Black Male castration has never ended!

Castrated Slave....

This picture(above) is sick and very disturbing!  It shows the true nature of these depraved white demons that enslaved black people. It is a picture of a castrated black man.  We all know about the slavery,lynchings and rape of black women(and men) that went on during the Maafa. It truly was a holocaust in every sense of the word.  One of the atrocities that Europeans like to ignore is the castration of black men during this time.  They don’t like to bring this up too much.  It’s one of their horrors they like to keep buried.  But it’s the truth.  They were turning  black men into eunuchs. They treated us less than human!  Dogs,pigs and chickens were given more respect than us!  And the castration has never stopped.

Black Men in drag....

Dressing in drag....jpg

Now they are doing it through the media.  They’re doing it to us mentally through films and television shows. Look at all these pics(above) of black actors.  Actors like Eddie Murphy,Martin Lawrence,Jamie Foxx,Kevin Hart,Wesley Snipes and Tyler Perry have all dressed up like women.  These black actors and comedians have sold out for a dollar. They are destroying the image of black men.   This is just another process in the demasculinization of black men.  They are making black women seem more masculine yet at the same time making themselves look more feminine. America doesn’t want the black man to fight for his freedom and liberation.  They want a nation full of black homosexuals,transgenders and soft weak little boys.  They know that if we adopt this mentality we can never fight for our freedom.  Which is why this psychological warfare is so dangerous.  We must change our consciousness if we are to survive this mental onslaught.America doesn’t want strong intelligent masculine African men to be in our community.  So it’s a political and social necessity that they castrate the black man psychologically.

19 thoughts on “Black Male castration has never ended!

  1. @ Kushite Prince

    I notice all of the black male celebrities that dress drag are usually dark skinned black men you would rarely see a lighted black men or biracial men in drag. White supremacy is using the media to emasculate dark skinned black men. We as black women need to stop supporting these black actors & other entertainment that disrespect black womanhood in dressing in drag. On social media we have too many dark skinned black men trying to come famous in dressing in drag. It’s bad enough we have social media instagram star Blameitonkway a black male has now become famous for dressing in drag. I’m tired of seeing this shit as well as the disrespect toward black manhood & womanhood. Also images like these damage the black woman’s image because it’s constantly using stereotypes.

    • I agree. We can’t support such madness. These pics are graphic but it’s they are the harsh truth! We want to sweep these horrors under the rug. We have to face these demons head on! Thanks for the video as well.

  2. I question a black man sexuality when they dress in drag. A real black man is not going too disrespect black manhood nor womanhood.

  3. Toady is gay pride in London,I am really disappointing to see black people holding the Rainbow flag,they are walking like is something normal!
    They are doing because they can have access to white cultures?
    Really out there,there are a lot self estimate black people!
    I would like to know no because this is not my business,the reason why they are holding a flag doesn’t represent the black cultures? This sickness doesn’t belong to us,is not African or black diaspora cultures this is European cultures!
    Which kind education they are teaching being gay is right and being black is something to be ashamed?
    WM hate BM manhood, BM must be weak and effeminate because less they are and easy to manipulate!]
    For me also when BM date WW is form of castration! During and post slavery BM were castrated by WM,for false rape accuses from by WW!

    • Yeah they’re spreading that gay pride crap everywhere. They want black people to embrace this deathstyle because they know it’s anti-life. We can no longer follow in the footsteps of the European. It will be the death of us! We should use our brain and see what they have done throughout history. They have never changed.

    • I had a friend who mentioned to me years ago that having black men dress in drag and play homosexuals was a form of castration. It’s castration in a metaphorical sense. So when I found this very disturbing pic…I knew what post would fit with it. I try to get my subscribers to think outside the box. The warfare we are currently in comes in many different forms. I hope you got something from the post.

      • I agree with the wording “warfare.” The force feeding and success of the black man in drag is humiliating and not comical. How can this be funny if the joke is on us? I hope this post incites critical contemplation. Tyler Perry would not have a career if he never put on a dress. Eddie would not have been able to culminate his without wearing one either…toxic and shameful

      • Very true CC. These images are horrible. It will destroy the minds of black children. It is indeed toxic. This is what they want for our people. It really is a war. I wish more of us realized this fact.

  4. I feel very disgusting what the Caucasians have been doing to not only Black men but any minority to come in their tracks. These first pictures showed the aftermath of envy by Caucasian men because basically, they can’t keep it up and basically they have the right size to pleasure a woman. Even white women wanted to experience this Black Manhood. Black Women on the other hand, are still ignored and if not being abused and treated like a sex toy instead of being mothers, wife and partner in a relationship. It’s a destructive circle that if we don’t do something about it, there’s gonna be a lot of men being having the wrong gender role.

    • These are the pictures that white people want to stay buried. Slavery seems so long ago so we feel detached most of the time. But seeing makes pictures like this makes it more REAL to you. These things really happened to our ancestors. And they want us to forgive and forget. Hell NO!!! Not happening!!

  5. Brother, I’m glad you doing some real research. This is the type of information my branch of ACBN will use to develop our educational system. We must explain to African children why we are Racial Nationalist and refuse and reject any kind of arrangment where we live next to another race of people.

    • Thanks a lot. I try to do extensive research before any post I do. This is a subject I don’t hear many black people discussing. And I agree, our children are being mislead in the “public fool system”. They need an African centered education to prepare them for the “race first” world they will encounter.

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  7. The castration of men or making them into eunuchs is still done today, as is taking black slaves, in Islam. Simon Deng was one of the over million black slaves under Islam. He was from Sudan, but Islam still is taking lots of black slaves and most of them are made into eunuchs, with 90% dying from the procedure of cutting off the balls and penis.
    Since the slaves are made into eunuchs, they cannot reproduce, so they Muslims are always taking more blacks and turning them into slaves.

    Islam is the enemy of blacks, not Europeans. Please learn a bit of truth, so you will be aware of who to be wary of.

    • Yes I am very aware of what Arabs have done to African people. They have spread Islam all across Africa. And Arabs were the first to enslave Africans if my memory is correct. But Europeans and brutally murdered and enslaved African people as well. And they did it a very long time. And are still oppressing black people right now. I find it funny that you say Europeans are not the enemy of black people. That makes absolutely NO sense to me. I think you’re a white person. Am I correct Minny?lol

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