Blood debts must be repaid- Bobby Wright



We must take the unequivocal position that if the Black race is to perish,the world must perish with us. Blood debts must be repaid in blood. We must never accept money and privileges as repayment for the mistreatment of our people. The past Black generations who suffer for no other reason than the color of their skin must be avenged not because of hate but for justice.

Bobby Wright

27 thoughts on “Blood debts must be repaid- Bobby Wright

  1. These “NON BLACK AFRICAN BEAST” will get there karma an I can’t wait for it. The reason why I put “NON BLACK AFRICAN BEAST” because I’m including non black people of color because they are no different then white people. Like my late grandmother always say, “these white folks going to pay for what they did they day is coming.”

  2. We’re seeing it every single day. I’m listening to Stevie Wonder’s classic album, Songs In The Key of Life. I see it as a sign: We will be rejoicing soon….

  3. I was thinking about why they removed the Book of ENOCH from the Bible and also why they still keep kill us,oppress us and hate us? Now I have the answers,when we said “they ain’t human!” because how it said in Book of Enoch wp are fallen angels or children of Angels mean demons!
    It said that these demons or angels would bring tyranny upon mankind,and yes what we see happening today that whole planet is being terrorized!
    I don’t feel sorry for them!

    • As I have stated before…we are Hue-man. You must have hue to be hue-man. That’s why they always refer to themselves as man-kind. They are a “kind” of man. Cave-man or some type of Neanderthal man. But they are NOT the Original people on this planet. And they know this fact.

      • Kushite know,KARMA is really bitch and their fate are against to them,they knew long time ago between 50 and 60 years they will disappear from the face of the Earth!
        They hate humanity and the nature,yeah we are children of GOD and they are fallen ANGELS= children of SATAN! They hate GOD!

      • @ Kushite Prince & Qnubian528

        “You must have hue to be hue-man.” ~ Kushite Prince
        “they knew long time ago between 50 and 60 years they will disappear from the face of the Earth.”~ Qnubian528

        I have a question for both of you too answer. I notice on these discussion we always leave out “NON BLACK PEOPLE OF COLOR” when we discuss these Neanderthal Beast. Will these “NON BLACK PEOPLE OF COLOR” disappear from the face of the Earth too. All of these “NON BLACK AFRICANS” are evil they all need to go. If it ain’t BLACK it needs too go.

      • Many of these non black people of color side with whites many times. With a few exceptions I’ve met. But I have met many Mexicans,Filipinos,Puerto Ricans,Chinese,Indians and Koreans that have European mindset. Many of them agree with cops shooting black people. They want to validation from whites so they agree with them on political views. They want “honorary whiteness” And the quickest way to get validation is to agree with these Neanderthals that blacks are subhuman. This is why so many of their families will accept their children marrying whites. But no accepting when their son/daughter brings home a black boyfriend/girlfriend. So when the race war comes these non black people of color will have to be dealt with also. many of them have made it clear they are NOT our allies. And I’m fine with that.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        Thanks for your reply I have become completely tired of non black people of color.

  4. @Shanequa when these non black people chose marry a white person “they think to be superior!”,but in reality they are doing a favor only to whites no to themselves,because we all already know their offspring who will marry!
    Non black people hate an dislike blacks but in the same time,when they close the door of their houses,they are listening black music and act blacks!
    Hypocrisy double standard I don’t like,they can go to hell them and their vulture cultures!
    Who chose to be with whites side that’s their damn business,because they are only following the white masters destiny!

  5. As I’ve said on many other sites….one thing blacks share is our sense of helplessness. Almost every black site I visit is looking for some outside force to save us from our enemies. I just don’t think that’s a sound strategy for freedom. While we’re waiting on “karma” “God” “the universe” to punish our oppressors. Reality check: IT”S NOT GOING TO HAPPEN

    Blacks just need to give up the ghost and admit that, at our core, we’re afraid of white people. Do you see any other group of people waiting on something/someone else to secure their freedom? No, you see them taking matters into their OWN hands and taking what’s theirs.

    God, Karma, the Universe …none of them is going to do a damn thing to save black people. The only thing that will save us is when we get to the point that we’re willing to DIE for freedom. Until then, we will continue to live in terror.

      • Exactly! That’s the problem! Never should’ve gotten to this level. Now we have to regroup and pick up the pieces. The reality we are in a war. No matter how you look at it. It’s just a fact. And we need warriors to step up to the plate. I do believe in karma because I’ve seen it happen. But we can’t just rely on that alone. We have to put some things in action.

    • well if Russia, china, and the united states decide to nuke each other that could be considered karma or divine intervention, and if my estimates are correct it may happen much sooner than you think maybe even a year or two from now, since both Russia and china have signed some deals with each other for weaponry, and they both have spending money on weapons of mass destruction and weapons research, quite often recently, I wonder when that Orange in office will piss off the Russian and Chinese leaders to the point they want to nuke the united states to oblivion.

  6. I read somewhere that those two dudes were actually helping the brother after an assault. Don’t know how true that is though, but as for the second photo I’m speechless. Kind of fucked that lynching still happens today. You guys heard about the young kid in the news recently who had a rope put around his neck, but the authorities called it “youthful mistake” or some shit like that? It’s just nonsense fam.

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