These racist White men had children!

These men had children...

8 thoughts on “These racist White men had children!

  1. These beast aren’t changing overnight for us, they still the same like they were back then but updated there agenda.

  2. Okay!!!???!!!!!

    Thank you!!

    Its not complicated. Most black people dont know history, and dont read (a legacy of slavery). We dont understand thats whites are exactly the same as theyve always been. Its maddening.

    • Thats the problem, Black people seem to think racism/white supremacy goes away each generation but if they researched white people, they will see their patterns and the fact that they have never changed. In that regard, white people cant change or they will get blown out the water by everyone. When black people realize its not their job to change and educate white people then we will better off. Its a waste of time.

  3. The funny thing is, these lynching’s used to be announced during CHURCH services. All these “good” “Christian” white folks. Ha!!!

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