Why I will not be seeing Wonder Woman

Black Wonder Woman....jpg

I almost did it. I selected a theatre and even looked up showtimes. As I began to mentally assemble my outfit and rework my schedule to accommodate viewing the film, I realized that I was all too familiar with this story.

Wonder Woman is yet another page in the consistent white female narrative designed to portray white beauty intertwined with an earthly anglicism. I need not see this film to know that it will portray the white Woman as the catalyst for all things good in a “bad” world.

Contrary to the ideally nurtured in the western world, the bad is seldom blatant. Both the individual and the collective have a fair chance at combatting that which they can see. The true “bad” in the world lies in Wonder Woman-like figures, whose embedded message seeks to uplift through depicting the very exclusivity that dominates the western hemisphere.

Wonder Women debuts in a climate that veils this exclusivity with the implication of “change.” Seemingly every film and television series has adopted the feminist agenda, avidly if not aggressively, feeding this fictive utopia to the masses. The film exists to promote feminism as the cure to all worldly evils, omitting of course that feminism is a worldly evil. Clad in a form-fitting costume with long and silky dark hair, Wonder Woman encompasses the conventional sexiness of a blonde with the rarity of a red head to project feminism as the height of femininity. Wonder Woman is a dark haired, dark- eyed white Woman–the pseudo “every woman” in seeming to encompass lightness and darkness simultaneously. What the casual gaze may fail to see, is that Wonder Woman resembles her target audience, and encompasses all her acquired audience wishes to become.  Her dark hair provides a strategic contrast to her fair skin, painting the “Wonder” of wonder woman as encompassing the figurative light to societal conflict or darkness.

The wonder in Wonder Woman is that she embodies the antidote to all the world’s problems. She’s Helen of Troy mixed with Hilary Clinton–a savior to white women but a mortal enemy to the woman of a darker hue.


Western childhood functions similar to this film, painting the white Woman as Wonder Woman in far less attractive variants. From the abundant white female school teachers, to the tooth fairy, Mrs. Claus, every princess from Cinderella to Snow White, the white female body is a consistent figure of humanity to the western gaze.  These figures function to embed into the black female psyche what “Superman” and “Batman” seek to implement into the general western psyche–that if you are white, anything is possible.

But as the young girl who reads these stories, attends these schools and watches these figures on television grows up, the fantasy of Wonder Woman vanishes into reality.  Instead the harsh world eventually prompts the once naive black body to wonder what was ever wonderful about these pristine figures of their childhood. Although portrayed as the hero in fictive and real scenarios, the white woman is gradually unveiled as an inevitable villain to the black female body.

So, as a black woman, I know this film functions as erasure. I know this film functions to seduce me into a amnesiac state where I falsely separate white female action and intention from white male supremacists. From the white women who chase our black men than scream rape when it goes sour, or objectify our wealthy black men as cash registers, or reduce the quotidian black man to his genitals, to the white women who abrasively target black women at work, back to the very white women who tormented the black female slaves—this movie functions to force the black psyche to accept a white hero, despite centuries of white female villainy.

White heroes, whether male, female, trans, or what have you, are never capable of saving anyone but themselves. For healing is incompatible to the autocrat, who decorates their lives with the blood of the oppressed.

Wonder Woman

Therefore, the true wonder woman will never occupy a leading role in mainstream film. She probably will never make six figures and is unlikely to rouse a shallow gaze on the street.

The true wonder woman has probably yet to arrive home from her twelve-hour work-day, her twenty-four hour job as a mother, or full- time victim of white supremacy. The true Wonder Woman sleeps at night with a six-figure debt heavy on her conscious from daring to dream outside of the confines of systemic oppression. She walks through a neighborhood of businesses owned by any and everyone but those who look like her. She faces ridicule for her skin tone, her nose, and curvy body and faces countless queries if her beauty or attributes are deemed outside the scope of blackness.  The true wonder woman is literally and figuratively raped, never respected, or rewarded. She is frozen in time, pieces of her flesh still floating throughout the Atlantic Ocean, or concealed in an unmarked grave beneath a skyscraper. She is dismembered by a system who uses her limbs to assemble their privilege and writes their laws in her blood.

She is the unspoken gospel of this poached land—the original statue of liberty—the feminine mold to which every race, ethnicity, and creed stealthy covets.

The Wonder Woman film exists to place the “wonder” into the woman concept. As a being excluded from this concept, I replace wonder with “black.” For the black woman does not need wonder, she is wonder. Furthermore, members of the black female collective need not go to the movies to view this fictive wonder woman—they must simply look in the mirror.

Article by CC Saunders

24 thoughts on “Why I will not be seeing Wonder Woman

  1. thank You, CC, I did a video on this very topic. I used an article written in the conversation called, “Selling sex: Wonder Woman and the ancient fantasy of hot lady warriors” by Christian-Georges Schwentzel.
    In my video I expand on the “Wonder Woman” Concept to include warriors like Yaa Asantewaan Oya, Cathay Williams, Kali and the women in the Tuareg Tribe in the Sahara Desert. This article spoke of Sekhmet, Kali, Bastet… but I wanted to spread a wider brush. Most of what I do in my videos is to share information so folks can know a little bit more than is what is presented to them, although I do rant from time to time. Here’s the link to the video and I hope you get a chance to check it out.

    • I know what you mean Amos. I grew up reading comic books as a child. But as I got older I realized I was reading about black characters written by white authors. We really need our own characters we by us from our perspective. White people will always uplift themselves as heroes and white women as the standard of beauty.

      • They going to add some gay shit in Black Panther and all these Black “comics”. I am just honestly tired of brain dead Blacks…Look at the movies and decphier dont pay for them hijack and stream them

      • You know they always have to slip in some of their Euro-homo culture. At first I was glad when I heard Lupita Nyongo was going to play the love interest. But then I know how these Hollywood white folks think. They will either give you a black couple and put in some gay/lesbian crap. Or if there’s no gay angle they will have an interracial couple. It’s always one or the other. And I bootleg and stream all the time. I have subscribers that send me links. I don’t give my money to these devils anymore. Not if I can avoid it.

  2. Thanks for bring this because I always believed that WONDER WOMAN should be a black woman,like SUPER MAN should be a black man!
    Wonder woman she is the the perfect copy of black woman,strength, courage, strong physical and indestructible! Because we live in white supremacy of course wonder women should be WW!
    But another thing Gal Gadot the actress who play Wonder woman she is tranny,she is man! I am not joking! This isn’t about to celebrate white female beauty,Hollywood hates women doesn’t matter which race she is,they hate!
    All these actress and models you see on magazine and everywhere are men!
    I am not joking,look at the Statue of liberty has the same characteristics of a transgender person!

    • Gal Godot is a man?? Wow!! Well she does look a bit masculine.lol I’ve heard this said about Hollywood actresses before. I’m not sure if I totally believe it. I guess anything is possible but I just think many of these women are just unattractive manly looking women. But I’ll check out the video.

      • You can believe or not that’s your though,you are free,but this WORLD you are living,they love tranny and transgender people!
        These reptilian Illuminati push and love confusion gender,we don’t live with normal people we are living with satanic and demonic people!

  3. Eeeeeeeem w/the Black Panther film. REMEMBER. Black folk don’t own nare studio/production company to produce such a film on a grand scale. Eeeeeeeem if we did, we still gotta see Marvel (white folks) about the rights to make an adaptation on marvel comic book character. I wanna see us represented right but it’s the same song. They making money off nigger pennies. Liquor store, fast food and dope. All being made off nigger pennies. Excuse my cultural appropriation of a vile word used to describe my people (it’s not our word/U can have it. If U think otherwise, please jump outta 12 story window). Think about this. Midgard Evers along w/the little girls bombed in 60’s Alabama murderers never saw a court room for decades after the act. In the same vein, you’ve been crying about a superhero to represent us. They’ve finally threw us a bone with Black Panther, Hidden Figures, the same way they EVENTUALLY threw us a bone w/a conviction of the aforementioned (Note: that all these suckers were on their deathbed, damn near, when convicted. They lived full lives). They threw U a bone w/Barack. Please stop falling head first. These one-time antics don’t excuse past heinous atrocities. So KUSH not seeing Wonder Woman, kudos. I also want US to stop nagging white folks about our representation in movies/characters created by white folks for other white folk. When they do put black folk in these spaces it’s only for one reason. Nigger pennies. Not for sincerity, equality, diversity, none of that. Your dollar is the bottom line. So if I watch a film or show w/an all-white everything, it’s fine w/me. That’s honest. What’s pro-BS is that token black, insert whoever, around 5 other white kids trying to convince me this is America. U only placed that token anybody there for one thing. Not saying/typing that word again. Peace.

    • You know they love to throw us bones Nat.lol And we go chase after it. Everyone is hyped up about the Black Panther film. I grew up reading the comic book myself. But We have to always remember that Marvel Comics is owned by white folks. They will always put their own perspective on Africa. It will be a fictional Africa seen through white eyes. I understand that the Black Panther is a king. And we desperately want to see ourselves that way. But before we get all happy we must remember who is giving us these stories. These films are not from a black perspective. I’m assuming there could be some degrading and anti-black messages in the film. Or maybe some homosexuality. I might be wrong but we’ll have to wait and see. Check out this video. This brother is actually crying over this trailer!! This was so sad and pathetic! He’s so desperate to see a fictional story showing Africans in appositive light. Anything the white man gives us we just fawn all over it. This brother is so emotional over a damn film! This shows you how lost we are as a people. And how we have been destroyed mentally by these Europeans. Are we this broken? We really were kings and queens in Africa. We don’t need some made up story by white people to make us feel good about ourselves. These people lived in caves. Just check out the video and see for yourself. It’s really sad.smh

      • This response is in reference to “We really were kings and queens in Africa.”

        It’s like listening to recent/mumble rap as opposed to Rakim, G.Rap, Big Daddy Kane, Nas, etc. ( I only mentioned NY Cats b/c of origin/the Mecca). U realize the people occupying Egypt now, ain’t us then. Whole (Rap) dynasties, legacies crumbled, like graham crackers in milk. It hurts my heart to see NY cats, of all rappers, sounding like they from Chi-lanta. When the people who set the trends start following trends. Game over.

      • Those Arabs in Kemet(Egypt) came much later. They are not the indigenous people of Africa. They are all invaders to Africa. But I do like your hip hop analogy. I definitely see the angle you’re making with that.

      • Yeah, he had a small orgasm. Busted a nerd nut off that trailer. Eeeeem did a nerd dance, a-la-Urkel. We got to do better. LOL

  4. Well Kushite, I will wait to see Wonder Woman on HMO.But it would seem that Marvel & Disney have high hopes for Black Panther. I saw the trailer & it’s amazing. I can’t wait to see it. It stars Chadwick Bozeman, Lupita N’yongo, Forest Whitaker & Angela Bassett. What I find amazing is that Disney is showing the trailer now & the movie won’t come out for another 8 months. I just want to see if the studios will put in the script what I expect & that is a black man or woman selling their country out. GOD BLESS

    • I watched the trailer for Black Panther a few days ago. It looks like it will be action packed for sure. People have been waiting for Panther to get his own film for a very long time. Will they show Africa in a positive light? Will Africans look like majestic kings and queens? Will there be a black love scene? Will it have homosexuality in it? We shall see.

  5. At the end of the day the only people whose going to benefit more from this movie are white people. White people didn’t make this movie from the kindness of there heart for black people but for the color of green (money). We as “BLACK AFRICANS” need to start our own movie studios telling our own stories instead of having NON BLACK AFRICANS tell them. Also Hollywood white movies have been flopping at box office especially bigger budget films. When movies flop movie studios are losing money. So what is white Hollywood doing to bring in money that they lost from white movies that flop produce a “BLACK” movie to bring in money. Have you notice how Hollywood studios are producing more “BLACK” movies? This is like back in the 1970’s, when the white movie studios were going bankrupt in order for them to save Hollywood white studios start producing blacksploitation films. Its 2017 this same agenda is what they are doing now.

    P.S. Sistah Chrissie give her view on the “Black Panther” movie.

    • Great video by Chrissie. I watched it a few days ago. People get upset at Chrissie but she’s just being honest. People don’t like when you bring up the color issue in the black community. Many of us like to sweep it under the rug. But she makes arguments that are hard to disagree with.

  6. @Kushite is true,she isn’t really woman but a transgender woman! Last week I was waiting the bus and I was looking at her or sorry his poster, and she doesn’t have woman body,no hips,straight up and down,wide shoulder,very big face and big jaw!
    I am tall woman with hip and female body,but I don’t have wide shoulder and I don’t have body like her! For being woman,she has really big hands! WoW she is horse!


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