If we’re the criminals for fighting back….

Criminals for fighting back....

14 thoughts on “If we’re the criminals for fighting back….

  1. It’s a basic right of natural law to fight back. Are they serious. I’m killing them by the thousands every single day, metaphysically. They just don’t know!!!

  2. I say this ’till I turn into a klansman. Our ancestors should have committed suicide if fighting/murdering our oppressors aboard that ship wasn’t an option. They should have fought/murdered till murdered themselves for the antecedents, being us upon landing here. Most of us don’t know/in denial we’re in a war. I don’t respect marches, peaceful protests. None of that. Show me in the history of the world or science where nonviolence conquered and/or destroyed violence? A potential force overwhelming the kinetic? People, animals respect violence and chaos. Farrakhan has an army in the FOI. When are they going to war on our behalf? Who are they protecting? He’s just a mouthpiece, an agent I believe, talking in circles for decades since inviting death upon a fellow radical in Malcolm b/c Malcolm stood on principles against his mentor, Elijah, for raping girls statutorily? We got to start and keep bussin’ some heads. Trust me I’m no better. Everyday Darren Wilson, George Zimmerman breathes I’ve also failed U.

    • Keep busting heads! Yeah I’m down with that brother.lol But I know what you’re saying. I really don’t trust Farrakhan anymore. He’s just a bunch of talk. And he has gotten into Scientology as well. That’s when I knew he had gone over the deep end! There’s a reason he’s known as Farr-a-CON.lol

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