is the implication that Miss Dolezal has any degree of racial consciousness. Fred Hampton was conscious, as was Dr. Bobby Wright, Assata Shakur, and the late great Malcolm X.

        It wasn’t their skin color that made them black, it was their ideology and action.

        What’s dangerous is labeling folk like Clarence Thomas black when they’d lynch any black person just breathe the same air as whites.

  3. Great post! You already know how I feel about our gorgeous, thick-lipped, conscious Black race! Imagine the beautiful, powerful offspring Serena could have created with a Black man!

    • I hear you Kelley! Serena could have made a beautiful super baby with a black man!lol But now she will get a watered down biracial child. She thinks this will put her in good graces with white folks. She will be sadly disappointed. It’s like sending a message to your oppressor. You’re saying “even though you discriminate against me and harm my people…I still love you. I still see the beauty in you. No matter how bad you treat my people I will over look it.” This is a very dangerous mindset.

  4. Lights, camera, action be don’t be surprise seeing Serena Williams white baby daddy hit her up for child support. She’s going to be another Halle Berry with child support issues.

  5. Kushite, if you seen the issues between Black China & Rob Kardashian & that black guy in Greece that got killed, the SYSBM & Swirl nation movement can go jump in the lake. Black men & black women :White people are not your friends. Now what is troubling is that the white friends of that black guy in Greece did not lift a finger to help him. I don’t hate white people, but I learned to keep them at a distance. GOD BLESS

    • Black media is not paying that black man that died in Greece any shine because blacks have thrown those blacks that want to surround themselves with whites to the dogs.

      He died surrounded around the people he loved. Hope it was worth it.

    • Those filthy racist Serbians murdered that brother in cold blood! They beat him to death!! And none of his white friends jumped in to help him. They just watched him get pummeled to death! Let that be a lesson to those of us that travel globally. Whites are the same everywhere. And that goes for Arabs,Serbians,Greeks or anyone else. Anti-blackness is global. WE need to learn this fact so that we don’t put ourselves in harm’s way.

      • I don’t see blacks shedding too many tears. He didn’t look like the type that would be a benefit to black community anyway.

      • Any black life is sad in my opinion. The brother may have been friendly with too many whites but it’s still the loss of life. Maybe he was ignorant to white supremacy but he didn’t deserve to be beaten to death like that. But some of us are more cold hearted than others.

  6. @sevenkingsblog You know, I was to say the same thing about that news,
    I listened yesterday about that black guy who he has been murdered in Greece by 8 white guys, and his white friends,they didn’t do anything only watching that poor guys beaten to die!
    Black people doesn’t want to learn that white supremacy doesn’t exist only in America but it’s international! European are racist as white America people same bloodline of murderers!
    I think that black guy was flirting with some Becky in that pub,and these white dudes got nerves see that, that’s happen when you mess up with these cave beast female!
    When black people will learn?

  7. I am disappointed in Serena Williams…very disappointed. However, I must say…speaking objectively…Serena has struck out many times over with black men. Let’s keep it real…..unfortunately, many of the black men on her status or above are trying to swirl with Becky, so I can see how the temptation to hop over the fence is strong.

    I hope I’m wrong, but I don’t see longevity in this arrangement she’s placed herself in.

  8. Kushite, did you hear that Munich, Germany, Marseille, France & Oslo, Norway populations ,the minorities are the majority now. That’s right African immigrants are flowing to Europe with no end in sight. GOD BLESS

      • Yes,the Chinese & Europeans are there for African resources. They need Africa, not the other way around. Also many African governments are drawing up laws to reconfiscate the land that was taken illegally. # We’ll see

    • That’s why those Europeans are so upset. But what about all the whites in Africa? They’re all invaders are colonizers. I say they can have filthy Europe. I would just be happy if all the damn Arabs and whites left Africa. I’m sick of these bastards leeching off of Africa.

  9. Like I tell you before and I will tell you again. There’s no Black Men that actually aren’t in and out the penal system. Most young boys start their lives by being arrested, without reason (in most cases) just because the white supremacy influenced by the police department wants to fill their quota. Affecting their chances of getting into courtship to marriage and form a family even a job that provides for them. And most ladies don’t want to wait so they rather be knocked up by the first suitor they open their legs to and there you have it, single mother epidemic. Where their anger and bitterness ruins their future outcome of getting into a family. This is what the white supremacy wants the Black people to be. Fatherless, Motherless and without a family to hold on to. Even me to be honest have to settle for whatever because I’m not a 20 year old anymore. Once you hit the 40’s and you don’t have a kid or a family it’s basically life turns against you.

    With Serena’s case is all too common particularly when she’s a Black successful tennis player. The media bashes her with no end even if she wins or lose the match. Even if she shows on ads, magazines, videos or movies as cameos. What she endures is like white supremacy is trying to send a message to stay in your place which is being a single mother with kids from different fathers relying on welfare. I know she should get a man from their own race, but instead she chose a white man. If there were enough Black successful males instead of being in jail, she or any Black woman could experienced Black Love.

    • Yes I’ve heard that argument before. I just find it hard t believe. I feel a woman of her stature should be able to find a black man. I think it’s still about wanting to be accepted by whites. Too may of us love our oppressor.

      • I didn’t have that opportunity of dating a Black man not because I don’t want to because I didn’t have that chance. Black men doesn’t see in me attractive in their way somehow.

  10. @sevenkingsblog the African immigrants are coming to Europe by Illegal organizations run by Arab countries,which are also involve European countries!
    European are looking for new seed and fertility,because everyone know their birth rate problems,which one I recommend all black people who decide to go everywhere in the world to look after wp!
    In UK wp are tired,everyday I see more episode of racism,a black man has been murdered by British polices, black people don’t want wake up!
    What black people still don’t understand we are in war, the price to pay in the end is survival,wp know that!
    That’s why we see them behave like a bunch of wild beasts,after work is better to go home and stay away as much possible from them!

  11. I don’t know why Kushite, I have impression that her fiance/husband,for me he is homo! When I see his face I have that feeling!
    Did you hear the new about that fox black man business host,who he was married and cheated her wife with this Becky? Funny of that story,both of them were married,and she false accused him of rape! Seriously coon doesn’t have limit of stupidity!

    Here again,I don’t think Serena will agree because she is self-hated coon,this Neanderthal beast went berserk against this BW on the bus called her in disrespecting and harassing her, I am glad the brother smacked him down!
    WW are pus@@y,they can only verbal abuse when come to BW and black kids,but they never do with BM,vile coward they are!

    • @Qnubian, of course it’s false,she just upset that she got caught. Scottie Nell Hughes had an affair with this guy for 3 years.Charles Payne is a mid-level employee ,with no power to affect her in any type of way. GOD BLESS

  12. Disappointed with Serena. I could never get with a white man or any other man besides a black man. Also white men are terrible I remember when I was in middle school and this white boy would physically harass by punching and slapping me, and this white bitch of a teacher to me he wasn’t bullying me and that he just liked me after he cut me with some scissors my mom put me in home school, after she slapped, and cussed that teacher out. That teacher also reminded of this fat ugly manish looking white female teacher that slammed my arm into a desk and caused my arm to bleed, just cause she didn’t believe that white girl was bothering me and told me that I shouldn’t lie, and when she was walking away I heard her mutter the n-word at me. Needless to say my mother beat that woman up real good, my mom is just lucky she didn’t go to jail those two times.

    • @Mary,I’m so sorry you had to go through that.Black women still get this treatment today. Unfortunately, a lot of our black youth sometimes get suspended from school for defending themselves.Thank GOD for your mother. GOD BLESS

      • Yeah I know that it still happens, and I happen to be in my late teens, and I find it ridiculous that some coons have the nerve to say whites today aren’t racist. and I still experience some weird looks by whites just for having my hair in it’s natural state.

      • @Mary You’re a very smart young woman. I didn’t know I had any teenagers following my blog. But I’m glad you dropped by. I hope you are getting some good information from my blog. Thanks for the comment.

      • Yeah my mom is great, she told me not to have white friends cause they’re not really your friends and will let you die, or send me to the sex trade or organ theft market. Also I’m probably not the only black teenager on your site, you give some good information black teens can learn from. If only my cousin wasn’t as white washed from listening to awful mainstream media, and didn’t want to have a white boyfriend, her mom keeps telling her that it’s a bad idea, I hope if she gets a wake up call it isn’t brutal, but harsh enough that she doesn’t do it again.

      • Thanks a lot Mary. I’m glad you get something out of the blog. Be sure to tell your family an friends about it. I appreciate all the support I get. Don’t give up on your cousin. If she’s a teenager she can still be steered in the right direction. I know it can be hard with all the pro-white propaganda in the media. But keep trying. We need young black men and women to be properly prepared when dealing with white supremacy. They have to be ready for the mental warfare we are facing.

  13. That’s too many names over too many decades. Greatest athlete ever, I call her at least, and she end up w/an ofay. It’s disheartening. I wonder how many ‘brovas’ proposed prior? If none did, kill yourselves. I LOVE BLACK WOMEN so much, I’d jump into bed, relationships or whatever eeeeeeeeeeeem if short-lived and heartbreak was imminent. That’s just me thō.

  14. Just noticed this….but peep the look on that devil’s face in the pic with he and Serena. The look in his eyes is just plain sinister.

    I feel ill at ease for Serena for some reason

  15. I dont care for these photos at all. I want her to put some clothes on. This is tacky and distasteful, we always have to copy these europeans. Like, we get it. She’s insecure about her relationship and the world at large’s reaction, and she has an obvious chip on her shoulder (based on her social media ramblings).
    Serena is a victim. Yes, I know she fell in love with black men and it didnt work out. But they were entertainers for godsake. Her “solution” (and “show them”) was to get pregnant by white supremacist. She’s a confused victim.
    The system of racism and white supremacy is ordering people like Mel B to pay men 40k/month. Serena’s white man will probably take the baby from her, raise it with a white woman, and take her money, under the system of racism and white supremacy. And possibly get control of her image/estate if she’s stupid enough to marry him.

    Im disgusted b/c with the access to information, and the rise of consciousness in the baldk community, theres really no reason to still be this sleep.

    • How is it tacky and distasteful, plenty of African women in different tribes wear little to no clothing at all look at some of the tribes of South Sudan, heck look at the different tribes all across Africa some tribes wear a lot of clothes, a moderate amount of clothing or no clothes at all except for beaded jewelry or small pieces of clothing. Serena Williams was not copying Europeans in that instance, the instance I’m referring to is the first picture on this page.

      • She’s not sudanese, nor is she in the sudan. She’s a highly melanated pregnant unwed black woman naked on the cover of a white supremacist magazine, and pregnant by a known racist. Context.

        Nothing about this is flattering. Theyre recreating the 90s demi moore pregnancy cover, and while demi doesnt have a copyright on nudity, thats what everyone is thinking of when they see this cover. Not traditional African women in their villages. In that context this is some european bullshit.

      • Absolutely. It makes me mad b/c i dont understand how anyone cannot be moved by a dr welsing lecture.

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