Does anyone have 7 bullets handy?


20 thoughts on “Does anyone have 7 bullets handy?

  1. @ Kushite Prince

    I blame “BLACK AFRICANS” for allowing these culture vultures for doing it. This type of shit wouldn’t happen if we have pride for our culture instead of self hate. For one we look down on each other for having African features, we get disgusted seeing our on people wearing there natural kinky hair in its natural state, we consider braids & locks hairstyles unappropriated and the list can go on. When “NON BLACK AFRICANs” steal our culture styles we get so happy when they do it but complain when they getting credit for it.

  2. @ Kushite Prince
    If we’re going to call out white people, we need to be fair an call out non black people of color as well who are the worse culture vultures.

    What else need a bullet is the the comment Cassie post on instagram about her mother. “Believe it or not, she’s an original MAD BLACK WOMAN.” First of all Cassie’s mother isn’t black but biracial. Cassie is a culture vulture as well she benefits from our culture.

    Cassie’s non black African parents

    Jhene Aiko is another culture vulture who benefits from our culture. She is of mixed race background—her mother is of Japanese, Spanish, and Dominican descent, while her father is of African American,Yaqui, Choctaw, Cherokee, Navajo, and German Jewish descent. She have stated several times that she’s multiracial.
    Jhene Aiko’s mother

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    my Nami & Mommy 😍 #Ohana 💙

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    Jhene Aiko’s father

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    Happy Father's Day Dr. Chill 💜 @c_karamo

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    Dj Khaled whose a arab is another culture vulture that constantly pimp black artist and benefits from our culture. I don’t see the hype around Dj Khaled what’s even worse his success is much bigger then DJ Clue a black male. Dj Khaled is constantly around black artist but you don’t see him around non black artist most of the time. Black Africans money are going to a Arab family who doesn’t give a shit about them

    French Montana another arab is a culture vulture that benefit from our culture. He disrepect black women what’s even worse have a child by a black woman that he treated like shit. He’s contantly around black Africans which pisses me off because he shows how docile our people are as well as can be easy use.

    J.Lo, Fat Joe, Teena Marie, Modonna, Justin Timberland, Hall & Oat, Elvis Presley and several other culture vultures have pimp & stole from our culture.

    • I can’t stand French Montana and Khaled. They are real culture vultures. And thanks for the information on Fat Joe,Cassie and the others. This stealing of our culture has gone on fat too long. We create…they imitate. It’s really SICK!!!!

    • @ Shanequa, Cassie looks delicious ( for consumption) lol. But she needs to put in her place. Only African women should profit from African culture. She is Biracial?

  3. There are many among us who must be eliminated. This is a must! You cannot strengthen your nation when you have enemies within. Weakness must be destroyed in order to strengthen the group as a whole.

  4. As an Afrikan, I find this HORRIBLE!

    These culture vampires are at it again! But I blame white minded Black people who are willing to give these beasts a platform to flaunt their contempt for Afrikan.

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