Hypocritical racist Trump going after Assata!


Donald Trump crying over some cop who has killed a long time ago and trying to get Cuba who has given her refuge to hand them over so she can be prosecuted is pathetic and cowardly. Especially, since Cops who murder African people in the United States of America are routinely found not guilty and left alone to resume their lives.
What kind of man seeks out to bring arrest a 70-year-old woman but allows a War criminal like George W. Bush to roam around freely when he has led to the death of thousands of people. The life of Assata Shakur is worth far more than any police officer.
Whatever happened to Trump’s promise to arrest Hillary Clinton for her crimes against the United States of America. Or how about arresting war criminal George W. Bush. The fact that George W. Bush one of the greatest war criminals in the history of the world is roaming free in the United States proves the ICC and other White institutions are comical.

Donald Trump call to Cuba to illegal detain free Cuban citizen Assata Shakur show lack of respect for the sovereignty of Cuba and undermines global peace. If anything Assata Shakur should be given a Presidential Medal of Freedom for standing up against one of the most racist institutions in the World the USA legal system.

Article by Amos Magazine

10 thoughts on “Hypocritical racist Trump going after Assata!

    • Yeah ‘s a racist hypocrite! I thought he said he was going after Hillary Clinton for her crimes. He’s not going to pursue that at all. Trump is so full of crap! Yet he’s so concerned with Assata! He can go to hell!

  1. Kushite, neither party is for the people, that is why I don’t vote. I see more blacks staying home in 2020. Black people will be boycotting the Presidential election & the beautiful thing is for once blacks & only blacks will be the only one that notices . GOD BLESS

    • I hear many people say that. I think after Obama did more for Hispanics and homosexuals….many black people WOKE up from their sleep! That’s how Trump winning was a good thing in a way. It showed that white people are just as racists as they ever were. They still haven’t changed one bit. And Trump is a racist bastard too! That’s why they voted him in. Democrats and Republicans are one in the same.

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