Mythical Perfection of Eurocentric Beauty

Charlize Theron...

I remember years ago I heard two white men discussing beautiful women.  It was at a former job and they were talking about the prettiest women in Hollywood.  One of them said actress Scarlett Johansson was the hottest.  The other one said he thought actress Megan Fox or Charlize Theron were the prettiest.  And they went back and forth naming actresses like Jennifer Lawrence,Liv Tyler and Natalie Portman. They never mentioned any black women in their discussion.  And why should they?  They’re white men so they are discussing what they find attractive.  It’s only natural for  a man to find his own more attractive than other races.  But I do find it interesting that many times in Hollywood they will give a white woman attention for physical attributes usually associated with black women.  When they talk about women with the most beautiful lips they bring up women like Brigitte Bardot,Sophia Loren or Angelina Jolie.  I don’t get what all the hype is about.  There are countless black women that have beautiful full lips. I see black women on the street everyday that have better lips than Angelina Jolie.  This is one of the reasons you have white women getting lip injections so much today.  They want lips that are pouty and full.  The kind of lips you want to kiss. These white people know deep down that full lips are more attractive than thin lips.  The white media always wants to uplift the beauty of white women at every turn.  That’s one of the reasons I think their beauty is very overrated.

Jennifer Lopez....

The media also loves to praise non-black women for having nice butts.  This has always been a fascinating phenomenon to me.  We all know that white women are known for having flat asses.  When I was high school it was rare to see a white woman with some curvaceous thighs and nice butt.  But ever since actress/singer Jennifer Lopez became big back in’s all they talk about.  Jennifer Lopez and rapper Iggy Azalea even did a song called Booty a few years ago.  How can you have a song about booty without black women???  It’s obvious they want to promote any non-black woman  with black women attributes.  That’s why even though Lopez is Puerto Rican she’s still not  a black woman.  I doubt that Iggy’s butt is real.  And she’s already admitted to breast augmentation. Iggy is a plastic rapping bimbo.   And not a very good rapper at that.  And Armenian no-talent socialite Kim Kardashian has also been praised for having a big butt.  I personally don’t think the her butt is real.  Kardashian and her fame whore sisters are the reason many white women are getting butt implants and Brazilian butt lifts.  The big butt craze has gotten so out of hand even some black women are getting them.  Which I never understood.  Many black women already have nice butts.  But this shows how powerful the media has become.  It’s sad when black women feel they need to compete with something that most of them have naturally.

Bustle Era...

European beauty has always seemed manufactured to me.  It seems like white women have always copied black beauty but denigrate it at the same time.  Back in 1870 there was the Victorian Bustle dress era(pic above).  This dress was very popular with white women. They say it was popular at ballrooms because of the expensive laces and multitude of fabrics.  But the real reason was because the dresses made it look like they had a huge back side.  It made them look more like a woman that had some curves.  And keep this in mind that this was dress popular during slavery.  Most likely their white slave owning husbands were lusting after their African female slaves.  Many of these white women were jealous because their men were sneaking into the slave quarters at night.  So they were resentful of African women and their naturally superior bodies.

Megan Fox....

When I did a google search for “most beautiful women”,I kept seeing the same handful of names. Names like Blake Lively,Jennifer Aniston,Nicole Kidman,Charlize Theron,Megan Fox,Kate Upton,Naomi Watts,Scarlett Johansson and Kim Kardashian.  I was quite surprised that as I researched these “beautiful” women I realized so many of them have had plastic surgery.  There are not too many natural beauties in Hollywood or the music industry.    The pic(above) is of actress Megan Fox and it’s obvious she’s had quite a bit of work done to her face.

Marilyn Monroe....

What about the “classic beauties” like Marilyn Monroe?  Monroe is an iconic film star.  Many regard her as the symbol of white female perfection.  It has been well documented that Monroe had surgery done to her chin and a nose job as well. Well I guess no one is perfect right?

Nicole Kidman....

This is actress Nicole Kidman.  I never found this woman attractive at all.  Her sickly pale skin never turned me on.  She wasn’t even attractive when she was young.  And it looks like she got some lip injections too.  Is she going for that “full lips” look like a black woman has?

Jennifer Aniston...

This is film actress Jennifer Aniston.  I never got the hype about this hideous looking creature.  She clearly ahs gotten a nose job.  And she is not aging well at all.

Blake Lively....

This is film actress Blake Lively.  I’ve heard a lot of white boys say she is the hottest thing since sliced bread.  Which is a good analogy because she is plain as a piece of white bread.  She does nothing for me.  She looks rather plain to me.  Wouldn’t look twice at her on the street.

Scarlett Johansson....

This is actress Scarlett Johansson.  She is mentioned a lot in fashion magazines. They fawn over her all the time.  Some have even compared her to Marilyn Monroe.  They act like she’s the epitome of white beauty. But as you can see a “natural beauty” she is not.

Kim K....

Now if we’re discussing fake plastic can’t leave out Kim Kardashian right?  I know a lot brain dead black men like this no-talent whore but I’m not one of them.  They like her because she sleeps with a lot of black men.  It’s amazing that a woman can do a sex tape and make the cover of high fashion magazines. Only a non-black woman could pull that off.  But Kim has a fake ass as you can see from this picture.  And most likely fake breasts as well.  She’s just a high class whore. Real men who have standards and taste know this.

Bo Derek....

But all this cultural appropriation is nothing new.  It’s been gong on for many years. Even back in the day actress Bo Derek(above) was in the film 10(1979).  In the film she wore braids with beads in her hair.  She’s given a lot of credit for popularizing what we all know is known African hair style.

Kylie Jenner....

And just a few years ago socialite/model/television personality  Kylie Jenner caused an uproar on social media when  she posted a selfie wearing cornrows.  Jenner is not much different than her older attention whore sister Kim Kardashian.  They all seem to love stealing from black culture and have created a $450 million net worth from being wannabe black women.  I have news for these no-talent media women.  Just because you have sex with black men and date them exclusively does NOT make you honorary black women.

Pretty Ladies2....

To put it bluntly…I think white women are seriously overrated.  There are black women that are overweight but so are white women.  When a black woman eats healthy and stays fit…no other race can touch her.  Black women age ten times better than white women and other races as well.  That’s due tot he benefit of melanin. I’ve even had white women tell me personally that they wished they aged as well as black women.  They are secretly envious of the black woman’s body,hair and beautiful skin tone.  The only reason white women are held as the standard is because we live in a white dominated society. Using whiteness as the standard of beauty is just another manifestation of white supremacy. When white women are elevated to the superior position all other races that deviate from that standard and are considered unappealing or unattractive.  Black women should embrace their natural hair and complexion.  There is no need to try to look like European women.  They are too busy trying to imitate black women anyway. A sad imitation at that.   Sistas have an unique beauty all their own.  I leave you with a  poem from  Jennifer Asiedu.  It’s titled About My Black.

“My black is flawless
I’ve never been this proud before
My skin never felt so good
Was I not used to it?
I can’t remember when I loved this shade so much
My color is dark and lovely.
It sings with a rhythmic melody of beauty.

My black is loud
It yelled at this pale-faced lady the other day
She tried to demean my black
And just as quickly as she did
My black screamed back.
My skin roared with elegance
Reminding you it is not afraid anymore

My black is loved
I rubbed it down tenderly today
Making sure to touch every inch.
Ever so gently it glistened and radiated
My black shimmers and still catches attention.
It’s been kissed and hugged
Yet still selfishly wants more

My black is hopeful
I’ve had a freedom that was honestly free
I’ve lived in a time when my black was OK.”

46 thoughts on “Mythical Perfection of Eurocentric Beauty

  1. I hope by now you know how I feel about our brothers and sisters and all this delicious, untouchable melanin! Like you said, when we keep ourselves in shape(mentally and physically), NOBODY can touch us.

    Beautiful poem at the end as well 😉

    • Very true Kelley. They can’t touch the beauty of black women. They are a sad imitation. They can try but never measure up. I love that poem too. I thought it would be a great addition to the post. How you been? We haven’t chatted in awhile. Have you been enjoying the summer?

      • Right! I’ve shared how I’ve been told by women of latin descent and white women that they wish they could wear an afro, wish they had a better body/butt or could just wake up and go and not have to put on a face full of makeup to feel presentable. I know they were complimenting me, but it never sat well. They all exclusively dated Black men as well. Freaks.

        I’ve been good! Thank you! You? I just shaved my head cuz .. I can do that. And I’m just enjoying this warm weather. I need a beach though. How has this season been treating you??

      • Shaved your head?? I’d like to see that!lol ‘m sure you can pull off any hairstyle though.
        yeah my summer has been going well. I went to the beach and hung out with family friends. It’s just been a little too hot lately. We’ve been hitting 105 degrees a few times! It’s burning up out here! But it’s nice today. It’s back to about 80 degrees.
        Yes I’ve seen those white/Hispanic women who date only black men. Many of them are secretly envious of the beauty of black women so they feel if they can attract a black man that makes them equal to a black woman. I’ve seen this same syndrome with black men who date only white women. They feel they don’t measure to white men so the best they can do is get a white woman. This is actually pretty sad in my opinion. And shows a lack of self esteem when people do this. It shows they’re not comfortable with who they are on the inside.

      • No doubt. You have to see beauty in yourself and your people and I assume these types don’t. There’s no way they can. It’s really sad + disturbing.

        Those temperatures sound like the valley, not the coast! That’s crazy. Glad you’re enjoying yourself.

        And yes, I shaved my hair pretty low. Not bald but … as low as it could go without being bald I guess. It’s hot here too. and I’m lazy haha

      • Yeah it’s getting real hot today. Supposed to hit 102 degrees! Wow! I usually go somewhere indoors. If not my air conditioner would be on full blast all day! And the bill would be ridiculous!lol But it’s important todrink ot of water on days like this. Otherwise you feel like you’re going to pass out. I actually like warm weather. But I like it when it’s between 75-85 degrees. Not when it hits the 100’s though.

      • I also think it’s on our DNA; where we’re naturally from is not of this country but of warmer, balmy, tropical climates.

      • It most definitely is Kelley. It’s part of our makeup. We are more at home in a warmer climate. I think it’s one of the reasons you see black people dominate in the summer Olympics. And white folks doing most of the skiing and bobsledding in the winter

  2. That picture with all those beautiful black Women!!!

    Excellent post! Very empowering. Black beauty is unmatched. Here, folk act like Hispanic girls are superior and it’s really sad to see black Women masking their natural beauty with wigs, weaves and those god awful eyelashes. I’d like to see more black Women trust the perfection of our creation 🙂

    • I love that picture too! I found it about a year ago and was looking to use it in a post. Well you should be an expert on beauty since you’re gorgeous
      Well her in Cali Mexican and Puerto rican women are fawned over heavily. I even see some black men starting to get with them more and more. The brain dead negroes used to go for white women but now they go for Hispanics since they can say they still have a “woman of color”. Give me a break! Some of these guys are delusional. I was just at a restaurant last week and saw this black man with his three biracial boys. His non-black wife wasn’t with them. But the funny thing is his son that was about five years old had on a dashiki. Can you believe that?? LOL!!! Why even bother trying to instill black pride when you already married outside your race? It’s very confusing to me. I just don’t get it. Why do you think someone would do that?

      • There are some beautiful Hispanic or Latina women but folk need to stop acting like they’re a step up from black Women. You can appreciate others, but to appreciate yourself seems incompatible with self esteem. Appreciation only turns into attraction when you have esteem deficiencies in my book.

        lol what’s ironic about that is that I witnessed something similar on Saturday. I think that’s just a fashion statement for some. The dashiki and caricatures blackness in general is cool to some but just like any other fad this coolness is temperate and superficial.

      • I think you’re right. I just think that embracing and learning about your culture is a positive thing. But I think the black man I saw was overcompensating because he was with a white woman. He knew deep down he had sold out so he tried to make up for it by giving his children some cultural blackness. I think it’s a very sad attempt. Once you jump the fence to the other side it’s hard for me to take you seriously. I also think it confuses the children. But I do agree that a lot of it is superficial.
        Yes there are some attractive Latina women. I see them in Cali all the time. But I think that these brothers need to stop gassing their heads The population out here is 45% Mexican so they’re everywhere. And Mexicans are ethnically more European than they are black. So many of them have lighter skin and long hair,which is closer to the white aesethic. This is why many Latinas are seen as so beautiful. In Western culture the farther you get away from white…the more unattractive a woman becomes. This is why Latinas are so hyped up. Also they are not all knockout beauties. Over 43% of Hispanic women are obese. And no offense but they tend to be hairy than most I’m not joking. I’ve seen Hispanic women with very hairy forearms. No

      • Lol!!!! I’m literally dying! I am hairy myself so…. :-/ *slight side eye

        Here, we have a lot of “Afro” latinos, but that black blood means nothing in terms of shaping identity. There are very few Dr Ben’s around, who embrace an Afro-Latino identity.

        Anything that is not black is exotified and it’s very sickening to watch. I would take a nice black Woman or man from the south anyday. It’s just hard to stomach the inflated ego these non black Women have due to the societal stigma of their pseudo attractiveness. That’s one reason why the fake hair thing really annoys me–I think it gives the non black Woman clout she does not deserve.

        The Chicanos and Latinos without African blood are of little interest to me and it seems they can’t wait to pass as white. I’ve seen them be very condescending to blacks. I have so many stories that make me sick to my stomach. But it’s no secret that I don’t support immigration as I see it as solely functioning to place abducted Africans further and further to the bottom.

      • Oh No CC! Don’t tell me that! I have a big hang up about hairy women. I hold you in such high regard. But I guess I can make an exception or
        I have met a few black women on the slightly hairy side. I’m not saying they aren’t any. But in my experience I have met many more hairy Mexican and Indian women. I was at the grocery store last week and this Mexican woman was in front of me with her three kids. Her arm was so damn hairy! It scared me! It was like a werewolf! I couldn’t take I even had a Mexican co-worker tell me that he thought his people were hairier than most people. So it can’t just be my
        Yes I have met quite a few Mexicans/Chicanos that think they’re better than blacks. I knew some that are in the military or work for law enforcement that have a “white mentality”. Many of them agree with these not guilty verdicts of white cops killing blacks. That’s when I realized they were NOT allies with black people. I was under this delusion for many years. Growing up as a child I had many Mexican,Filipino and Puerto rican friends. I used to think that since they had brown skin they understood my struggle as a black person. But as I got older and understood racism better I realized that was not the case. Some of them are even more anti-black than white folks. They are so many whitewashed Hispanics here in California. Same with the Asians. You should do a post about your interactions with condescending Hispanics or Asians. I would love to read them.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        “Well her in Cali Mexican and Puerto rican women are fawned over heavily. I even see some black men starting to get with them more and more. The brain dead negroes used to go for white women but now they go for Hispanics since they can say they still have a “woman of color”.

        Well I have to ask you who are the black women in California dating then. I have heard many times that the black men out there don’t date black women but more likely date non black women. I wonder what the black women in California actually think when they see black men reject too non black women.

  3. Don’t feed these troglodytes Kush. This is only a problem to me when I come to sites like yern and see these snow-cones. Ebony and Jet wasn’t having this conversation. Your talking bout pale-faces admiring other pale-faces in magazines owned by palefaces. I’ve never payed attention to these standards or their magazines. U could never convince me otherwise. Especially when Tenisha and/orLakeisha, who I knew since kindergarten show up to high school, now, busting out the seams. I’ll say this though, Kush. All my school experiences was that of a dominantly (not pre- LOL) black experience. SO THANKFUL FOR THAT. Black people who go to schools where their not dominant, voices and opinions are drowned out. In some cases, that shit rubs off on them, be it tastes in music, humor, the opposite sex etc. REPRESENTATION IS IMPORTANT. I say that b/c I work in spaces where at times I look like the token black on a fraudulent tv show. But because of my foundation none of what interests them interest me. We not friends just co-workers. And for the record the colorism wasn’t a thing then, either. Yellow/red or dark skin, it came down to had the nicer frame. OK??? I’ll say this again. God is a black woman. And her name is ANGELA BASSETT.

    True Welfare Kings & Queens

    • Yeah I hear you Nat. They don’t hold a candle t sistas.. They have these Neanderthal e beat hands down! And thanks for that video as well. They love to portray the black woman as the welfare queen. But I’ve always known about white people on welfare. They have always taken advantage of the system. But the media always wants to make it seem as only lazy black people(mostly women) are on welfare. Like I always say…perception is stronger than reality.

    • @ diaryofannegress
      Every time I see shit like that it piss me off. These coon black men that date non black women that steal our hairstyles will be the same one that degraded black women for having kinky Afro texture hair with those same hairstyles.

      • Shanequa, don’t eeeeeeeeeem wurr’ bout the Taye’s or The Cuba’s. They too and few compared to how I see it in real time. They’ll magnify two IR couples and have U thinking “Look! Ay’body’s doing it.” Not the case.

    • They envy black women so bad. It’s kind of pathetic in a way. They don’t have the style,grace,melanin or body type to compete with black women. They want to be YOU so bad. And yes that is a lovely poem!

    • Its like they encourage these beast to try and become relate-able as possible to them because black people and white people generally have nothing in common outside of liking certain music, food or whatever. Its the same reason why BM will prefer WW/non black but still surround himself with Black people. If WW werent places on this undeserved pedestal, and mixed kids werent fawned over then no one would want them. On average, most ww are 3s facially. Dont get me started on mexican women, they are literally the worst shaped women on the face of the earth.

      Speaking of mixed kids, you notice how mixed black/non black men fair worse than mixed women when they look to “other” in the black community? The less black they look, the more unattractive they are. If it werent for stereotypes, white people would be on the bottom

  4. @ Kushite Prince

    Great Post!!!! Yes in a white supremacy society Caucasians will cater to there own beauty standards. What you forgot to mention is how these unrealistic beauty standards, white society especially white men place on white women causes body shaming, low self esteem, eating disorders and etc among white women. One thing for sure other races of non black men will make sure they uplift their own before another race of women. Furthermore these non black men will make sure the women in their race resemble the image of their mother’s this is what black men fail to realize. Black men are out putting every other race of women on a pedestal beside the women that look like the image of their black mother’s, it’s like every other race of men can identify the race of their own women but the black men. You mention about black women are now getting butt lifts it’s because of self esteem issues especially when living in a white supremacy society when black features & dark skin are degraded especially among black wowed. Many of these black women believe a black man or any men will find them attractive by having a big butt. If the black men in our culture don’t value nor uplift black women beauty then it will cause a negative reaction among black women. A nation cannot raise higher then its women. If black men don’t value black women the women that give birth to a nation black men don’t value themselves. These white beauty standards are nothing but a con game because if black women were so ugly & inferior why are we constantly use as the beauty measuring stick for other races, why are our black features, dark skin, and kinky hair under attack because we are envy. The white supremacy society are trying to break the black woman mentally down once you do this she will past her mentally illness down to her children.

    • Great reply Shanequa! I wholeheartedly agree. Black women have been the TRUE standard of beauty for thousands of years. Long before Europeans even had civilizations. They copy black wmen all the I’m yet say that they’re ugly and inferior. That makes no sense at all! They know that white supremacy is a farce. They really are insecure because they are genetic recessive mutants. They don’t have the precious melanin to make them the original woman. So they’re jealous and envious. So they have to flood their television shows,films and magazines with false white beauty. It’s all lies and a scam! In their hearts they know it’s true. The African woman is the true standard. That’s why they denigrate the black woman at every turn.

  5. HELLO, HELLO AND HELLO! I’m so glad to be back! I’ve finally got back into my account trying to contact wordpress, which led me to changing my password. I was able to do this before when I tried, but it worked this time! NOW, we can move forward!

    Great Post! I did a post a while back about white women back in the 1800s wore those dresses to make it look like they had a big butt. I don’t feel like finding the link though, lol.

    • Oh my goodness! Is this really OBW??? Hey sweetie! How you been? I’m glad you finally got back into your account. It seems I haven’t chatted with since Well I’m glad you’re back. How’s your summer going?
      yeah I’ve been meaning to do this post fro awhile. I get so sick and tired of these white chicks stealing from black women. Al this hype about cornrows,braids,bug butts,full lips…when it’s on a non-black woman of course. It needed to be addressed. I also wanted to show that they’ve been doing this for hundreds of years. This is not a new phenomenon by any measure. They’ve been doing this a long time.

      • Yes! It feels good to be back and it does seem like forever, it’s been I believe about over 2 months! This time I protected my account with my alternate phone, backup codes, and backup email (although I didn’t want to do that) however I’m just glad to be back and on top of that I’ve been VERY busy working each day to grow my business.

        What makes white women culture vulturing is that many people who unfortunately are black consent to it. It’s just a constant slap in the face and alienating black women and girls. It’s expected that this will be seen acceptable by non-black people but it a sad day in hell how Black Womanhood IS NOT valued in the black “community.”

      • We have to stop condoning it ourselves. These people are nothing but damn culture vultures! We have to have more self respect than to let ourselves be used like this. We can no longer co-sign this bullcrap. These European heathens do it because we allow it. Black men and women have to say NO more!
        Well I’m glad you’re back on your grind. I know you’ll be better than ever. Can’t wait to see the posts you put up.

      • I co-sign 100%. I’m not going to be blogging like I use to maybe I’ll put up a post here and there because I’m on the entrepreneurship grind full-time EVERYDAY.

        However, I’m just glad to be back and I will be checking in from time to time to see how you and family is doing.

  6. Kushite, there are black men who love & uplift black women,but as long as the media is controlled by whites & Jews you will never see it. We have to take it amongst ourselves to do that. James Brown (RIP) said “Say it loud I’m black and I’m proud. GOD BLESS

  7. Fake and ugly copy will be always a fake,it will never touch the original!
    They still do science research how can be possible BW can dance and move their bodies like we are flying?
    BW are amazing beautiful creature,no because myself I am black woman,because it’s reality!
    BW all over the world can dance any kind dances and move their bodies in different way,I have impression when BW dance it’s looks like the energy of Earth itself is flowing inside us!
    WW can have only their confidence only with self-hatred BM but no with WM!
    WW have been second to men, children, animals, and rape victims since the Greece Rome times!
    The only use for a WW were reproduction!

    • That is very true Nubian. Especially about Greek culture. It’s a known fact that Greece was a homosexual culture. The men loved little boys. White women were just for breeding…nothing else. Thanks for dropping another truth bomb!

  8. Kushite, I laugh at Hispanics & Asians who think they’re better than blacks. I told this Hispanic that if it wasn’t for blacks, it’s most likely that Spain would have still more sovereignty over every Latin America country over here.I told this girl from the Dominican Republic that after Haiti dispatched France,they went into the Dominican Republic & defeated Spain.As a matter of fact black men have helped liberate every country & every race in the world. Hispanics & Asians owe a debt to black people & it will get paid,because this is what happens when you put your oppressors over your liberators. GOD BLESS

    • Most of these non-white,non-black people are hopeless. I used to debate these fools but it’s a waste of energy. Too many of them are whitewashed and don’t give a damn about black people. Don’t waste your tie trying to educate these damn clowns! But I see the point you’re making. But most of the time it will fall on deaf ears.

  9. A brother speaks out!

    Great post and a great message. Black men would do well to uplift the women of our own race. My question is this: don’t you think cooning for white women normally happens in heavily integrated areas of society? It seems to me that in a black as night neighborhood that brothers would be more into the sisters, because they’re around. I guess what I am saying is that isn’t possible that we are seeing these interracial couples in the media and various diverse areas and then saying we have a systemic problem on our hands in regards to black men worshipping non black women?

    I guess for me you’d have to be crazy to NOT like black women, look at them! So it’s seems unreal that black men on the whole would chase non black women.

    • Black men on the whole do NOT chase non black women. Most married black men are with black women. The media just loves to cause division between black men and women. They fear black love and black procreation.

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