Lead a Nation

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This is a picture of Khalid Muhammad and rapper Tupac Shakur. Any black person that has a way of reaching the youth is seen as a threat to the white supremacy social structure. Muhammad was a powerful speaker that could touch the youth. And of course Tupac was the son of a Black Panther.  Tupac had the ear of millions of fans of all races.  But by being a great speaker he could get black people motivated as a collective.  If Tupac was allowed to live he could’ve been a great leader. He already had the pro-black influence as a child.  They were both seen as threats to this racist,corrupt white society.  Which is the reason they’re not here anymore.

16 thoughts on “Lead a Nation

  1. Tupac was a great lyricist as well as a intellect. In my opinion Tupac was raise in a pro black influence house but I wouldn’t say he was all the way conscious. Furthermore he had a fetish for non black women, he even had a sexual relationship with Modonna. He diss Quincy Jones for marrying white women but yet had relationships with biracial women born from these unions. Tupac image & music started to change after his “Me Against The World” album Tupac became a total different person. He from being a conscious rapper to gangsta rapper.

    • He had a dual personality. He was a Gemini so I’m not surprised. I think he was growing in his consciousness. But he died at only 25 years old. Many of us got conscious as we got older. I’m sure had he lived he would have become more awaken and became even more pro-black. He was tapped between the conscious and gangster mindset. He wasn’t allowed to reach his true potential. He died too early. We can only think of what might have been.

    • Nas is a great lyricist. Nas,Jay Z,Mos Def,Ghostface Killah,Talib Kweli,Common,Ice Cube and many others are talented rappers. But Tupac touched people in a different way. He really made you believe what he was saying. Much like DMX in a way. Tupac had no filter he just spoke from the heart. You felt like he was speaking the truth. People loved the realness about him. Which is why he resonated with the masses so much.

      • @ Kushite Prince

        My top rap lyricist are Nas being at number one follow by Tupac, Scarface, Dmx, Eightball & MJG, and Goodie Mobb. These rappers are good story tellers that mix gangsta rap with consciousness. I can’t get into Kendrick Lamar music even though I like a couple of his songs but to me he’s overrated like Drake. Tupac caught the masses attention he’s like the Allen Iverson in basketball.

      • Yeah Tupac and Iverson is a good comparison. I think Lamar is a very gifted rapper. Since he’s from the west coast the media is trying to compare him to Tupac. But their styles are very different. But the media wants to replace Tupac so bad. But it’s hard because not too many have the same heart and passion that Tupac had. It’s very hard to duplicate someone when they display such heartfelt lyrics.

      • @ Kushite Prince
        This somewhat off topic but Allen Iverson had the same influence toward the masses as Tupac. The only thing different is one was more conscious then the other one but they both brought realness. Furthermore both of these men were ladies men that women love. Michael Jordan change the game in basketball but his influence wasn’t on Allen Iverson level. I haven’t seen a basketball player yet that have the same influence as Allen Iverson toward the masses not even Lebron James.

      • Yeah I know what you mean. The Answer had a very unique personality. He’s the reason the NBA started the dress coded. It was because Iverson had wore baggy jeans,doo rags,tattoos and cornrows. They thought that was a bad image for the NBA. Now half the league has tattoos.lol

  2. Anybody watching the BET awards? Looks promising.

    Nothing like a horrible joke to lighten the mood.

    • This must be a mistake! This has to be an imposter. HLJ hasn’t left a comment in over a year.lol What’s up brother? How’s life treating you? I hope you’ve been well. I agree with your sentiments. We need to be more spread out. We should be all over Africa,UK,Jamaica,Canada and Brazil. And we don’t need a leader to speak for all of us. We need to learn from the mistakes of the past.

  3. Would it be OK if I cross-posted this article to WriterBeat.com? I’ll be sure to give you complete credit as the author. There is no fee; I’m simply trying to add more content diversity for our commu6nity and I enjoyed reading your work. If “OK” please let me know via email.


    • What is your site about? I need to check it out. I don’t mind of people reblog my posts. But I like to know what type of blog you’re about before I approve it. This is a Pan African,pro-black blog. Just so you know.

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